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LAST UPDATE 13/06/01 22:59:03 NZL
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WB01359_.gif (2230 bytes) 13/06/01
Awesome RatingWe are back!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Seekers Pack 5 has been released and is on the UT page. END OF IMPORTANT NOTE. Due to a hacker attack, I haven't been able to update this page. However, I now have vanquished my foes and restored humanity's chances of survival. Don't applaud, just send cash.

To celebrate my return after 11 long, long days of absence, I will do absolutly nothing. But I do have some ideas and some rambles which I want heard, so you can expect more rubbish added to the Forgery quite soon.

Also, I want some feedback. I know that you're visiting this site, the hit counters tell me. Don't deny it! But I would like to know how many of those hits are intelligent, curious people wanting to read me writing, and how many thought that the site was about printing money.

To get this information, I am holding a competition: Send me an email. The email which I most enjoy reading will win. The prize will be a reply from me thanking you for such a good email. Emails which say nice things about my ideas and thoughts have a high chance of victory.

I have registered the name "forgerycentral" at Yahoo! and some time soon I will move this site to that address. www.geocities.com/dragonflymatthew will either be reduced to a link, or will become more of a personal page, with Forgerycentral becoming more of a un-personal page. (First person to tell me what word I should have used instead of un-personal gets a special merit award!)

WB01359_.gif (2230 bytes) 02/06/01
Awesome RatingGame design rambles.

I added a few paragraphs to my game design rambles.

WB01359_.gif (2230 bytes) 31/05/01
Awesome RatingI am here.

I have been concentrating on Forgery: UT more than this site. However, I am going to update here with more content very soon. Just though I'd tell you.

Tip of the year has changed.

WB01359_.gif (2230 bytes) 28/05/01
Awesome RatingMain focus on Forgery UT

Because this site was mainly about Unreal Tournament, and I have now moved all my Unreal Tournament stuff to Forgery: UT, you will probably find that there won't be so much going on at this site. For a while, I will mainly concentrate on getting F:UT full of nice UT content.

WB01359_.gif (2230 bytes) 27/05/01
Awesome RatingRedesign

I have redesigned the site to make it look better. It now has nice hover buttons and a little description window.
The site still looks like something a 14 year old made, but it is improving. Please report any broken links or images that you find and I will fix them as soon as possible.

WB01359_.gif (2230 bytes) 23/05/01
Awesome RatingForgery: UT

Sorry about no updates all week/month, but great changes are afoot. Forgery: UT is under construction, and it marks the beginning of Forgery's division into a global network. All Unreal Tournament content can now be accessed from Forgery: UT.

WB01359_.gif (2230 bytes) 18/05/01
Awesome RatingUT Seekers 4 is out!

(Now avalible at Forgery: UT)

WB01359_.gif (2230 bytes) 16/05/01
Awesome RatingNews lost

I was an idiot and lost some news. Nothing important.

WB01359_.gif (2230 bytes) 31/01/01
Awesome RatingRatings added

Gold is best, then silver then green. These symbols will be placed beside everything so you can tell how important it is.

WB01359_.gif (2230 bytes) 01/01/01
Awesome RatingWe're up!

Site established January 2001. Citizens have knowledge of the alphabet, navigation and hyperlinks.

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Forgery: Unreal Tournament

What is the Forgery?

The Forgery is a web site about programming, computer gaming and anything else I feel like putting on it.

It contains files I have created and writing I have written. It is a messed cross between a personal site and a subject site.

No-one can be told what the Forgery is. You have to see it for yourself.

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All information below here (and most information above here) is not very interesting or important.

This page was created by [email protected]. Chances are that all the work on it belongs to him. You may not steal any content from this page without asking and saying please. If you do, we will track you down and put a irremovable virus on your computer which will make it connect to Weatherwatch each morning, and if it is raining, it will say to you: "What a wonderful day it is!".

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