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NEW UPDATE! I haven't updated this website in over FOUR YEARS. It's really nice to see that this website still gets a trickle of visitors every day.

Since I have so many MIDIs, I opened up a page that has nothing but the random MIDI script on it. MIDI Jukebox.

Five minutes later, I uploaded nine more MIDIs, all of which are from the great open-source Windows/UNIX networking game of death, XEvil. I play this game VERY often and I suppose I am hooked. I sincerely recommend it, as it will run on any machine Windows 95 will. The download size? 864k.

I just sweetened the MIDI pot with Disco Star Wars, Pinky & the Brain, Mission Impossible, Maniacal Laughter, Love You To, Stone, Birthday, and fixed versions of Because and Day in the Life.

In other news, I am working on a private venture with Fwiffo, creating the United Anti-Microsoft group. Click here to visit and stop the Monopoly on Truth!

A story for the H-Wing: since Hell Raiser and I were "fighting" over whose H-Wing was better, I gave in and made a story to allow for two: each year the Rebels and their fighter production facilities hold a contest, picking a random letter out of the alphabet and picking two companies to design a fighter around that letter. This time the letter was H, and the companies were Phelan Shipyards and Blazen Industries. Blazen won due to the MPC cannon, but the H-Wing is still used by Phelan Shipyards as a patrol fighter.

Unless you've been hiding under a rock for two months, you'll notice my page has not been updated at all. Nevertheless I have over 3000 hits and the guy who was the 3000th gets a prize...fakers spend a lot of time fixing those screenshots so whoever sends in their 3000th visitor screenshot first, wins. Anyways I'm gonna add the link and a pic for the I-Wing dogfighter and the latest ESD. Current project is a 28 kilometer hangar designed to hold three standard BoP 8km SSDs or two corrected 16km SSDs. Hope you'll like it.

Three new OPTs are done. Get the Light TIE Bomber, the S-4 Heavy Assault Bomber, and the H-Wing Beta 1. The final version of The Star Wars To XvT Total Conversion is available for download (this link is dead, thanks a lot, NBCi!). The V-38 and TIE Phantom have been updated, centered, and packaged into one zip.

Here's the version 0.1 how-to to activate null slots. Null Slot how-to

I've updated the random MIDIs, they are available for download here. Also uploaded the XvT 1.14 UGE Modules, a B-Wing with fixed hardpoints and a gyroscopic cockpit, and soon a fixed TIE Bomber with the perspective from your cockpit. I am also renovating the V-38/TIE Phantom OPT because the wings looked buggy and it wasn't centered properly. I have completed Beta 1 of the SW movie to XvT total conversion. Get it here, it's 934kB until I can find TPWIN.EXE! nitpicker.zip. I need a couple things before it gets finished: a T/I with 10 lasers and an X-Wing with the laser on top of and on the bottom of the wings and not on the end (I'm working on that myself). I am also designing an improved TIE Scimitar, it looks lots better but only on 3Dfx systems.

Two big things: the Imperial Star Cruiser has been completed and the W-Wing has been finalized. Added a bunch of new MIDIs, four Beatles, one Jethro Tull, and Chopin's Funeral March (for when your browser chokes on my tremendous page).

In other news today, I have started an XwA/XvT squadron. It's called Veta Squadron and doesn't have any members yet. Veta Squadron.

All right!! I found pics of the REAL W-Wing at the SWMA so I made two models based on the renders there.

TIE Oppressor ZIP has a patch and readme now, and another OPT, the TIE Lander, has been finished.

Two more OPTs based on the Shipyard finished. Light Shipyard and Dockyard.

My flagship OPT has been finished. The Extended Shipyard is available in cloaked and uncloaked versions.

All the monster JPEGs have been replaced with thumbnails so it won't take five hours to download or a minute to scroll anywhere.

I have had the privilege of taking pics and hosting the updated version of Wildcat's Commercial Spaceport OPT. Get it and FIXFAST.BAS, an ultra-fast FIXOPT 11.

Wow, somebody stop me before I run out of server space! Three new OPTs!

While the TIE Bomber Drone updated properly the Cobra was messed up so you have to download if you did not get the patch or readme with it. I apologize for the mixup.

Both the TIE Bomber Drone and Cobra A-Wing have good patches now! Get them again!

The two evil OPTs are up now and another one is also there.

Yep, even more OPTs have been manafactured by my Shipyards. Go check out the TIE Bomber Drone, Recon Y-wing, and Assault Fighter.

TIE Phantom OPT from Rebel Assault finished, it's just my V-38 re-textured.

I have put up a Top 5 OPTs page. These are not-well-publicized OPTs (which means I had to look real hard in dusty corners of people's sites) that are really good and everyone should download them. Get to it here.

V-38 Shipset preview mission completed. Get it here!

V-38 OPT completed and posted.

Lancer-class frigate ZIP updated. Please re-download.

The Sovereign SD may be coming along slower. DXFScale is giving me problems, and the ISD DXF from Stealth's site is not working with ProtoCAD. I do need help here!

dreddnott's shipyards on the planet Phelan are dedicated to the construction and modification of ships and we strive to improve the visual gameplay of XvT. Below are some ships of mine that I have made, thanks to Lt. Hag, the (former?) leader of the OPT Project. I used his programs converted to Visual Basic by Demon, the wOPTUtils, along with ProtoCAD to create and modify these ships.

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My ICQ # is 19635016 (still!)

If you want to contact me on IRC, go to irc.holonet.org port 6667 and try the rooms #, #anime, #cantina, or #tpnr. #datamaster hasn't been inhabited in well over two years. You can also give the Java chat at www.holonet.org a try!

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The I-Wing is sort of a vertical B-Wing with no side wings. Hitting the S-Foils key (V) will rotate the ship horizontally around the cockpit for easier landing. No pic yet, it would be nice if somebody could do it for me, as I'm stuck on XWAXWAXWA!!!


The V-38 has been redesigned and centered and the TIE Phantom is included with it.


Yes, folks, the S-4 Heavy Assault Bomber is my first (intended) Ugly! This one has eight lasers and dual turbo ions. S-4.zip

This is Beta 1 of what the H-Wing should really look like. hwing.zip

The Light TIE Bomber is faster than almost every Rebel fighter and can carry in plenty of warheads to get the job done.


As you can tell this W-Wing is finally done. This one has perfect hardpoints and is perfectly centered in XvT. The patch is finalized and everything else is good.


The W-Wing Mk. II has the four engines on the center fuselage and dual pulse lasers, the only real difference from the W-Wing.


The W-Wing is the fastest Rebel starfighter (excepting the Z-104) and can outmaneuver a TIE Advanced. It is rather weak however. This version has two pods on the underside of the wings and quad lasers.


The TIE Lander, as seen in the Bespin Cloud City disabling terrorist bombs. I was unable to use the launcher as the third pod so the warhead pod has been stretched and the launcher turned into a pair of support struts for the bottom pod. Patch included, uses Transport slot.


The Light Shipyard is the construction solution for the budget-minded warlord. It cannot create or service vessels the size of a VSD or larger. It has one wing of starfighters.


The Dockyard is designed for holding captured Rebel and pirate vessels and can hold a VSD in each hangar. No patch.


The Extended Shipyard is a slightly modified and extended shipyard capable of constructing any vessel smaller than an SSD. Holds 4 squadrons of starfighters. It is primarily used for constructing GSCs and Independence-class Mon Calamri Cruisers. A cloaked version is also included in the zip.


The Escape Shuttle was especially designed for commanders who often lose their capships but do not believe in "going down with the ship." It is approx. A-Wing speed and maneuverability but lightly armed and armored.


The Carrack Battleship is simply a Carrack Cruiser on anabolic steroids. I was unable to make the patch stronger because I do not have BoP.


The B-Wing Mk. II is a two-person model, one controls the eight lasers and torpedoes and the other flies and takes care of other systems. It is faster but has no ion cannons. Patch, sample mission, escape pod also included.


I also have another zip, this one is of the original B-Wing with fixed hardpoints and a gyroscopic cockpit. The B-W Mk. II should be updated this way soon.


The Hellspawn is a powerful frigate using cloaking technology. Another ship created by Yhael when fighting against Imperial forces. Patch uses Frigate slot.


The Nemesis is Yhael's personal flagship, capable of taking on a MonCal or even an ISD. Comes with Dreadnaught patch.


Chaos Bloody Skull was one of the ships the warlord Yhael commissioned during his depression. Comes with Strike Cruiser patch.


The TIE Bomber was always susceptible to enemy fire, so Imperial researchers decided to make it more expendable by removing the pilot's compartment. This increased speed and warhead load. The patch for this little monster uses the CUV slot now.


A much better anti-fighter Cygnus model than any other. Quad lasers. XvT/BoP patch included.


The Recon Y-Wing is a very fast but weak modification of the standard Y-Wing. Y-wing slot patch included.


The TIE Spider was designed to combat the durability problem of mainstream TIE designs. Even the ancient, low-cost Z-95 could absorb several times as many shots as the TIE Fighter. So, they put a shield system on a TIE Fighter and stretched the wings a bit, and they had a fighter with an interesting design on its solar panels(?), so they called it the TIE Spider. T/F patch for XvT 1.14 and maybe BoP.


The R-44 Hyperion was designed by pirate scientists to tip the balance towards themselves when fighting the Imperial convoy escorts. They are extremely strong shield-wise, but two hits to the hull and *boom* your precious experimental shield system is destroyed along with your R-44. Patch for XvT 1.14, and maybe BoP! Cockpit for R-41/R-44 available here!


This ship is a goofy-looking design, but it is hard-to-hit and does have a large solar-panel(?) surface area. It was pulled out of service mainly because of the lack of a proper name. The pilots would call it the "TIE Donut", so the ship is now a rare collector's item. Speed ranges from 175 to 256 MGLT, depending on how much care the collector takes of it.


The T-wing Mk. II brought the T-wing series from utter obsolescence to front-line service. No longer feasible for usage by pirates, it is now much too expensive. More likely to be used in secret Rebel operations, its speed and high durability and maneuverability go nicely with its dual pulse lasers and small size. Cockpits for T-wing/T-wing Mk. II available here and here!


The Lancer-class Frigate is the fastest capital-class ship in service, reaching speeds of 50 to 60 MGLT! It is much weaker than a regular frigate and can be destroyed by 10 heavy rockets, if it is unable to out-maneuver most of them. The ZIP file has been updated to fix the documentation and the patch, as well as fixing the OPT's hardpoints and hitzones so that it no longer fires lasers from below the OPT and the flying turrets are fixed as well. M/FRG patch included for XvT 1.14. See if it works under BoP!


The TIE Stiletto was designed by me a long time ago but I lost the file. I found it again so here it is! It is a nice dogfighter designed for mass storage aboard containers. Great for ambushes, use it in shipsets! The patch is for XvT 1.14 and BoP (maybe), it replaces the TIE Interceptor.


The Z-104 Cannibal comes from the prototype Z-103 Savage racing ship. It can travel at 300 MGLT but is not very maneuverable. Have fun with the XvT 1.14/BoP patch!z-104.zip

This fighter has been renamed the X-Wing Starburst as I found a real W-Wing pic at the SWMA. Expect a documentation/patch update soon!xwings.zip

The TIE Vampire was named after its resemblance to the bat of the same name. It was designed as a lower-cost alternative to the TIE Defender. First used with the energy beam. Patch uses T/D slot.



The Modified Escort Shuttle is my first ship and has a turret! You can use the turret; all you have to do is go to the map when someone is attacking you up close by pressing SHIFT+M, not just M. Then target the enemy and hit SHIFT+A! Then hit M to get out of the map and your turret should be shooting at whoever is attacking you. No patch. Yet.


The TIE Oppressor was my second ship and is a dedicated dogfighter. It has twice the maneuverability of an X-wing, shields 3/4 of a TIE Advanced, speed of an A-wing, and a hull of a TIE Interceptor. Weak but maneuverable, it was designed to take out E-wings more easily. No patch yet!


The Cobra rz-2 A-wing is a heavier and slightly slower (115MGLT) version of the rz-1 A-wing. It has the same armament but is much stronger than the original A-wing. The patch has just been implemented!


This is a wrecked version of the Light Calamari Cruiser and looks cool when you substitute it for an asteroid! I made my own textures for this one.


Updated at last!


The TIE Bomber Mk. II has more armor and speed than its predecessor. It can carry twice as many torpedoes, but is less maneuverable than a B-wing. Please Note: I didn't make this OPT. Cubber did, and I am just hosting it. This OPT updated to have an MXvTED patch!



Get the spiral galaxy you see in some of my screenshots Spiral Galaxy from XWA (15kB)

Check out a hip mission I made with XvTED Beta 10 by that cool cat, Troy Dangerfield! Download bigmelee.zip!

View a canyon WRL file here and see if it looks good enough for conversion.

Don't click here!

XvT 1.14 UGE modules

Get the ultimate OPTUtils collection here! No readme file, however.

In a separate file is the advanced version of FIXOPT 11, FIXFAST.BAS.

I shudder to think of how few of these links actually work anymore.

Below are some must-see links for all you guys that haven't been turned on to the OPT scene. They are totally groovy, I think that cool cats should, like, scope 'em out totally, man.

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