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The Doll Family, 4 of the most famous little people of all time, were, in actuality, three sisters and a brother. Grace, Harry, Daisy, and Tiny Doll were born Frieda, Kurt, Hilda, and Elly Schneider in Germany and emigrated to the U.S. in the 1910's and 1920's. Kurt and Frieda first started performing under the names Hans and Gretel, before eventually adopting the stage names Harry and Grace. Shortly after arriving in the U.S., they also "borrowed" the last name of the man who brought them here, Earles. When Hilda and Elly joined their brother and sister in the U.S., they also adopted the last name of Earles, and became known professionally as Daisy and Tiny. After the death of Mr Earles, the four siblings changed their stage name to Doll, which they would go by until their retirement in the mid 1950's. Well known for their roles in such films as The Unholy Three (1925), Special Delivery (1927), the Laurel and Hardy short Sailor's Beware (1927), and the cult classic Freaks (1932), the Doll family left the movie industry in favor of the Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey circus, where they were a popular and familiar feature until their retirement. Sadly, all four members of the family have passed away. Grace died in 1970, Daisy in 1980, Harry in 1985 and Tiny in 2004.
Two press photo's from the film Freaks (1932). Featured here are Harry and Daisy Earles.
While traveling with the Ringling Brothers, the four Doll siblings had many opportunities for candid photos. Here are a couple examples:
And one of my favorite pictures of the four siblings, to the right. For many more pictures of the Doll family, please click "continue" below
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