Website Idea -

Summary - The website will be about my life story and soccer career, updates on the future, my achievements and statistics.

Content - Childhood pictures, soccer pictures,videos, soccer highlights and stories by me.

Competition - Cristiano Ronaldo: His website is pretty nice but it lacks a personal touch. Sergio Ramos: His website is the one I liked the most visually. It is easy to navigate.

Purpose - This website's purpose is for me to share my story to the world. It will be inspiring for people who struggle in the soccer world because of life circumstances and the demands of the game.

Desired Results - My goal with this website is for young players to be inspired by my story and to never give up. This website will give them someoone to look up to.

Target Audience - Everyone will be welcome to go on the website. The stories and informations will be more directed at soccer players but everyone could be inspired.