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In 1976 Seaworld was a struggling theme park based on its popular water ski and dolphin shows and in a need for a major new attraction.  After alot of research into Seaworld into the amusement industry,
Seaworld looked to build a flume ride, like one of the many being built by Arrow in the US. 

The hunt lead Seaworlds 'behind the scenes man' John Menzies overseas to America to find such a ride.  This was met by a number of quotes for a flume ride that were well beyond the resources of the  park at that time. 

One such quote was for $1.5 million.  It was at this time, that John, armed with a tape measure, made several trips to the US, and when he arrived back on the Gold Coast, went about working with Seaworld staff in the production of there very own flume ride, and with in 2 years, the Seaworld Vikings Revenge flume ride was designed, built, and operated by Seaworld, with the pricetag of $350,000, a great deal cheaper then the $1.5 million quote from the US. 

To top it off, the ride runs better, requires less mantainance, and needs less labour to operate than the US equivellant.  Its a rare thing that a park designs its own rides, and an even rarer thing that the rides are any good, Seaworld has done it three times, with the Vikings Revenge Flume Ride, Lasseters Lost Mine, and Bermuda Triangle.  The Flume Ride is a 100% Seaworld ride, built, designed and owned by Seaworld, and to top off, is one of Australia's favorite Flume Rides.

The Castle the flume ride travels around is also home too Seaworld's 3d theater, and the 3D movie "Pirates!" 

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Viking's Revenge
Flume Ride
Total Length of ride:  460m
Time to complete Ride:  4mins
Top Speed:  16m per second
Length of drop:  12.5 m
Length of boat:  3 m
Passengers per boat:  4
Design and Construction:  Seaworld
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