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Posted April 25, 2020


Ernie and I have been getting 2-3 texts/phone calls every day for the past 3 weeks, so I decided to make a general post with puppy information, and post it on all the ad sites and the dobieden website to explain our puppy schedule..... hopefully I will be able to reach people this way and it will explain the puppy litter timing for the next couple of months.

First of all, we do not have any puppies available at this time. Evidently, no one else does either, or else they are charging insane prices for them.

Jackie and Sammie were spayed and retired in Jan/Feb, so no more litters from them

Sammie's littermate sister Bonny, has not had a litter since Sept 2016. And that was her second litter. So even though we have tried to breed her since, we believe she is naturally sterile and retired.

Tymber and Nacho are on their annual break after having litters in Dec 2019 and Feb 2020, respectively. So they will not have litters again till the winter of 2020

We are currently waiting on BB, Gumbo and Mojo to go into heat at any time. They will be bred and we should have summer litters from them.

Boo-Two and Tee Squared are on standby but probably won't be bred till this fall because it will be their first litters

Our waiting list is extensive and growing, but we believe that a lot of people on the list waiting, will probably find other pups by the time we have any available. I have 5 people holding tight on 5 individual pups right now. They will get the first available pups and they are all aware of their standing. After those 5 pups are supplied, we will contact people on the waiting list, according to the color/sex pup they are waiting for, and the date they FIRST contacted us for a pup. I have saved all emails and facebook contacts, by date.

This is the schedule we have for 2020 and hopefully, this will help to explain to everyone in one post rather than having to tell everyone the same thing when they call or text.

Thank you for your patience.


Our pricing is posted here



Please email Lisa at [email protected]

or call Ernie at 252-670-1188

for current available pups

Listings are constantly changing




If you'd like to add your name to our waiting list for a pup, please email me at [email protected]  
and I'll be glad to add your name and keep you posted on our upcoming litters.

Thank you 




We do not support breeding of sub-standard animals.


We no longer offer shipping because of increased cost and too much of a chance of missed connections,
but we do offer puppy transport for an additional fee.