These are the PCs in my Age of Dregoth campaign. They are currently based out of Bolthole, a hidden preserver village in Raam's Undercity. Right beneath Dregoth and his Dread Legion {evil grin}. Names are listed chronologically; those surrounded by asterisks are currently alive and active.


A villichi psionicist from the convent in the Ringing Mountains, pledged to defend the preserver village of Bolthole from evil sorcerer-kings and defilers. In her eyes, Dregoth and his dray fall into these categories.

* IRIA *

Iria is an elf who left her tribe because they worshipped an element other than air. She found the village of Bolthole and began her own sect in reverence of elemental air, and admiration for the great wind-singer 'prophet' Corky who onced saved Raam from Tectuktitlay (really old PC - long story).


A half-elven trader who dabbles in the Path of the Preserver, Liberdante handles trade to and from the hidden village. Whilst undercover, she was known to perform dubious acts of passion upon templars of questionable disposition. Those who were with her noted that the half-elf enjoyed these interludes a little too much. Liberdante was nearly arrested for the trafficking of a hallucinogenic plant extract just before Raam fell to Dregoth. She was rended to pieces the following day by the nightmare dray.


A genius mul who wanders the Raamin sewers alone. Rolach has never actually been to Bolthole, although he once aided the other PCs in the recovery of war rations. He is the singular inventor of psychokinetic weapons: special weapons with deadly moving parts that can be activated psionically with telekinesis.

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