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First of all, YELP reviews are a joke.  Total lies from questionable people.

Due to the publishing of fake business reviews online from people who have never been to our business, have never had any contact with anyone associated with our business, or have been refused a sale of one of our pups due to our option not to sell, we are posting this new updated page to show this as fact.  

Reviews posted by Mikaela Casey (refused sale of pup), Tyler Boes (the boyfriend of Mikaela Casey, with NO CONTACT with this business), Jillian Miller (their friend who posted a negative review with NO CONTACT with this business), The M Word (a non-person), J Savage (lied about ever getting a pup from us), Ashley R (San Bernadino, CA who has had NO CONTACT with this business), Molly A (who never bought a pup from us),  Missi B (who bounced checks to us), and whoever JA is in Reno, NV (NO CONTACT AT ALL), Daniel W (WHO?), Tyler B (no contact with us about sales), Molly A in AL


It is the OPTION of the breeder to refuse to sell to a person if they do not feel that person is capable of owning a pup, keeping up with the responsibility, or not answering basic questions asked, with legitimate answers.  It is the OPTION of the breeder to sell, or not to sell, to anyone.  People who don't understand that, seem to want to harm the business because they were rejected from getting a pup from us.  After over 30 years of breeding quality AKC dobermans, we have a pretty good feel of good and bad buyers.  

We have plenty of legitimate reviews from actual owners of our pups, as well as qualified veterinarians who have serviced our dogs and pups.  We are glad to provide them to anyone who asks.


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Well socialized, mild tempered, family oriented Doberman Puppies for sale in eastern North Carolina. 
References available from puppy owners as well as numerous veterinarians.  Just ask.

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