Sexual Growth
by Vlad

Sexual Growth -- Part 1

I watched her as she swallowed the pill, and I gulped one down as well. She smiled at me with a playful look in her deep eyes. I looked over her body: same height as me; long, smooth, toned legs; tight jean shorts hugging her curved and tight ass; a bare, flat stomach under bobbing pert breasts contained in a white sports bra; dark brown hair shoulder-length around a gorgeous face. Her red lips still smiled at me as I felt it.

A feeling a power. Unbelievable, uncontrollable, erotic power. I smiled at her. I looked down over my own toned body to see my erection making a tent out of my jeans. She looked at it, too, and walked slowly toward me.

It came slow at first. Her tight jean shorts seemed to tighten even more around her hips a little. Her hands moved up across her bare stomach, paused at her sports bra. I felt nothing except the extreme strength coming to me; all my clothes were loose-fitting. I started walked toward her as well.

As I reached out to put my hands on her sides, I noticed her breasts starting to heavily strain the sports bra. We both watched. Bigger, bigger, they grew and her clothes tightened. I felt my white t-shirt tightening as well, and she rubbed her hands on my pecs. I ran my hands over her firm and steadily growing breasts. Her nipples dented the fabric and her breasts began straining against the bra so that they were forced to bubble upwards. Finally the bra gave way. Her breasts bounced in their new freedom as the sports bra fell what was now probably six feet to the floor. I looked at her amazingly tight shorts, and kissed her deeply. I moved my mouth to her neck, then playfully danced around her nipples. I moved through the flatness of her belly, and then, feeling the power flowing, I ripped the shorts off her, tearing the fabric and leaving her naked and marvelous.

"Now you," she said. I saw rips appear between my pecs, and she used them to rip the front of my shirt off like an animal. I flexed my biceps and they tore through the sleeves. She licked my chest as used my increasing strength to ripped off my now tight jeans, leaving only my boxer shorts, which now felt like boxer briefs. My dick was straining to get out, a huge bulge in the tight shorts. "I want to see you grow out of them," she said breathily.

From what I could tell, we were now eight feet tall and still going. I pressed her body against mine and felt her hard nipples against my skin. She rubbed her cunt over my thighs and I felt the dampness. I felt my boxers straining at the seems, and they ripped across the front, letting my dick out, which pressed hard against her pelvis. She stood back to watch me grow out of the scraps of clothes on me.

At the same moment our heads hit the ceiling. We smiled again. We knew this was only the first part in our adventure, and eventually we'd be bigger than we could imagine. She put her hands on the ceiling, and I walked over and mouthed her nipple as she pushed against the roof. Cracks appeared. I lightly ran my teeth over her nipple, and she moaned. She ran one hand over my back and tore off the remaining bits of ripped clothing. More cracks. Our growth seemed to be accelerating. I slid my tongue down her stomach and into her slit. I looked up and saw her fist smash through the ceiling and into the afternoon sun as my mouth massaged her pussy. She moaned more loudly now, but she took my face in her hands and beckoned me to stand upright. I did, and we raised up, up, and our heads broke through the roof together. We were somewhere around fifteen feet tall, just big enough to see over the roof of our small house. No one had noticed the tops of our heads poking through the roof yet, but they would notice us soon enough.

Sexual Growth -- part 2

Testing our new power and size, we started experimenting with our strength. I picked up a chair and ripped it apart like it was made of toothpicks. She sat on the laughably small sofa, her ass hardly fitting on the cushions. Bending down to fit into the house, I easily lifted an entire entertainment center and threw it against the wall, breaking through to the next room. I stood up again, and found my shoulders were slightly above the roof. She stood up, too, and her breasts were slightly below.

"We're huge," she said. "Enormous. We're goddamn giants. Nothing can stop us now. Let's show it off, show them what they have to expect." With that, I pressed my body against hers again and ran my hands over her back and her ass. Her hands playfully ran over my erection and she bit my lip. "Let's go," I said. "We'll give them the show of their lives."

Her breasts were now completely above the roof, and we were about twenty feet tall. We easily brushed aside the roof in our path. With my fist the size of a head I smashed through the wall and we walked into our front yard, looking around the neighborhood. People were coming outside because of our noisy destruction. They gathered in the street and stood in awe of our huge beautiful bodies towering over them.

Our growth began accelerating even faster, and we quickly shot up to thirty feet. Our hips were now even with the roof, and most of the people in the street were as tall as our knees. "Let's give them something to watch," she said.

First she flicked her tongue at my neck, then moved slowly down my muscular body. I felt her hands moving all over me, roaming from place to place and bringing unbelievable sexual tension to every part of me. Eventually she took my dick into her mouth and began running her lips up and down my cock as I gasped and the crowd stood in shock. I glanced down at them. We were now forty feet tall and still going. What were they thinking? Did they realize how little they were, how their lives would be changed by what they were seeing? Her arms wrapped around my thighs and her tongue was whirling around the tip of my five-foot penis. I felt like I was going to explode any second, and I did. She removed her mouth just in time for my spunk to fly into the air and land on and around a neighbor's car. I fell backward after I came, but I felt something break my fall.

It was power lines. They snapped right away, and the ends tickled as they sent current through my torso.

Then, I noticed my perspective changing. I was growing even faster! The current flowing through my body was speeding up the process. Soon the crowd had to start running in the opposite direction as my body took up the entire yard and started growing into the street. I removed the wires and stood up to a height of two hundred feet! The house now stood like a toy next to my legs.

I looked over at her amazing sixty-foot body which now appeared small to me, and realized that she needed a source of electricity, too. I handed her the wires and watched as she applied them to her shoulders. Immediately she began growing. She grew past my hardening cock and grew to my height.

We looked around. Cars were racing out of the neighborhood in every direction, and sirens were sounding. We were still standing in our yard, but our thirty-foot feet were spilling into nearby yards. I picked up our small car and laughed as I crushed it in my palm, then let the debris fall a hundred feet and crash into the street. She pulled a pine tree out of the ground and snapped it in two. She threw the sticks and they flew a ways and fell onto a few houses.

Police cars were racing through the streets toward us. We looked at each other. "Those police can't hurt us now," I said. "We're too big for them to do anything to us. These puny little shits have no way to harm us." Police cars screeched to a halt on the streets around us and through loudspeakers they demanded an explanation for our growth. She walked toward a nearby police car. I watched her fine ass as she bent over and picked up a car.

As she turned the car over in her hands and looked its the tiny features, she said, "You don't need an explanation for our growth. All you need to know is that we're big. Fucking huge. I could destroy you. He could destroy you. We could easily take out this whole damn neighborhood. Actually, that sounds like fun. What do you say?"

I walked over and joined the conversation. "What could they do about it? Let's remodel this fucking town." I stepped on a nearby house and the police watched in horror as it crunched. Policemen began firing at us, but the bullets did nothing. "What the hell do you think you're doing?" I asked. I slammed my foot down and the policemen fell down from the shake. "We're in charge here."

She ripped the police car in two and crushed each half in her hands. She laughed at her colossal strength. The police began aiming at her, and she began stepping on the tiny men and dropping the car halves on them.

I walked over to her and said, "Let me fuck you. I want to fuck you like this, as giants." She moved away from her tiny people and let them run away into backyards. We laid down on the ground, crushing cars and houses as we did. "Fuck me," she said. "Fuck me hard and long. I want the biggest cock the world has ever known." I got on top of her and rubbed my finger along her juicy cunt as she growled and dug her fingers into the ground. I slid my dick into her slowly, and we both breathed heavily and looked at each other with smiles on our faces. I pumped her slowly, patiently, biting her lips and rubbing her hard nipples between my fingers. Her hands roamed around, smashing into houses and pushing over trees. Police were still firing at us and still did nothing. I fucked her harder. She began to moan with each pump of my twenty-foot cock and began moving her pelvis to help with the motion. We grunted and moaned. Helicopters flew over our enormous humping bodies. We worked into a frenzy, fucking now at a fast pace and screaming into the air around us as people tried desperately to stop us. We came together, an explosion of sexual energy through our vast powerful bodies, our bodies shaking the ground hard enough to start car alarms miles away. We came down slowly and watched the helicopters float above us.

Sexual Growth -- part 3

Our huge bodies had humped on top of three houses and crushed five more. We laid on the ground next to each other, panting from our enormous sex act. I looked to the side and noticed that my head was about the size of a nearby house. "Holy shit, we're huge," I said.

She sat up and looked down at me. "Yes." She moved her head close to mine and said, "Let's use it." She stood up and looked to the distance. "I can see the city." She looked down at me and smiled.

"Hell yeah," I said, standing up. We started walking through the neighborhood, laughing as we stomped on houses and smashed cars. People slightly taller than our ankles ran in all directions as we went. We didn't do anything to them. It was entertaining enough simply to see them so small and insignificant next to our gigantic bodies. Every now and then one would look at us and I'd say, "What the fuck are you looking at?" They would be on their way soon after.

While we walked we also noticed that we weren't growing anymore. Our size seemed to be the same as after we used the power lines. "Can we get any bigger? I'm not ready to stop growing yet," she said. I decided to test it. Snapping a nearby power line, I applied it to my chest. I immediately began growing. I laughed as my perspective rose and phenomenal power flowed through me. I stopped when she came up to my cock and I was about four hundred feet tall. I gave her the wires and her body grew. She closed her eyes as the energy passed into her. She stopped at my height and dropped the power lines. We could crush small houses with our palms now, and people were the size of our toes.

As we approached the city, the buildings began to rise to the height of our knees. We walked down the larger streets, her in front because we were too large to fit side by side. Cracks spread out in the concrete everywhere our sixty-foot feet dropped. Every now and then we'd pick up a car or an entire building and throw it into the distance. We'd watch the smoke rise from the impact and imagine would it would look like to the small people below us.

When the buildings began reaching our knees and waist, we reached a large intersection where about twenty tanks were waiting for us. We stopped about a block from them. I put my hands around her waist from behind and whispered in her ear, "I guess they wanted to see more of us. And I can't blame them." I moved my hands up to her firm breasts and she leaned her head back and pressed her ass against my dick. I bit at her neck. The tanks must have thought we were in a vulnerable position and started firing at us. The shells hit our hard bodies and exploded with no effect. I moved one hand to massage her inner thighs and crotch. I felt the useless shells exploding all over her body. We moved so that we were facing each other, sideways to the tanks' line of sight. She tickled my dick and said, "I want to see you crush them." I pressed my body against hers and kissed her passionately before moving to the tanks.

The tanks were relatively large, about the size of my fist. I walked straight into them and stepped on two with my foot. "You idiots," I said as I squatted. "When will you learn that we're in charge here? We're fucking invincible." I picked up a tank and crushed it in my hand. "Who's next?" One tank was aiming straight at my cock. I lifted it and laughed, then pitched it into a stone building. It flew through the thick wall and exploded. The building began to crumble from the shock and fell over on most of the other tanks, and I amused myself by crushing the rest with my hands.

Sexual Growth -- part 4

I walked back to her and she put her arms around my waist and put her hands on my tight butt. She bit my ear. "Catch me." She ran towards the city, stomping on small buildings and smashing her legs through bigger ones. "Come on, catch me and fuck me!"

I ran after her, hearing buildings crumble and watching walls fall during our game. Tiny people were coming out of the buildings to see what the huge booming sounds were, and whole crowds of spectators were flattened under our feet. She led me into downtown, where cars were in gridlock and huge crowds of people were running in panic. A number of the buildings were bigger than we were.

I found her waiting for me, lying on her back in the street. She had obviously crushed hundreds of cars in the process and people were running away from her in every direction. I called out to them, "Why the hell would you run away from that? Those bastards don't know a goddess when they see one." I knelt over her with my knees on either side of her thighs. My fifty-foot erection stuck straight out.

She sat up and rubbed my muscular chest. She gently pushed me back onto the street and straddled my waste. Her cunt swallowed my dick. The street was almost too narrow for her legs, and they started breaking the walls of the buildings. I bent back and felt her ride my cock. She lifted her arms and stretched upwards, then pushed against the buildings. I reached down and picked up about ten people gawking at our giant fuck, and I put them on her heaving breasts. She bit her lip and groaned, pushing her hands into the buildings and bringing metal and glass falling from her destruction. The people were clawing at her chest to try to stay on while she bounced up and down on my cock. I wrapped my arms around her and started licking her breasts. Some of the people ended up in my mouth and I felt them squirm as they either fell or were swallowed. I bit at her house-sized breasts. She dug her hands deeper into the buildings, and then I felt a mammoth surge of sexual power. Her legs began crashing into the buildings and I watched the windows move downward -- we were growing again! Her hand must have hit an electricity source, and since I was connected to her, we were growing together. Soon my shoulders wouldn't fit between the buildings and I felt my arms spread into the walls. She was still riding me, and the people on her chest were smaller now, the size of fingernails. She was humping quickly now, her hair flying around her face and her hands deeper into the buildings, which were now heavily damaged. Our monstrously huge bodies made dents in the ground. She removed her hands from the buildings and started rubbing her breasts, crushing the people who were still clutching to them. We still grew -- her legs must have been touching another source, or my ass must have hit an underground wire. The buildings at our sides crumbled as we grew into them and shook the ground with our incredible sex. Our heads rose above the nearby buildings which had been taller than us before. I came into her with a primal scream that people heard for miles and miles. Then she orgasmed and spread her arms, slamming through buildings on either side and destroying entire blocks of the city.

Panting, we stood up. We were taller than all the buildings in the city, so we had to be about 1500 feet tall now. Entire city blocks were demolished under our feet. I laughed loudly and kissed her powerfully, knowing that an entire city was watching us and fearing how much we'd grow and how horny we'd get.

Sexual Growth -- part 5

I looked across the skyline of the city now spread out before us. The tallest building in the city barely came up to our chins. To us it looked like a well-made model. We walked toward this huge building, our even bigger bodies shattering skyscrapers with each step. With every move forward, buildings crumbled at our feet and retreating crowds were crushed. We were no longer growing, so the power in the city must have been shut off. It didn't matter that we couldn't grow any more at that time. We were goddamn big enough for now.

She poked at the building with her 75-foot long fingers. The walls cracked and the windows broke. Then she pushed her breasts -- giant, firm breasts the size of football fields -- into the building. Her hands played around the sides of those gorgeous breasts, teasing them and bouncing them. The strain caved in the walls of the skyscraper, and the top of the building fell onto her chest, around her mammoth tits, and down onto the city. She laughed as she massaged the dust and debris around her chest, enjoying the godlike level of destruction she was capable of. I punched straight into the remaining structure, and the building exploded in every direction, stones and torn metal flying all over the city. I stood over the crushed shell and said, "Holy shit. We're the most powerful beings to ever exist on this planet. We might as well be gods." I looked down at the surviving members of the crowds below me. "Do you hear that? We're your gods now."

"You definitely look like a god, standing above everything, greater than everything around you," she said. She moved her eyes over my body, pausing at my defined pecs and huge cock. "I've always wanted to fuck a god." She rubbed her hands between her thighs and along her crotch, sucked on her wet fingers, and bent over. Her tits jutted out proudly. I walked through the ruins of the skyscraper and picked her up.

"I can't deny the wishes of a goddess," I said. I carried her to the river that ran through the city and placed her in it. The water reached to top of her ass. I knelt behind her in the water, and cupped hundreds of gallons in my hands, then let the water fall over her dark hair. Tons of water traveled between her breasts and made waterfalls down her stomach and between her legs. I bit at her neck and ran my hands down her sides into the water, then I moved my damp hands across her stomach. Survivors of our rampage in the city watched our gigantic wet bodies rub against one another, the water rushing beneath us. We both began breathing heavily, and I roughly turned her around so she faced me. My enormous sex drive couldn't be restrained by anything. I jumped on her body, laying her down in the river. "Yes, fuck me rough," she breathed hoarsely. I grunted as I thrust my cock into her, her body jolting with each hump. My ass moved hundreds of feet with each pump of my dick, and we made waves that washed over buildings and capsized boats all along the riverside. Her screams were deafening as she shouted, "Yes, fuck yes, more, more, harder, faster, yes, yes!" and our bodies shook with lust and uncontainable sexual power. My voice boomed as I made primal noises. My dick exploded into her, releasing unbelievable amounts of come into her cunt. The mixed juices from our orgasms flowed into the water, giant contributions to the river's flow.

We rested in the river for a while, letting the current flow around our bodies. When we stood up, there was a crater left from where we'd humped in the riverbed. Whenever we had sex at this size, it affected the geology of the area.

Sexual Growth -- part 6

We moved through the residential parts of the city. Our feet smashed entire sections of neighborhoods and complete shopping centers. We could be seen for miles and miles without the skyscrapers in the way. She laughed when she sat down and her tight ass made a double crater in the ground. Just seeing the imprint of that sexy butt gave me an erection, and I lifted her up and pressed my penis against her pelvis. "Just wait," she said. "I know just where to go."

We walked out of the metropolitan area and toward the mountains. The electricity must have been cut off before we got anywhere because we still hadn't grown any more. As the sun set, we noticed flashes of light over our bodies as miniscule bombs and missiles exploded on us. We couldn't even feel them. We were invincible.

We came to some mountains that were shoulder-high just as twilight ended and the Moon lit up the countryside. We looked over the ridge to see hundreds of small lights in the darkness on the other side of the mountains, at the bottom of a valley. "Let's visit this small town," she said. She went up the mountains, her every motion causing huge landslides. After waiting to enjoy the view of her smooth tight ass as she climbed, I crossed the ridge. We laid down on top of all those lights, and we felt the electricity do its work again. Godlike power, infinite lust, uncontrolled sexual growth. Our bodies expanded and covered the entire town. I moved my body on top of hers as we passed into sizes we couldn't have imagined. Her wet, wet cunt let my penis in, her hot insides begging me to thrust into her again and again. The valley became smaller and smaller as we grew and grew. We must have been touching the power lines that provided electricity to the entire town, because our huge muscular bodies were becoming too big for the valley to contain us. My body was now above the mountains we had climbed over, and as she grinded her hips mountains crumbled at her sides. We were miles long, two forces of nature fucking on a scale beyond imagination. As we grew greater and greater, more electrical sources touched our hot, charged bodies. Power stations, electrical plants, car batteries -- everything our ever-growing bodies ran into added to our growth. We grew more. More. Our fucking began to spill into other nearby towns. Surveillance airplanes far above us watched in shock as our two toned, exquisite bodies grew impossibly larger. My bulging muscles dwarfed the surrounding mountains, and her breasts outsized any structure built by mankind. Her giant hand dug deep into the earth, and with one hand she crushed an entire town. I rolled over so that I was below now, with her sitting on my mile-long cock. My broad back completely crushed the entirety of the city we had played in earlier. As she rode up and down my colossal shaft, her head rose far above the clouds into the stratosphere. Orbiting satellites looked on our bodies and saw our giant, sweating, heaving fucking. With a simultaneous scream, we both came and collapsed from our earth-shaking orgasms, falling onto the ground, crushing thousands beneath our indestructible and unimaginably giant bodies. Our sex had registered on seismographs around the world. And we were still growing strong.

Sexual Growth -- part 7

As we recovered from the biggest sexual act the world had ever known, I rested my city-sized head on her bare flat stomach. Her hands stroked her comparably big breasts lazily. We were still growing as more electrical sources touched us. We had to be at least thirty miles long. Thirty goddamn miles. Since it was nighttime, it was difficult to make out features on the tiny world below me. All I could see were small groupings of lights. I slammed my fist on top of one of these and watched a dark mushroom cloud rise. "Billions of those little insects must be shitting themselves right now, just wondering if we'll screw again." She laughed. "Poor bastards." She yawned.

"Time for bed," I said, standing up. I was thirty-five miles tall at this point, and my head was nearly above the atmosphere. I could still breathe -- whatever the fuck had made us gods had really made us gods. We weren't hungry, so we had no need for food. We apparently didn't need air, either. Literally indestructible. She stood up a moment later, standing slightly taller than me. We agreed not to sleep on any electrical source so that we wouldn't grow at a time when we couldn't enjoy it, so we jogged north into Canada, leaving five-mile footprints behind us. When we reached the secluded regions of the Northwest Territories, we reclined on the tundra. Our giant bodies didn't sense any cold, and we slept entwined, our powerful limbs watched by a fearful world.

I awoke to shouting. Someone stood over me, yelling. How could anyone stand over me? I thought. I opened my eyes to a military man with a large gun pointed at my naked body. I was their size again, and so was she.

The military men threw us blankets and forced us into a helicopter. She and I said nothing, just looked at each other. Neither of us were cold when we woke up on the frozen tundra we had slept on, so it seemed like we were still affected by whatever made us into giants before. We just needed a jolt to get us started again.

They threw us in a cell in some remote complex. They questioned us, and we refused to answer. They threatened us with torture, but we knew we were still invulnerable from the pills' effects. They tried to shoot us in the limbs to get us to talk, but the bullets bounced off. We just smiled, and every couple hours we stopped listening and fucked. Around noon, they tried to separate us. They had no control over us, though. They couldn't harm us with weapons. They led us in separate directions. I heard her grunt, and I turned around fast enough to see one of her guards fall on the floor as she broke a light bulb on the wall. She pressed her hand against the broken bulb. She breathed deeply. Her loose prison clothes tightened. The zipper that ran down the front began to slowly unzip from the top as her breasts steadily outgrew their container. She grew.

Sexual Growth -- part 8

Continuing the story, finally. We join the couple as the extraordinarily hot woman begins to grow out of the useless prison:

I watched her body steadily fill the limits of the orange prison jumpsuit, the zipper sliding into the valley between her large tits. She bit her lip, feeling the wonderful tightness of her straining pants. A puny guard next to her feet gawked at her seven-foot-tall form and began crawling backwards. He stupidly shot at her with his pistol. She didn't even notice the little shit -- she just enjoyed the stimulating growth of her sexy body. The descending zipper exposed her bellybutton, and her delicious cleavage began to spill out of the constricting orange fabric. The seams at her thighs ripped apart, and her free hand headed for her crotch. "Join me," she panted. Hell yeah, I thought as I walked to her. Soldiers continued to fire, yelling at us. Why listen when you're invincible? She began pushing against the ceiling. Gripping the fabric on either side of her crotch I ripped open her pants and exposed the glistening pussy that was even with my chest. Her tits exploded from the useless uniform, and her fist slammed against the hallway wall, sending rumblings through the compound. I stood back, in awe of this completely nude sexual goddess growing before my eyes. The guards kept firing and accomplished nothing.

She approached fifteen feet tall, crouching in the small corridor. She removed her hand from the socket and crawled on her hands and knees toward the guards. Her face had a very alluring of mischief, and my cock grew at the sight of her swaying breasts. The guards backed up, but she reached out a five-foot arm and pulled one toward her. She took the gun from him and broke it in half. As she did that, I noticed a stun-gun on his belt, and pulled it off. Without her noticing, I applied it to her shoulder -- I wanted to see her grow more, see her grow out of this building and tower over everything. She let out a sharp, "Ah!" as she breathed heavily and her shoulders crept nearer to the walls. "Mmmm, more, yes! More. I want this. Yes, make me huge." The guards retreated in alarm as they realized we were about to have our way with the whole fucking world. Her back inched closer to the ceiling, and the hallway was no longer wide enough to contain her. I removed the stun gun and watched as she stood up. Her back easily forced itself through the crumbling ceiling and I stood even with her knees.

"Don't stop there," she said. "Make me bigger. Let me break out of this pitiful attempt at a prison." Only too happy to help her keep growing, I applied the stun gun to her shins and listened as she rose through the roof of the third floor. Sunlight flowed in and I heard shouts. She grew faster -- there must have been a power cable touching her. Her feet were soon all that fit on the hallway, then they broke through the walls. I looked up and saw a perfect view of her cunt. She bent over and I heard shouts. I saw her throw a jeep overhand and then heard a distant explosion. Heavy artillery fired and she laughed. "We've got to get out of here," she said as her hand wrapped around me and lifted me above the building. She held me against her giant breasts, which were about as big as me. She walked through the field of tanks and troops, not noticing that they were being crushed beneath her feet. I felt her large breasts heave up and down with each step, my cock pushing into the fingers which were the size of my arms.

Sexual Growth -- part 9

She set me down next to an electric fence at the rim of the compound. I stood next to her, my head only coming up to her shin. I looked up at my 70-foot lover and realized that I was about the size of a cock to her. Shit, she was huge. An ass the size of a Volkswagen, legs bigger than tree trunks. I wanted to grow. I wanted my body giant like hers with arms capable of crushing houses and ripping apart cars. Then I wanted to have her. I grabbed on to the fence with both hands and a huge surge of electricity went through me, more than any I'd experienced so far. My muscles literally exploded out of my clothes and my perspective rapidly changed. The fence I held was ripped out of the ground as I swelled in size. 20 feet, 40 feet, 60 feet. I quickly rose above my companion goddess. When she came up to my pecs I dropped the fence and looked over my giant form.

"Goddammit, I love this," I said. She jumped into my arms and straddled my waist with her legs. I held her hot body -- gigantic to the people below but attractively small in relation to me -- and placed my hands on her butt. Her tongue ran over my lips. I felt the thickness of her perfect ass. My upright cock tickled at the outside of her cunt and she began humping me as I held her.

As my dick grinded against her, I noticed a white streak in the sky. An airplane was flying far over us. "They're watching us," I whispered to her. "They must be so fucking jealous." A small speck fell from the airplane toward us. "So they're going to nuke us." She giggled, then began laughing loudly. I joined her. We were invincible! Invincible! Our laughter echoed through the countryside as the bomb fell.

There was a huge flash and a rush of air. Nearly infinite amounts of energy coursed through our bodies, and we both screamed out in ecstasy. Our bodies translated the power of the nuclear bomb into unbelievable growth. We rose. The wild, godlike feeling of sexual expansion brought us both to orgasm. I felt the moisture of clouds on my head, felt it fly past my chest, felt it moisten my thighs and fall beneath me. Our groans of pleasure reached the entire continent -- entire cities went deaf from the booming power of our voices. We rose higher. I closed my eyes and felt her legs pressing against my hard flesh, heard the atmosphere rush by my ears. Tremors of atomic-powered lust wracked our bodies. Her orgasm continued, and I came again. We rose even fucking higher. Again I came, again. I threw my head back and screamed in triumph as our bodies increased by miles every second. I heard nothing, for our heads were now far, far above the atmosphere. Her sopping cunt was still rubbing against my rock-hard cock which continued to shoot out jism as it kept expanding by the mile. Finally, after fifteen minutes of incomparable erotic growth -- growth unimagined by anyone before this amazing example of apotheosis -- our orgasms subsided, and we stopped growing.

Sexual Growth -- part 10

More, more, more!
I opened my eyes. The first thing I saw was her face, her eyes still closed, her hair disheveled by our giant lovemaking. She dismounted me, stepping onto the ground. Her breasts bobbed as she sensuously ran her hands through her hair to straighten it. I embraced her, pressed her hard against me. Then I noticed just how much we had grown.

Our toes were above the clouds. There was no atmosphere above our knees. Our heads were well above low-earth orbit and undoubtedly satellites were smashing into our bodies as we stood there. As far as I could tell, we were 500 miles tall. That meant my dick was bigger than the D.C. metro area, almost as long as Long Island. She could crush Rhode Island with one of her firm breasts. We were standing somewhere near North Dakota, and the entire continent could see our giant bodies together, and they had to be wondering how the hell we got this way and just what we were going to do to them.

I mouthed to her, "Let's have some fun." I squatted toward the Earth and picked up a clod of dirt in my hands. That clod was a large portion of Montana. I lifted it up and imagined the thousands on that piece of dirt in my hand. I thought of how they must have seen the hand of a god reach down from the sky, watched fingers 40 miles long, fingers more powerful than all the arsenals of mankind thrust into the earth, deep into the crust of the planet, and rip out a huge rock. They must be dead already from the huge acceleration when I lifted them and the lack of atmosphere at our height, but the symbolic power of the action impressed us both. She broke off part of the chunk of Montana and crushed it in her hand. Pieces of dirt that were the size of cities fell to Earth. Her hands rubbed billions of tons of earth on her tits. Obviously getting off on the idea of crushing whole counties against her perfect goddess chest, she shuddered with pleasure. One of her hands took the rest of the dirt and rubbed it on my pecs, then she spread it on my cock. I saw the falling debris smash into the Midwest and raise apocalyptic dust clouds. Slowly I slid down her body, licking pieces of the torn earth off her breasts and stomach. My teeth wandered over her hard nipples surrounded by areolae each the size of San Francisco, then paused at the bellybutton above her pelvis. I looked up and saw her smile down at me between her great boobs. My tongue slid into her pubic hair and explored the warmth of her crotch. I was on my knees now, and North Dakota was quickly being destroyed. She shifted to offer herself better, then laid herself down on top of Minnesota and Wisconsin. Her head rested in Lake Superior. I spread out with my legs in Montana and my face buried in her crotch over Minnesota. Between her thighs were hundreds of small lakes, and I imagined looking up from one of those lakes to see a giant cunt being stimulated by an equally large tongue. Her body writhed with pleasure as I lapped up her vaginal juices, my lips against her labia, my tongue swirling around her hole.

Before she could reach another world-record orgasm, she sat up and led me into a 69 position that spanned the Midwest. My back crushed state after state while she sucked my cock and I licked her cunt. My hands roamed over her butt, feeling the tight, smooth skin over her firmly fleshed ass. It was an ass that could smash mountain ranges and change the course of rivers. As her lips went up and down my rock-hard shaft, her fingers tickled my scrotum and thighs. It was obvious that we were still growing from lightning in the atmosphere and every source of new source of electricity our body encountered -- I could feel the curve of the earth below my back. Soon I feel a dampness in my hair as my head grew into the Gulf of Mexico. Every move we made caused massive earthquakes across the planet. Her hips began to shudder as she reached orgasm, and my penis erupted with semen into the air. The force of my ejaculation was so terrifically huge that some of it flew into space and achieved escape velocity. I laughed, and her body rolled over onto the East Coast, brimming with the lust and satisfaction of her unstoppable orgasm.

Sexual Growth -- part 11

Don't be fooled -- this won't be the end!
I moved on top of her, ready to fuck again and again and again until the whole earth was destroyed under our hot, muscled, sweating bodies. Before her orgasm ended, I entered her and kept her coming. I noticed small puffs around her waist -- nukes! They were nuking us again! She looked at me as hundreds of nuclear missiles struck us all over our beyond gigantic bodies. We both felt the primal surge of energy, and I thrust my cock into her again and again. Our bodies quickly outgrew the planet and soon we were fucking in empty space, our bodies still processing the insanely huge amounts of energy forced into them. Her breasts floated pertly in the weightlessness of space. I placed one large hand on her breast and sensually kneaded it as I thrust my dick into her. I saw a small globe floating nearby -- the Earth! With a free hand I clutched it. It was the size of my palm and shrinking. I removed my penis from her and placed the whole fucking Earth in her cunt. She smiled at me, her hands pinching her tits and her mouth silently screaming with ecstasy into vacuum. My cock harshly rammed into her again, crushing the puny Earth and mixing the rubble it into her vaginal juices.

We continued fucking with complete abandon. Hours passed as we experimented with weightlessness. During a very erotic doggie-style experiment, she noticed the Sun floating in front of her face. It was the size of a soccer ball. Apparently, we were still growing from cosmic radiation and radiation from the Sun. I watched the Sun shrink as I fucked her from behind, and eventually she took the Sun into her hands. As she crushed it between her goddess fingers, all of the hydrogen in the Sun fused simultaneously, and the release of energy powered our growth. We expanded more quickly than time could keep up with us -- we were growing at relativistic speeds. Time began to loose meaning as our bodies occupied cubic light-years. The time for thoughts to travel from neuron to neuron was eons, so our growth appeared to be quick. We grew out of the Milky Way, our bodies creating eddies and absorbing the power of millions of stars. Still we fucked, watching globular clusters collide with her tits and my fingers demolish nebulae. Soon the Galaxy was another puny object, and our bodies grew, grew, grew. I played with entire clusters of galaxies -- trillions upon trillions of stars -- and rubbed them all over her amazingly sexy body. She gave me a hand job, each pump lubricated by an large portion of the observable Universe. Our bodies were beyond any conception of size. Our perfect bodies, her bobbing breasts, my strong arms, her smooth belly, my round ass, her wet cunt, my untiring cock -- this was the new Universe. And we fucked, and fucked, and fucked.

The End(???)

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