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MCFM 05 v0.2.2 FM 2005 Real Time Editor 19/12/04
Once again those lovely young fellows at Mind Compression have given us a real time editor, many items can be changes such as abilities, nations, age etc. (o

Simply load up FM2005 then ALT+TAB back into windows(or press the windows key) Click on MCFM and start editing, it's as simple as that, FM 2005 is yours for the taking!!!!

Please note that users are required to have the 1.1 framework installed on their computers for MCFM to work Click Here to download 1.1 framework

Make sure you back up your saved game before editing (just in case)

8.5/10! Now works with New 5.02 Patch! MCFM is just getting better and better!!!

Please click Here to download MCFM 05 v0.2.2

MCFM 05 v0.2.1 - [18/12/2004]

MCFM 05 v0.2.0 - [18/12/2004]

MCFM 05 v0.1.1 - [13/11/2004]

MCFM 05 v0.1.0 - [05/11/2004]

MCFM 05 v0.0.7 - [03/11/2004]

MCFM 05 v0.0.6

MCFM 05 v0.0.5

MCFM 05 v0.0.4

MCFM 05 v0.0.3

Information and download thanks to (MCM)

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