01-04-01: Added section on drawing heads.

heads and hair To start, decide on the type of person you want to draw (male, female, old, young, brute, gentle, etc.). Once you've decided that, determine the shape of the head. Heads can be many sizes and shapes. You can make big round heads, oval shaped, square, and rectangular. Next sketch or gesture out your design. Use guide lines, as shown in the examples below, to help you place the specific parts of the face. Guidelines can also help in shaping facial characteristics like the cheek bones and eyebrows. I usually draw in this order: nose, eyes, hair, then mouth. Different artists have other starting points, so it is up to you, where you want to start.

About drawing hair. To draw hair, figure out the type of hair you want your person to have. Once you've got that, find a staring point on the head. The type of hair can determine where you might want to start. Hair is not that difficut to draw. Gesture it out lightly with pencil, using a variety of line lengths and shapes (wavy, curverd, spikey, etc.) See examples below.
Drawing the Head and Hair: 1 2 3 4

eyes The eyes along with mouth determine what kind of mood you person is in. Are they happy, angry, sad, or just standing around expressionless. With the guidelines set on the face, you can place the eyes. See examples below to see how I make eyes as well various examples of emotions expressed through eyes.
Different Types of Eyes: 1 2 3 4

mouths and lips If you started the eyes first, then the mouth should match the emotion of the eyes. Example: angry eyes = angry mouth. In the examples below, I've included both realistic and anime style mouths. Sorry I haven't included male versions of mouths or eyes yet. But you can look at the examples and adjust your drawings accordingly.
Drawing Mouths and Lips: 1 2 3 4


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