Celebrating over 30 years of 
Doberman Ownership and Breeding



I am the one who always waits for you.
Your car has a special sound that I
have imprinted on my senses, 
I can
recognize it among a thousand.

Your steps have a magic timbre.
Your voice is music to my ears.
If I see your joy, it makes me happy!

Your scent is the best,
Your presence is what moves my senses.
Your awakening wakes me up.

I watch you sleep and for me you are my God, 
I am happy watching over
your sleep.

Your gaze is a ray of light. 
Your hands
on me have the lightness of peace and
the sublime display of infinite love.

When you go out, I feel a huge emptiness in my heart.
I wait for you again and again.
I am the one who will wait for you all
my life today,
 tomorrow and always:

I am your dog ❤️



Well socialized, mild tempered, family oriented Doberman Puppies for sale in eastern North Carolina. 
References available from puppy owners as well as numerous veterinarians.

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