The History of the Wolfkin

   They came from many parts of the land, lost, confused, hurt and abused. Drawn to the Steddings by the wolves in their dreams, and the �sense� they had of where the Steddings where.

   Slowly the communities grew, separate from each other, although aware that each community existed. They learnt to live off the land and harness what skills they each possessed for the good of the Steddings. There where only a few in each Stedding and they didn�t venture far from the place of safety. The world was not ready to accept them yet.

   In Manetheren, the Stedding there was in the mountains in a far off corner of that realm. It was isolated from the rest of Manetheren and the Wolfkin that lived there believed they went unnoticed, until one day a messenger from the King of Manetheren turned up. He had a message for the leader of the Stedding and wanted to see him straight away.

   Once the message had been read, Elreic, the leader of the Stedding went with the messenger and after two days of travelling, arrived at the Kings court. Elreic was ushered into the Kings private chamber. Although the King wanted to meet with a member of the Wolfkin, it would seem that not everybody wanted him to.

   What was said at that meeting was kept secret for many a year. But when Elreic left the city he took a young man with him a young man who�s eyes where golden and was related to the royal family of Manetheren.

   From that first meeting a warm relationship grew up between the Kingdom of Manetheren and the Wolfkin in the Mountains. As the relationship grew so did the number of Wolfkin at the Stedding until all the Wolfkin called the Stedding in the Mountain their home.

   When they had all gathered at the Stedding and settled in, the Wolfkin start to specialise in various disciplines. Some became Rangers and guarded the Stedding. The Rangers where the defenders of the Stedding and where the best trained in weaponry. Having spent time learning from the Manetheren army, they where considered equal to any fighters in the land.

   Some became Trackers and where the ones to go out and find new members of the Wolfkin and help them with the changes the Howling produced. The Trackers spent a lot of time searching for the new members and where often away from the Stedding.

   The Watchers provided the eyes and ears for the Wolfkin and had a network of agents throughout most of the lands. It was a slow job gathering information but they could communicate with each other in the wolfdream so there was no need to report back to the Stedding, personally, with information that would be out of date by the time they arrived.

   The Healers of the Wolfkin where the Sages. They learned about all the various plants and herbs that could be used to heal. They also settled any disputes between Wolfkin members. The Sages also where the first to meet new members who had been found by the trackers, after they had been brought to the Stedding, usually needing healing or just a friendly face. The Sages where also the strongest in the Wolf Dream.

   As the years past the Wolfkin worked with King Aemon and spread throughout the country, relaying information to him about what the people wanted and where the next threat from the forces of Darkness would come from. This they did in secret never revealing themselves and always being careful never to risk exposure to the Stedding.

   The young man, who had left the Palace with Elreic, worked as the conduit between the Palace and the Wolfkin. His name was Korum and he rose through the ranks of the Wolfkin until he was the Head Watcher.

   With this dissipation of the Wolfkin came a moment of great sadness. When Manetheren was attacked by overwhelming forces the Wolfkin where too far away to be of any help in the battle and only a few Rangers and a few of the Watchers where present, all losing their lives in the battle. The Rangers fighting till the last to protect the king.

   With this breaking of Manetheren�s power, the Wolfkin where scattered to the Four Corners of the land seeking shelter where they could find it. Manetheren was laid waste and the people who remained there had to scratch around to make a living. It was here that Korum chose to live, his appearance and abilities no longer noticed in the grief of the aftermath of the battle.

   Korum moved about the area and finally settled down and raised a family. There was no sign of the Wolfkin in any of his offspring. But as families do, the children grew up and moved away from the family home. Korum�s eldest daughter moved to the Two Rivers area and started a family there.

   The wolfkin ability lay dormant for a long time, manifesting itself in only a few, but slowly the golden eyes began to walk the land again. Finally the wolfkin had returned to the old stedding in Manetheren when disaster once more struck there ranks. A strange disease known as the Plague came and left many dead in its wake including the old packleader.

   Aragorn soon rose up to lead the trackers, and was quickly followed by Owen of the Rangers, Dana of the Watchers, and the motherly Wolflover led the Sages. There was no new packleader though.

   The wolfkin made a strong rebound toward there former glory and with the shadow raising the council decided to send a team to look for the Horn of Valere. The team was unsuccessful in finding the Horn, but found numerous new wolfkin on this trip. Also an older wolfkin turned up claiming to have been in the stedding many years ago. His name was Darksmoon; and although he bore the golden eyes he did not communicate with the wolves.

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