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Created on July 30, 2008

Sorceress Cairistiona The Countess-Palatine of Darkhaven

City of Thieves takes place in the seaport city of Darkhaven, on the edge of the Tryllian Empire. Once a thriving trading point in the Blyte Grassland, Darkhaven is slowly becoming a nest of mercenaries, fortune seekers and thieves. The troops of the empire have been called to the Tryll Desert to fight for the survival of the empire. With the death of the Imperator Hudyr, his two sons, Princes Mikkil and Shevyn vie for the Imperial Throne. Shevyn is Prince of Vyshanka, home of his mother, the Imperial Concubine, Marchioness Teshea. Imperatrix Catryna, the mother of Mikkil, sent both Shevyn and Teshea into exile as the Emperor laid upon his death bed.

With the war waging in full strength in the north, the frontier cities of the Tryllian Empire have been left to their own devices. In Darkhaven, the Sorceress Cairistìona (KAR-ish-tchee-unna), has assumed power and named herself the Countess-Palatine of Darkhaven.

City of Thieves rules are based upon Castles and Crusades: The Fantasy Roleplaying Game. It is rated R-18 and membership is by invitation only. If you are interested in joining the game contact the list owner at City of Thieves Owner or join the Out-of-Character list by clicking on the button below:

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Some Concepts, NPCs, etc have been added from the Dungeon and Dragon games "Sanctuary" and "Lankmahr".


Each month of the year has exactly four weeks of seven days for a total of 28 days each month. Each year as 12 months for a total year of 336 days per year.

Days of the Week

Darkhaven Tryllian Modern
Ilsday Savankhday Sunday
Orulsday Sabellday Monday
Thufirday Vashankhday Tuesday
Eshisday Kalashday Wednesday
Falanday Azunday Thursday
Anensday Halakday Friday
Shiprisday Memnillday Saturday

Radghasta the Magnificent, the Ill Tempered
Mage of the Fourth Circle, Wizard of the Grey Robes

Meryem, Barbarian of the Far North

Months of the Year

Description Modern
Breen 1st month of winter December/January
Andarin 2nd month of winter January/February
Moruthus 3rd month of winter February/March
Drellan 1st month of spring March/April
Eseris 2nd month of spring April/May
Sperraz 3rd month of spring May/June
Hespar 1st month of summer June/July
Languel 2nd month of summer July/August
Pordur 3rd month of summer August/September
Gethur 1st month of autumn September/October
Escharia 2nd month of autumn October/November
Volnar 3rd month of autumn November/December



BT: Before Time. A period of time before history when the world was new and the Gods warred with each other. Also a time the Gods of the non-human races were born. This was a time when the "old races" civilizations flourished. As well as wars between the old races flared up.

LT: Time of Legends. A period of time that is only recorded in myths and stories. When heroes of the Gods and Mortals performed great deeds of legend. Magic was born during this time, as well as creatures of magic such as Dragons and things.

PT: Pre-Tryllian Empire. A period of time when man's civilization began to spread and the "old races" began to recede.

TE: Tryllian Empire. A period of time when the city of Tryll began to conquer the land and spread across the continent island of Thiria to present.

Aaliyah Haldil
of Radghasta the Magnificent

Barbarian of Ahtena's Sawtooth Range
BT (Before Time):

1,000,000 yrs ago: The world came into being after a great war between the Gods of Chaos and Law. From the blood spilled on both sides, it pooled and coalesced into the world. From the bodies of the dead Gods of Law and Chaos were born the Celestial Twins (two moons). They orbited about the new world; one with the bluish glow of Law and the other with the baleful red of Chaos.

500,000 yrs ago: New Gods are born from the Celestial Womb (Sun). These new gods included: Boccob, Celestian, Ehlonna, Fharlanghn, Incabulos, Istus, Nerull, Pholtus, Ralishaz and Ulaa. Finding the world wanting and without life, they planted the seeds of life that took root as the animals of the land and sea, the vegetation and The Old Races (Elves, Dwarves, Gnomes, Orcs, etc.).

100,000 yrs ago: The Old Races begin to war among their selves. The Elves also become divided as one tribe breaks away and sides with the dwellers of the Beneath. They become know as the Drow Elves. The Dwarves and Above Elves ally against the Beneath races, soon driving them deeper into the darkness of the Beneath.

50,000 yrs ago: The Alliance between the Elves and Dwarves is sundered. A great war erupts when the Elves demand that the Dwarves tithe ½ half of their mining to the defense of the Above. The war ends in a stalemate and the two races break up their alliances. The Elves gain the notoriety by the Dwarves of being devious while the Elves claim they are greedy.

20,000 yrs ago: The Gods of Man arrive and seed the world with a new race, Mankind.

LT (Time of Legends):

10,000 yrs ago: Goibhniu the God of Weapon Smithing was commissioned to make by Lugh to forge twelve The Swords of Power for the Battle of Magh Tuiredh. Along with his "brothers" (Luchta the wright and Creidhne the worker of metal), he created: Coinspinner the Sword of Chance, Doomgiver the Sword of Justice, Dragonslicer, Farslayer, Woundhealer the Sword of Mercy, Mindsword, Shieldbreaker also called Widowmaker, Townsaver the Sword of Fury, Sightblinder the Sword of Stealth, Soulcutter the Tyrant's Blade, Stonecutter the Sword of Siege and Wayfinder the Sword of Wisdom.

9,000 yrs ago: The Twelve Swords of Power are lost...hidden away..For their forging was too well done. They were found able to slay the gods themselves.

8,000 yrs ago: The Two Great Wyrms mate and their offspring spread across the land. The dragon species are born.

7,000 yrs ago: The Elven Wizard, Taliesin the Kingmaker, created the Ring of Leadership. He presented it to the King of the Elvenkind.

6,000 yrs ago: Goibhniu's Anvil was stolen from his Forge in the Silver Lode Range by agents of Chaos. The 1,000 year war begins to retrieve the Anvil.

5,000 yrs ago: The 1,000 year war comes to an end. Goibhniu's Anvil is retrieved and hidden away with the Dwarves for safekeeping. In the north the Kingdom of Avagdu (present day Farthland) rises from the ashes of the war. The Black Knight of Chaos, Avagdu the Bloodletter, is crowned with the Black Crown.

4,500 yrs ago: The Kingdom of Avagdu is invaded by barbarians from the Terna Sea. For the next 500 years the barbarians spread across Avagdu. They name their new homeland Farthland. The Dark Crown of Avagdu is lost.

4,000 yrs ago: The Great Kingdom of Elves is broken up from a bitter dispute of over birthright to the throne. The races of Elves go their separate ways. The Ring of Leadership is lost.

3,000 yrs ago: Mankind has spread across the land. Wars for land and holdings spread with the spread of Man. The Non-Human races attempt to remain neutral, but forces of Chaos and Law force them to take sides in order to avoid complete annihilation.

2,000 yrs ago: The sorcerer Hast-ra-kodi forges two suits of armor in the fire of a burning diamond.

Sir Drake, Knight
Wendy Fortnum, Half-Elf Fighter/Rogue/Wizard
Possessor of the sword Coinspinner, Sword of Chance
PT (Pre-Tryllian Empire):

1872 PT: The birth of the Hynta Empire. Prince Garnat Donn-Ruadh of the Hynta Kingdom pushes from the headwaters of the White River in the Ice Wall Peaks west towards the coast of the Satra Ocean.

1862 PT: The Hynta Empire encompasses all of what will known as Hyntaland, Darkwood and Vashanka Kingdom. Prince Garnat Donn-Ruadh becomes the first human Emperor on the continent island of Thiria. He is crowned Emperor Donn-Ruadh of Hynta.

1772 PT: The Wizard-Prince Sterl is born in the City of Vyshanka to the cousin of Emperor of the Hynta Empire and a Farthlander Noblewoman. A great darkness falls across the land for 5 days. The Emperor's astrologers take this as an Omen that the Empire of Hynta would fall to evil. Emperor Kathel Donn-Ruadh Garnat scoffs at the thought and ignores the omens.

1754 PT: Emperor Kathel Donn-Ruadh Garnat dies of a strange affliction that caused his skin to darken and decay. His cousin, young Wizard-Prince Sterl raises an army of spellcasters and declares Vyshanka's liberty from the Hynta Empire. Sterl declares that the Hynta Empire is obsolete and will be replaced by an Empire ruled by the hand of magic. The City of Vyshanka's name is changed to Vaalon, after Sterl's mother. He declares himself the Sovereign King of Vyshanka Kingdom.

1749 PT: The Vyshankan Empire encompasses what was once the Hynta Empire. Wizard-Emperor Sterl turns his attention to the West and South. His armies march across the Center Wastes (Tryll Desert) towards the city of Tryll and south to the Blyte Grasslands.

1739 PT: The standard of the Vyshanka Empire is raised above the battlements of the Castle of Blyte.

1733 PT: The City of Tryll falls to the Armies of the Vyshanka Empire. The Vyshanka Empire covers all of the continent island of Thiria. Wizard-Emperor Sterl proclaims the City of Vaalon as the center of the known world. Sterl takes the Eldest Daughter of the King of Tryll as his Warbride.

1731 PT: Prince Keril Vasyl Sterl is born to Emperor-Wizard Sterl and his Consort, Tahira. Tahira dies in childbirth. Rumors abound that twins were born, but was quickly put to rest by the Emperor.

1172 PT: The Vyshanka Empire has become corrupted and tyrannical. Every new emperor can trace their bloodline directly back to the Emperor-Wizard Sterl and his Consort, the Tryllian Warbride Tahira. Each one calling himself by his ancestor's name. The Blyte Kingdom breaks free of the Empire. The current Wizard-Emperor Sterl declares war upon Blyte Kingdom. The King of Blyte Miach Dian Cecht comes into possession of the mythical armors of sorcerer Hast-ra-kodi. He commissions his twin cousins, Harad and Hakkad, to march against the Wizard-Emperor in the magic armor. All three disappear.

800 PT: The Vyshankan Empire starts to decline.

302 PT: The God Vashanka chooses Tempus Thale as his puppet.

252 PT: Enas Yorl is put under a random shape-changing spell.

Sardastin, Warrior-Mage of the Grey Robes
Penitence, The Iron -Masked Wizard
242 PT: The Tryllian Empire starts to expand by military means. The City of Tryll's name is changed to Godshead and the Emperor of Tryll is declared a living god. The Kingdom of Blyte forms an alliance with the Mountain Tribes of Humans and Dwarves to guard the only known pass through the Dufgard Mountains.

239 PT: Tryll marches upon Blyte Kingdom. The King of Blyte sends troops to reinforce the Mountain Tribes. Blytian slaves revolt. The Blytian army returns to put down the rebellion. Escaping slaves flee south along the coast. Blytian cavalry pursues them and is destroyed in a battle on the fringes of Aelfwood. Escaped slaves find a path through Aelfwood to Dire Moors, where they settled to become known as the Moorsmen.

176 PT: Settlers start moving south as land is farmed out and the nomads of the Grasslands refuse to surrender their ancestral hunting grounds.

127 PT: The City of Darkhaven is founded on a farming-fishing economy.

112 PT: Lythande enters Blue Star training in Azehur. Lythande and Myrtis, then a young courtesan, enter a mutual-assistance pact. Rabben, a Blue Star adept, loses half his hand to Lythande in a test of strength.

111 PT: Prospectors and adventurers are attracted to Darkhaven by rumors of precious metals in the coastal ranges.

92 PT: Myrtis becomes mistress of the Aphrodisia House in Darkhaven.

34 PT: Tryllian General rediscovers a northern pass through the Dufgard Mountains to the Blyte Grasslands from the journals of his grandfather.

12 PT: The Kingdom of Blyte is conquered by the Tryllian Empire. The worship of Dyareela is banned in Darkhaven. Alar hil Asper, the Cirdonian mercenary general razes the temple of Dyreela in Darkhaven and builds a temple to Heqt.

6 PT: The Tryllian Army marches upon Darkhaven. The chief priest of the temple of Heqt in Darkhaven disappears.

2 PT: Mizraith gains his reputation as the most successful commercial wizard in Darkhaven.

TE (Tryllian Empire:

1 TE: The Tryllian Empire conquers Darkhaven. The Mountain Tribes defend the Great Pass against Tryll.

2 TE: Caravan routes across the Blyte Grasslands are established; the economy of Darkhaven starts to boom.

8 TE: The Tryllian Empire conquers the City of Cirdon in the Dire Moors. Famed slave-gladiator Jubal wins his freedom in Godshead. The seacoast estate Eaglenest is looted and burned by "bandits".

21 TE: Lord Colla and Lady Delwyn of the House of Ruarc give birth to Cairistiona.

23 TE: Jubal, former slave-gladiator, hijacks a slave caravan and starts his rise to power. Kemren, renegade priest of Wed Krishtawn, leaves Sherranpip.

Brother Omas, Cleric of Ehlonna of the Forests
Jon Rufus Ratbane, Fighter
29 TE: The Mountain Tribes are defeated by the Tryllian forces; the Great Pass is opened.

31 TE: Caravan passage across the Blyte Grasslands declines; economy of Darkhaven declines also.

34 TE: A garrison officer stationed in Darkhaven murders and dismembers his S'danzo mistress. 15 year-old Walegrin leaves Darkhaven.

36 TE: Smhee starts tracking Kemren.

37 TE: Cairistiona is married to Tryllian Governor, Count-Palatine of Darkhaven, Tsekani.

39 TE: Melilot, a scribe in Darkhaven, begins his rise power. Kemren comes to Darkhaven, settles on and in, the Isle of Shugthee; he becomes known as the Purple Mage. Cairistiona befriends the Palace Mage and convinces him to apprentice her.

40 TE: Raggah start moving into the area of Darkhaven. Imperator Hudyr falls gravely ill. Imperatrix Catryna sends the Royal Concubine (Marchioness Teshea) and her son Prince Shevyn (the Heir Apparent to the Throne) into exile back in Teshea's homeland of Vyshanka. The Tryllian Army suffers a defeat against rebel nomad tribes in Hyntaland.

43 TE: Walegrin is commissioned in the Tryllian Army. The Tryllian Empire abandons its fortifications in Hyntaland as the nomad rebels increase in numbers and begin to outnumber the soldiers stationed there 20 to 1.

44 TE: Zalbar drives the vivesectionist Kurd out of Vaalon. A daughter, Kheem, is born to Masha zil-Ineel and her husband Eevroen. The village of Hold is sacked and destroyed by bandits; 9 year-old Jarveena is one of the few survivors. Illyra starts working as a seer in the Bazaar of Darkhaven.

45 TE: The Purple Mage agrees to protect Walegrin from the S'danzo curse. Jutu Stulwig is murdered mysteriously; Jubal's spies report to him that the god Vashanka has been seen coming from Stulwig's house.

46 TE: A daughter, Handoo, is born to Masha and Eevroen.

47 TE: Imperator Hudyr dies. Prince Shevyn attempts to return to Godshead to be coronated Imperator of the Tryllian Empire, only to have his caravan stopped at the River of Life and forced to return to Vashanka. Prince Mikkil is crowned Imperator of the Tryllian Empire. The War of Ascension breaks out.

48 TE: Imperator Mikkil the Usuper calls back all Tryllian Military to fight against his half-brother, Prince Shevyn. Commander of the Imperial Guards, Nizharu, is unmasked as a traitor after an unsuccessful assassination attempt against Imperator Mikkil. Regli, The Master of Scrolls at the Palace of Darkhaven, marries Samlane, a Cirdonian noblewoman. Nizharu is executed and his head sent to Shevyn on the end of the Royal Scepter of Vashanka.. Jarveena is appointed foreign agent for Master Melliot, the scribe, and leaves Darkhaven. Cudget Swearoath, the well-known changer is hanged. Count-Palatine Tskeni has a slight illness in the night and is attended by Alten Stulwig. The anvil of Dubro the Bazaar smith breaks. Merilla, a young Blytian noblewoman, seeks help from Illyra. The wharves of Darkhaven are closed to smugglers by the Hell Hounds. The Night of the Ten-Slaying–The Cornerstone of the new temple to Savankala is consecrated. Dubro the Bazaar smith has a new anvil. Salbar saves Jubal's life when he is ambushed by "gutter rats." In an attempt to close down Red Lanterns, a tax is levied against the brothels. Darkhaven's economy sags as Red Lantern madames boycott the merchants. The levy on Red Lanterns is lifted without comment. Hazroah, the High Flamen of the temple of Ils, takes over the running fo the temple from the Archpriest. Cappen Varra, the minstrel, wins the patronage of Molin Torcholder. Smhee comes to Darkhaven. Masha helps the dying Benna and is suspected of having a precious jewel. The week of the rat hunt; the citizens of the Maze, looking for Benna's jewel, systematically kill all the rats they can find. The week of the cat hunt; having killed all the rats, citizenry starts in on the cats. Smhee and Masha go to the Isle of Shugthee, the Lair of the Purple Mage. The Purple Mage vanishes. The week of the dog hunt; having killed all the rats and cats, the citizens start in on the dogs. Lady Rosanda and her ancilla Danlis disappear under mysterious circumstances; It is rumored tht Sikinstairs are involved.. Hazroah, the High Flamen, disappears. Jamie the Red restores Lady Rosanda and Danlis to Molin Torchholder and is rewarded. The hiercharchy of the temple of Ils is

Cafell, Lore Warden
Red Witch of Misty Bog

Jof, Elvin Rogue/Illusionist
arrested; authority is restored to the Archpriest. The Raggah start leaving the area. A dual of magic takes place between Blue Star Adepts Lythande and Rabben Half-Hand. Mizraith, the great commercial wizard, is believe vanquished by Markmor, a rival wizard, and Marype, his own son; there is near-panic among his clients when his absence is realized. Lastel disappears from Society. One-Thumb disappears from the Maze. Tempus Thane comes from Godshead to take Bourne's place. Samlane, wife of Regli, dies in labor under mysterious circumstances. The Temple of Heqt in Darkhave is unaccountably destroyed. Zalbar keeps Tempus Thane out of the Aphrodisia House. Walegrin returns to Darkhaven. Walegrin and his troops leave Darkhaven, taking an old scribe with them.

49 RE: PRESENT YEAR– Cappen Varra leaves Darkhaven on a 3-month trip. Darkhaven is in an uproar because of a fight between the gods Vashanka and Ils, which Ils has won, using the human Alten Stulwig. Vashanka, angered by his defeat, sends a great storm which causes the collapse of the temple of Ils. The magical weaponshop of Vahsanka appears in Darkhaven. Alain Aspect, one of the three Great Wizards and Court-Mage of the Tryllian Empire comes to Darkhaven. Alain Aspect apparently dies in the destruction of Vashanka's weaponshoip. Various strange incidents are reported among the citizens as the result of using the magical booby-trapped weapons obtained from Vashanka's weaponshop. Jubal saves Zalbar from an ambush. The Hell Hounds hunt for and confiscate the magic weapons. Tempus Thane disappears from Darkhaven. Tryllian Governor, Count-Palatine of Darkhaven, Tsekani, falls ill with a mysterious wasting sickness and dies three weeks later. The Sorceress Cairistiona declares herself Countess-Palatine of Darkhaven.

Maps of City of Thieves

Continent of Thiria

Darkhaven, City of Thieves
Concept taken from Thieves' World Sanctuary

Map Key of Darkhaven

A) Old City
B) Temple District
C) Noblemen's/Wealthy District
D) Palace District
E) Open Air Market/City Green
F) Thieve's District
G) Pleasure District
H) Residential District
I) Slums
J) Cemetary
K) Lighthouse
L) Dock District
M) Market/Merchant District
1) Tower of Radghasta the Magnificent
2) Merchants' Gate
3) Blood Wolf Inn
4) Prancing Pony Stables
5) The Dirty Sack Flophouse
6) The Hall of Rogues (Guildhouse of Rogues & Assassins)
7) The Frolicking Orc Tavern
8) The Queen's Bed (Brothel, expensive)
9) The Dirty Vixen (Brothel, cheap)
10) House of Dark Desires (Brothel, specialized ::wg::)
11) The Wharf Rat Inn
12) Slave House & Auction
13) Iron Sword Tavern
14) Savage Champion Hall (Fighters' Guildhouse)
15) The Mystic Talisman (Magic Users' Guildhouse)
16) Old City Gate
17) Pauper's Gate
18) Ferry Crossing
19) House of Wondrous Things
20) Library of the Arcane
21) Academy of the Blue Robe
22) The Great Temple of Ils
23) The Temple of Vashanka
24) The Itchy Palm New & Used

Jarem, Fighter of the Frigid Plains of Ahtena

Galan Kep Stoutheart, Halfling Rogue

Mon'El, Fighter/Rogue/Wizard from the Tryll Desert

Ebha Ruadh Ni Murchu, Spellsword
Sworn Vassal and Protector of
the Warrior Mage Sardastin


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