Behavior Modification Tips

Can't Sit Still!: If your child (ADHD or otherwise) can't sit still while doing homework or other tasks, try allowing them to sit on a therapy ball.

Sleep Encouragement: For a child who wakes frequently at night or has difficulty falling asleep, buy a continuous play tape player (about $25 US) and 90 minute audio tapes. Record your child's favorite calming music or stories and play at night. The tapes will automatically play again when done, perhaps allowing you to get more sleep. ~ {Diana Francis}

Behavioural Substitutes: These are used to substitute a safe activity for a dangerous one. ~ {Anne MacLellan}

Tail lights - My son was "stimming" on lit lights on cars (dangerous). As a behavioral substitute, we offered a flashing bike reflector. (He doesn't seizure; don't use flashing lights with a child who seizures.) You could use either a reflector that doesn't flash or an index card covered with iridescent red stickers.

Microwave popcorn container & POGS - My son was running out into our street (which is very busy) to drop stones in the sewer grate. His teacher used a margarine container with bingo chips at school for the same reason. The behaviour faded out after we introduced these new 'toys'.

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