width-fixer Doc wanted to go faster

1994 Doc with Jerry Jackson at Portland International Raceway, OR. The Jackson brothers didn't make any changes to the car over the 93-94 winter, but we were grateful to have "at-the-track" mechanics to do quick repairs & adjustments and keep the Severely Disabled Chicken Coupe running well.

April 10, 1994 Tom Jackson with Doc posing with the 2nd Place plaque that he won today. (Note: I always placed the latest album with the racecar so people could view it while waiting in line. Here it is on the left fender.)

May, 1994. This shot of the rear of the car shows the Denny's logo and the ERA real estate logo both of these were "$500 spots". Jason and Julie Freeman were our Denny's sponsors, and Russ Hicks was our ERA sponsor. The Bob's OK Tires sign can also be seen here. These sponsors were all from Salem, OR.

Vinyl Signs were easily removed with a hair-dryer. Jackson's came off the hood in April '95 when Doc wanted to go faster, and the work the Jackson's had done over the winter didn't accomplish it. They felt that Doc "was going fast enough", and Doc wouldn't let ANYBODY limit his abilities. Doc wanted to compete in PRO class in '95, and eventually get the car fast enough to compete in Divisional races. He knew that he could handle the faster speeds and didn't want mechanics who didn't believe in him.

Pacific Paint went on the hood next. Another racer, Phil Hullender and his wife Theresa gave Doc Phil's "spare 440" motor. Although Phil isn't a mechanic, he helped Doc out with any problems he could, including installation of the Chicken Coupe's "new" motor. The Hullender's paint store in Seaside, OR now got the hood exposure. With the bigger motor, Doc moved happily into the PRO bracket, running 11.65 seconds at 113.50 mph on the first day back to the track.

July 8, 1995 "The Pacific Paint Race Team" Phil and Theresa Hullender & Doc Lavinder and Doc Lav's Lady.

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