(Crystal Ball CD #1039)

This 2001 release actually contains recordings by four groups, not three. The one thing all tracks have in common is that they were produced by Bayside, Queens, New York record entrepreneur Jerry Love. Jerry owned a record store in Bayside, and produced/managed a number of vocal groups.

His first group, the Boulevards, were local boys, Frankie Zazzo, Lou Adessa, Jim Alessandria, Bobby Thomas and Ralph Lasher. He placed their only released effort with the Everest label in 1958 [liner notes citing "Everlast" label are incorrect - I have a copy of the single]. In addition to their two released sides, the CD contains acappella versions of seven more Boulevards numbers, of rehearsal quality, perhaps needing a bit more "polish" before release - or awaiting instrumentation at a session which never took place.

Remaining in chronological sequence, Jerry's next group was the Gothics who hailed from the Whitestone section of Queens. The Gothics had two releases, and the CD also provides 3 unreleased tracks plus an alternate take of their recording Marilyn.

The Fascinations, from Akron, Ohio, came to Jerry in 1960 with their tape of Midnight and Doom Bada Doom, which Jerry "polished" with some strings and gave to Eddie Rasbaum for release on his Sure label.

Lack of success caused the group to return to Ohio, but Jerry matched up their lead singer, Jordan Christopher, with the Boulevards to form a new group - Jordan and The Fascinations. This aggregation had 4 releases on 3 labels in 1961-62, and had several additional tracks "in the can," a few of which saw daylight in 1978, and the balance of which are released for the first time on this CD.

Your reviewer attended college (St. John's University, Jamaica, Queens, New York) with Lou Adessa and Jim Alessandria in the early 1960s. Several of us would gather together regularly to harmonize in the "echo chamber" steps that led to the rifle range below St. John's Hall. A number of unrecorded groups came out of these sessions, I even sang bass with one of them - Anthony and the Edens.

Jordan later went on to a career in motion pictures, and Lou Adessa became a fairly successful songwriter - among other works, When You're Alone by Donnie and the DelChords (Taurus label) came from his pen.

This CD brings back great memories for me, I hope you will enjoy it too.

Track List:
1. I'll Be Forever Loving You - Jordan and The Fascinations (Dapt #203) 1961
2. My Imagination - Jordan and The Fascinations (Dapt #203) 1961
3. My Baby Doesn't Smile Anymore - Jordan and The Fascinations (Dapt #207) 1961
4. Love Will Make Your Mind Go Wild - Jordan and The Fascinations (Dapt #207) 1961
5. Midnight - The Fascinations (Sure #106) 1960
6. Doom Bada Doom - The Fascinations (Sure #106) 1960
7. Give Me Your Love - Jordan and The Fascinations (Carol #4116) 1961
8. Once Upon A Time - Jordan and The Fascinations (Carol #4116) 1961
9. I'm Goin' Home - Jordan and The Fascinations (Josie #895) 1962
10. If You Love Me, Really Love Me - Jordan and The Fascinations (Josie #895) 1962
11. One-Two-Three - Jordan and The Fascinations (Crystal Ball #923) 1978 [recorded ca. 1962]
12. She's Gone (Unreleased) - Jordan and The Fascinations [recorded ca. 1962]
13. Loving Fool (Unreleased) - Jordan and The Fascinations [recorded ca. 1962]
14. Baby I Need You (Unreleased) - Jordan and The Fascinations [recorded ca. 1962]
15. Love You Too Much - The Gothics (Carol #4115) 1961
16. My Dream - The Gothics (Carol #4115) 1961
17. Marilyn - The Gothics (Dynamic #101) 1959
18. Sunday Kind Of Love - The Gothics (Dynamic #101) 1959
19. Valley Of Tears (Unreleased) - The Gothics [recorded ca. 1960]
20. Red Sails In The Sunset (Unreleased) - The Gothics [recorded ca. 1960]
21. Poor Billy (Unreleased) - The Gothics [recorded ca. 1960]
22. Marilyn (Alternate Take) - The Gothics [recorded 1959]
23. Delores - The Boulevards (Everest #19316) 1958
24. Chop Chop Hole In The Wall - The Boulevards (Everest #19316) 1958
25. Glory Of Love (Unreleased) - The Boulevards [recorded ca. 1958]
26. Heavenly Father (Unreleased) - The Boulevards [recorded ca. 1958]
27. Jezabel (Unreleased) - The Boulevards [recorded ca. 1958]
28. You Better Admit It (Unreleased) - The Boulevards [recorded ca. 1958]
29. Don't Cry (Unreleased) - The Boulevards [recorded ca. 1958]
30. Angel (Unreleased) - The Boulevards [recorded ca. 1958]
31. A Place In Your Heart (Unreleased) - The Boulevards [recorded ca. 1958]
32. Goodnight - Jordan and The Fascinations (Crystal Ball #923) 1978 [recorded ca. 1962]

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Last updated 19 February 2002.

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