Harraden's Irish Lass Leah
7/8/1995 - 4/2/2008


Poem for Dog Lovers

Hello. I've been expecting you for quite some time.
Here, come sit beside us for awhile .
and let me tell you about this old friend of mine.
She might look tattered or maybe old
But I won't say goodbye until you've been told.
She had the brightest eyes I had ever seen,
And wore a beautiful fur coat that would out shine a queen .
She was never prissy but walked with an aire ......
And oh so polite, you could take her most anywhere.
She could run like the wind and could catch anything she chased
But she protected and sat with me when I had problems to face.
You could not find a friend nearly so dear.
Because no matter the trouble she always stayed near...
She has never asked for much from me;
Just to love and respect her and I think you'll agree .
To give her a good meal plus a nice warm bed is not much to ask;
When she has given me all her love and to her this was no task.
Now I understand you have a schedule to keep.
But I have a small favor before she nods off to sleep.
Please fold your wings around her and let her feel young while in no pain;
Dear Guardian Angel of Pets ,
please keep her safe and happy until I see her again.

Ginger Patton

(sent to me by my friend Pam)

We will miss you, my friend, Leah.  My noble Queen of the Dobieden, my brave snake hunter.
You gave us almost 13 years of memories, and many many babies to love.  You are the reason for the success
of The Dobieden, and for that, we will always be grateful.  You will always be in our hearts, you are the
soul of our being.  We will miss you dearly.  Rest easy, old girl, you have earned your golden wings.