Dogs at Play, 2010 Version

Just a couple of quick pics from the Dobieden
(click on the pics for a bigger view)


Boo and Rosie, March 2010 Calypso, March 2010 Calypso, Rosie in front, and Sasha in March 2010
Chili, March 2010 Chili, March 2010 Dixie, March 2010
 Dixie and Boo, April 2010 Dixie and Boo, April 2010 Dixie, Boo and Sandi, April 2010
 Dixie, Sandi and Boo, April 2010 Indy, March 2010 Indy, March 2010
 Relaxing, June 2010 Sandi, Rosie, Maggie and Alex Sandi, Chili (standing), Maggie, Alex and 
Rosie (front)
Sasha and Rosie, April 2010  Sasha, April 2010 Sasha, Boo and Dixie, April 2010

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