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Charlie Lee Odom was born in Marshall County, Alabama in 1866.  His father was Micajah/Michael Odom who was perhaps born in North Carolina.  His mother was Mary Blakely. There is believed to have been another son of Mike and Mary Odom who died as an infant or young child, their daughters include: Eliza Leona Odom, Elitha Naoma Odom, Mary R "Molly" Odom and Malissa P Odom.  Mike and Mary are said to be buried in Raney Cemetery in Marshall County, Alabama. Charlie's first marriage was to Melissa "Lizie" Nelson.  They had a daughter named Ollie who was born in 1889 and a son who died as an infant. The infant and Melissa are buried in Raney Cemetery also. After his first wife passed away, Charlie married Mary Elizabeth Smith, born January 1877 the daughter of Seviere and Sarah (Wright) Smith. They were married in January 1899. They lived in Jackson County, Alabama in the small town of Langston. 
  Charlie and Mary had nine children. Lucy, Oma, Lillie, Kitty, Jim, Charlie Jr (Cap), Emily, George and John.  Jim passed away around age 6 or 8.  Charlie Jr "Cap" passed away in his early thirties from what was said to be kidney disease.  Lucy passed away around age 30 from pneumonia.
Mary Smith Odom passed away in September 1919 from childbirth complications, not quite a month after the birth of John, Charlie Sr passed away in September 1921 from cancer.  Notes my grandmother left say he went to Chattanooga, Tennessee to be treated and was told there was nothing that could be done for him.
Charlie and Mary Odom are buried in Langston cemetery, Langston, Alabama.
Ollie took over childcare responsibilities when her father passed away.  She never married.  She passed away in 1968 and is buried in Langston Cemetery.
    George was my grandfather.  He was born March 29, 1911 in Langston Alabama.  He married Fannie Berry, born April 28, 1911 the daughter of Preston and Mary (Fricks) Berry.  They had three children.  George passed away in September 1988 and Fannie passed away in May 1989.   They are buried in Piney Grove Cemetery, in Grove Oak, Alabama.
Family of Charlie Lee Odom and Mary Elizabeth Smith
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