Johann Wilhelm (David) & Dorothe Elizabeth (Rindert) Beck
David was born in Cattenstedt, Germany on Nov. 4, 1812. He married Elizabeth on Apr.26, 1840, also in Cattenstedt. Around 1860 they migrated to South Manitou Island in America to join 2 ? of their children who had already settled there.(Aunt Louise says that Theodore and Albert, who were the Beck children ..age 19 and 15... who came first to America, were lonely and wanted to go home).They could not write so they asked a neighbor to write a letter to their parents asking could they come home. The neighbor did not want to see the boys go (I think they were working for him), so he wrote and asked the Becks to move to the island. So David and Elizabeth homesteaded on S.Manitou island around 1860 where they farmed and cut lumber for the steamships that were cruising the great lakes.
Just a note, I believe that David came over in 1869 which is the year that his son, August lists as his immigration date in the 1910 census. Theodore and Albert were both in over here earlier (Theo 1867, Albert 1868, according to census records).
I also believe David had another relative on the Island . The 1870 census shows a Gustaff Beck (wife..Catherine), age 50 on the Island. (1880 census has his name as Chrisoper)He
homesteaded 160 acres on the island on nov.1, 1869. August homesteaded 80 acres next to him on June 17, 1909.
Gustav George Elias (August) & Elizabeth (Lizzie), (Haas) Beck
    August was born in Cattenstedt, Germany (Brunswick) Dec. 1, 1852. When he was about 17 years old he Immigrated to S. Manitou Island with his parents . According to Mrs Irwin Becks book (Irwin is one of August and Elizabeth's sons) August and his father David, helped to build the light house on the island. August married Elizabeth Haas (her father farmed next door to the Beck's), in Glen Arbor, Mi. on June 23, 1873. August lived and farmed on S. Manitou Island until his death on Dec. 5th, 1941.. The farm that they once owned is now part of the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Shoreline and is being preserved as a historical site. August and Elizabeth are buried in the island cemetary. August's parents, David and Elizabeth are buried on the farm behind the house.
I'm combining August's bio. page with his parents, because he came over from Germany with them and they resided on S. Manitou Island the rest of their lives. The bio's will also be updated as new facts are found.
Beck farm... very early pic
Beck farm
Beck farm
Beck farm
Beck house
Beck farm
Beck farm winter
The way it was
The way it is
Beck house
Beck house
barn foundation
barn foundation
   For more pics or info on S. Manitou Island you can email me, or check out some of the links on the links page, orrr you can find one of these books about the history of the island written by the people who lived there.I would recommend to anyone interested in the family history, or just getting away from it all, for a day, or two, or three, or four, to visit the island.
interesting  pic
Isle of View AHistory of south Manitou Island by Charles M. Anderson
A neighbor of the Becks I guess on an isle your all neighbors
The South Manitou Story by Gerald E. Crowner
U.S. Coast Guard Station S. Manitou 1926 - 1928
South Manitou Island - from Pioneer community to National park
By Myron H. Vent
Pioneer tales and other Stories
by William E. and Myron H. Vent
can be found in local bookstores, Leland ?
Note that part of the barn foundation is made from White Cedar logs found on the island
August Beck....Gee's, I wonder where I got my hair line ?
Beck farm winter with nice reflection of my forehead
Treasures from the past
Treasures too
County Road grader
Facts from US Census     
1870 Census lists David as "Adulphus", and Elizabeth as "Dorothe"....The children with them on the island at that time were Theodore, Albert and Augustus.
1880 Census Has Theodore running his own farm, His mother "Dorothe" is now living with him as well as his brother albert. Augustus's name is now August.....
    There are many very interesting pieces of info in the census records, some info answers questions, some info generates questions (Like where is David "Adulphus" in the 1880 census if he did not die until 1893 ?) I find that a lot of the names are slightly different from census to census. (Prob. because #1 they had so many names, and #2 they spoke with that heavy german accent ?)
Hard aground in S Manitou Harbor
Village on S Manitou
Burtons Wharf S Manitou
Wharf today
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