When a country boy...

Twin Hills Farm, Dunstable, MA Goldthwaite twins as infantsGoldthwaite kids

Twins by tree
Keenan and Goldthwaite children, 1940

Photos: (1) Twin Hills Farm, Dunstable, Mass. (Click on the picture for a larger image)
(2) Goldthwaite twins, John and Henry, as infants
(3) Henry, Cynthia holding Jean, and John Goldthwaite
(4) Goldthwaite and Keenan cousins -- Back row: Edith Keenan, Henry, Cynthia and John Goldthwaite; Front row: Marion Keenan, John Keenan, Dorothy Keenan, Betty and Jean Goldthwaite
(5) John and Henry Goldthwaite in sandbox by the tree behind the farmhouse -- remember that tree!

Old Nourse house on Anderson St.Mystery man?

(1) The old Nourse homestead on Anderson Street in Salem
(2) Mystery man -- who is he?
(3) Great-grandmother Nourse

Dorothy Nourse GoldthwaiteWillard J. Goldthwaite Sr.On the farm

(1) Dorothy Nourse Goldthwaite
(2) Willard J. Goldthwaite Sr.
(3) Willard and Johnnie Goldthwaite at the farm

Hank as a young boyPortrait of HankNavy portrait

(1 and 2) Photos of Henry Goldthwaite as a young boy
(3) US Navy portrait of Henry Nourse Goldthwaite: now you know why she married him!

In the NavyIn the NavyIn the NavyHank and Cynthia in uniform

(1) Henry Goldthwaite, Navy signalman (Click on the picture for a larger image)
(2) Navy friends
(3) What's a Navy without a mop?
(4) Henry and Cynthia Goldthwaite in uniform (Click on the picture for a larger image)

Hank and Charlie in uniformThe twins during the warHNG receiving high school diploma

(1) Hank Goldthwaite and Charlie Adamowitch in uniform
(2) Johnnie and Hank Goldthwaite at the farm
(3) Hank Goldthwaite (fifth from left) and other servicemen awarded high school diplomas

Old friend Ford Parts RebuildersOld friends

(1) An old friend (2) First job: Parts Rebuilders in Fitchburg (3) What a crew!! (Click on the picture for a larger image)


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