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Rose during "Sit, Stay" Weekend Group Winners Miles' Trial

Here’s a little brag on two of some Dobieden pups.  Lu has owned both her babies since they were about 2 months old, and has worked hard in rally and obedience classes around Wilmington, NC.  During the Columbia, SC AKC show over the Jan 18-19, 2014 weekend, all her hard work paid off, in a BIG WAY.  During their very first show, both Rose and Miles accomplished major wins and earned their first legs towards their AKC titles!  GO PUPS!

On Saturday, 1/18, Rose was in Beginner Novice A and scored 195 out of a possible 200 and took 1st place in her obedience trial and earned her 1st leg towards her title.
Also on Saturday, Miles was in Rally Novice A and scored 94 out of 100 and took 2nd place in his rally trial and earned his 1st leg towards his title. 
Sunday Miles was in Rally Novice A and scored 100 out of 100 and took 1st place and earned his 2nd leg towards his title.

On Sunday, Rose did well, but decided to stand up in place during her Sit and Stay for Obedience.  So unfortunately, she was disqualified.  We're still very proud of her because if that's the only deduction she had, she is still a winner in our eyes!  Way to go, girl, well done!

The Group picture above is of members of the Azalea Dog Training Club, who were at the show.  The picture was taken on Sunday before Miles earned his second leg in rally and his own blue ribbon.  Looks like a wonderful group of great dogs.


You and your brood surpassed your expectations, and were excellently shown by you!

(for an easy to read, updated chart of Lu's' crews' accomplishments, click here)