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What's In A Name ...

Our members have been happy to share what they have found on the surname Kemp.

Jim Mannan found in the book A Dictionary of Surnames by Patrick Hanks and Flavia Hodges (Oxford University Press 1988) p 292:

Bob Young found in An Etymological Dictionary of Family and Christian Names, by William Arthur:

KEMP(E) - In Old English, the term "Kemp" designated a soldier engaged in single combat. The name Kemp is derived from the Saxon word "To Kemp" or combat, which in Norfolk [County, England] is retained to this day; a foot-ball match being called a camping or kemping; and thus in saxon a Kamper signifies a combatant, a champion, a man-at-arms. In some parts of Scotland, the striving of reapers in the harvest-fields is still called Kemping."

Is this correct or accurate? I don't know. I've also heard stories that a Kempe accompanied William the Conqueror, and therefore the name is of Norman origin.

Marjorie D. Kemp wrote ... the name is Anlgo-Saxon which now means English. But once upon a time these were two germanic races, the Angles and the Saxons (now northern Germany) who were busy invading wherever they could. England, obviously, was a prime invasion target (way, way, back when). KEMP came supposedly from CEMPA which means "ordinary warrior (or foot soldier to us nowadays) or soldier".

Bill Kemp found in The Surnames of Ireland by Edward MacLysaght:

KEMP. This English name (Middle-English, kempe, athlete) recurs in Irish records from the fourteenth century till the present day but has never been closely identified with any particular locality. It is now fairly numerous in Dublin and Belfast. See CAMPBELL....

CAMPBELL. Mac Cathmhaoil (battle chief). An Irish sept in Tyrone; in Donegal it is usually of Scottish galloglass origin, viz Mac Ailin a branch of the clan Campbell (whole name is from cambeal, crooked mouth). Many Campbells are more recent Scottish immigrants....The name has been abbreviated to Camp and even Kemp in Co. Cavan.

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KFA Member Homepages

# Homepage Description Roots KFA Member
1 The Attic the room that contains my genealogy links, soundex, and charts My Roots Linda-Jeanne Dolby
2 About Me & My Other Web Pages Includes Genealogy, Travel, Food, Music, Hawaiian Vacation, and many other topics My Roots Linda-Jeanne Dolby
3 a central source of Kemp info in Australia, including a photo of Major William Kemp, b.1782 at Mourne Abbey, Cork, Ireland Guy Hadden Kemp
4 An Avid Genealogist includes advice on creating a family newsletter Jamie Kay Taylor
5 The Kemp's interests include ham radio and he descends from Robert Kemp of Maryland My Roots Tim Kemp
North Carolina
6 Ralf's home his page is in both English and German Ralf Huelsmann
7 Kemp/Betts Family Info interests include genealogy, art and photography My Roots Gregg Kemp
North Carolina
8 William R. Kemp Homepage interests include music William R. Kemp
North Carolina
9 Ian Kemp's Home Page interests include running, Japanese language, Japanese pop music, Thai language My Roots Ian Kemp
10 Genealogy Homepage extensive info on descendants of Thomas Camp III and descends from the Camps of Virginia My Roots Pat Chennault
11 Welcome to Our Family History Chris descends from John Kemp of North Carolina My Roots Chris Kemp
12 The Edenfield Connection includes a Kemp database and genealogy links My Roots Jim Edenfield
13 Andrew Kemp's Genealogy Page contains links to his existing Genealogy data My Roots Andrew Kemp
14 The Rev. Daniel Kemp is from Australia Daniel Kemp
15 Viki's Little Corner of the Web Chickasaw line of Kemps My Roots Viki Anderson
16 Kevin Kemp's Kempsite Kevin descends from Nathaniel Kemp of North Carolina My Roots Kevin Kemp
17 Irene's Genealogy Web Page is where you'll find Irene's genealogy links Irene Hand
New Jersey
18 Genealogy Research Interests you'll find his genealogy interests here My Roots Keith Smith
19 she talks about herself and her interests Elaine Kemp
20 The Holt and Warburton Family Roots you'll find some Kemps on his family page John Holt
New York
21 Jim's Home Page includes his family tree and other interests Jim Mannan
22 Kemp Family you'll find info on Capt. Jonathan Kemp (1742-1814) and his family My Roots Pauline Bizette Brandy
23 The Barton Family Page you'll find a number of Kemps included here, as well as an assortment of good old fashioned Southern recipes plus a few Cajun dishes My Roots Vicki Barton
24 Kemp Family William Kemp of South & North Carolina My Roots Pauline Bizette Brandy
25 Kemp Family Chronicles Nathaniel L. (Nathan) Kemp b.1774 North Carolina, d.1858 Arkansas My Roots Jeffrey D. Kemp
26 homepage NY 21st Civil War unit and her Kemp line My Roots Linda Nebrich Beilein
New York
27 was a Gustav Stickley design from the 1907 Craftsman magazine James Kemp
28 Howard E. Kemp, Jr. Howard's Kemp Line My Roots Howard E. Kemp
29 Kemp Family Nathan Kemp Network My Roots John Scott Kemp
30 Randy Seaver's Ancestry and Family History Ancestry of Emily Kemp Auble My Roots Randy Seaver
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Gendex is a searchable surname database

Written by KFA member Tom Kemp, the International Vital Records Handbook Genealogical Publishing, 1001 North Calvert Street, Baltimore, MD 21202 [1-800-296-6687] : 1994. 417pages; explains how to obtain copies of birth, marriage, divorce and death certificates from all 50 states and every country in the world. It is particularly handy as it includes copies of the actual forms needed to apply for those documents. All you need to do is photocopy the form, fill it in and mail it out. You can find a copy of this book in almost every public library and LDS Family History Center.

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