Tee/Patrick Litter

February 10, 2024

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Tee-Squared   Patrick

Full AKC registration, vWD clear, non-white factor pups 

below are the statistics of this litter.  Pups just had tails and dewclaws done
at 3 days old, and mama is being treated for mastitis.  So weight will start 
picking up after vet visit with anti-biotics yesterday.

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February 10, 2024
 7 Days Old


 Time of Birth Color/Sex  Birth Weight   (in oz)  1 Week Weight   (in oz) Status
10:15 am fawn female  15  19  reserved:  K Miller
11:20 am black female  14  16.5  
11:55 am black female  14  16  
1:05 pm  blue male 15.5  19  
3:09 pm blue female 13  23  
4:45 pm red female 16.5  26  

Congratulations to new parents, Tee-2 and Patrick!

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