Here are some original creatures I've designed for my campaign:

~ 3rd Generation Dray ~ Barbed Constrictor ~ Lemming, Athasian ~ Lion, Athasian ~ Render ~

~ Sand Wyrm ~ Servant of Badna ~ Silt Wyrm ~ Skullbunny ~ Zik-trin-tik-tik ~

The sand wyrm is actually meant to be that thing from the cover of The Wanderer's Chronicle. The render is really a 'fiend' from Quake. If you've never played Quake then you mustn't have a computer, so you shouldn't be reading this.

Skullbunnies are the flagship of my campaign. : )

I haven't actually introduced the 3rd gen dray yet (except as a illusions). Dregoth's still having trouble stopping them from exploding in the early stages of design. He'll get it right eventually.

I'll post these guys in a while. Don't want my PCs reading their stats until they've fought them a few times.

~ Dray, Nightmare ~ Scourge ~ Mon Adderath (dray-shaped iron golem) ~


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