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Full AKC registration, vWD clear, non-white factor pups will be ready the first weekend of April 2022



Below are the statistics of these pups
(pups are listed in the order they were born)

Time of Birth, 2/15/2022 Color/Sex Birth Weight in Oz Status
7:00 pm black female 12.0 oz reserved: J&E Hensche (1)
7:50 pm black female 14.5 oz reserved: Seabolt (2)
8:45 pm blue male 18.5 oz  
9:40 pm black male 16.5 oz reserved: H Brown (2)
10:30 pm fawn male 14.5 oz reserved: A Green
10:45 pm red female 11.5 oz  
11:30 pm black male 18.0 oz reserved: J Derby (1)

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