The authors and editors at TSR sometimes flake out a little and provide impossible or improbable stats for an NPC, God forgive 'em, like the bard in Dune Trader with a spell list. Unfortunately, they managed to bungle the most important NPCs in the Dark Sun campaign: the sorcerer-kings (from the obscure Beyond the Prism Pentad). Their hit points, stats, and psionics just don't seem right. That's a matter of personal taste, and they probably expect individual DMs to just boost a sorcerer-kings stats to a level where PCs will gape in awe regardless. But they really fudged it when they drew up Dregoth's stats.

The Expanded and Revised Dark Sun Campaign and City By the Silt Sea boxed sets both list Dregoth as having 173 hit points. Dragon Kings and D&P both list 29th level dragons as having 56+10 (d4) Hit Dice, with Constitution bonuses applied per d4 rolled. Furthermore, DSMC2:Terrors Beyond Tyr says that kaisharga immediately gain a Constitution score of 20, and a resulting bonus of +5 hit points regardless of class. By my calculations, that means Dregoth should have at least 344 hit points! At 5 hit points per 2d4 rolled, plus Con, Dregoth averages out at 430 hit points. I gave him 3 hit points per 1d4 rolled, plus Con.

In my Age of Dregoth campaign, the Dread King has 510 hit points. He could take on Demogorgon and kick ass.

Has anyone else picked this up? It might have gone right through the Dark Sun Mailing List and I wouldn't know. If you have any thoughts, or if I'm just spewing up old crap, please email me and tell me.


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