Punished by Mom
By Loser

Hello. My name is Loser, and I am 14 years old. I thought you people would be interested in what goes on in my house. If youíre wondering how I acquired my name, you will understand by the end of this report. My mother is an anti-male, pugnacious, petulant feminist. She hates men. She wasnít too thrilled when I was born, and sheís never stopped punishing me for it. She consistently penalizes me for societyís mistreatment of women. Primarily, this punishment consists of forced foot smelling. But it certainly isnít limited to that. By the way, my mother looks exactly like Marilu Henner (from the t.v. show "Taxi"). All my friends are in love with her (because they have no idea what she is really like). Mom takes out her considerable aggressions upon my nose, using her sweaty, smelly bare feet. Iím her personal punching bag. Naturally, Mom is totally partial to my three older sisters. My friends are also crazy about them, as well (again, only because they donít know what my sisters are capable of). One of my sisters is a brunette, one a blonde, and the third one is black (sheís adopted). My mother and sisters are all MUCH bigger and stronger than am I. I am very short and weak. Iím really about as puny and scrawny as one could be. Consequently, the women in my house bully me to no end. My dad doesnít live here anymore. My mom kicked him out of the house years ago. She keeps me around merely to torment. One notable thing about my abuse: No matter how they abuse me, nor how often, I always develop a raging erection. I am hard as a rock throughout every attack. I mean my penis fills with so much blood, that it throbs violently. My mother and sisters are well aware of this condition. I donít understand why I react this way every time they humiliate me. Anyway, Iíll give you an idea of what goes on inside my house. Iíll list some of the ways in which my mother punishes me. 1) Foot Smeller: I spend most of my life smelling my momís sweaty, stinky bare feet. She loves making me do this, more than anything else. She works as a waitress, so her feet are always hideously smelly and sweaty. She ties me up from head to toe, tapes my mouth completely shut, then tosses me to the floor. I am rendered totally helpless. She then uses my nose and face as her foot massager. After work, Momís feet are sore, so she needs a thorough foot massage. She also uses my face as her foot sweat remover. She really gives me the business. She rubs her bare feet (fresh out of sneakers, and she never wears socks) all over my helpless face. She concentrates upon my nose, though. She thoroughly works my nose in between each one of her stinky toes. She rubs my nostrils right underneath each of her long toenails. She just buries my nose into her toe groove. She wipes the full length of each of her feet up and down my unfortunate nose. I canít stand it, but I never have a choice in the matter. She really does not even need the rope. She is so much bigger and stronger than me, that I couldnít resist anyway. She dominates me effortlessly. "Smell my feet", Mom says. "Sniff up every bit of my nasty foot odor. Smell between my toes, boy. Smell under my toenails. Smell under my sweaty toes. Just smell Momís stinky feet. Inhale all of my foot odor. Take it all straight up your nose, boy. How do you like Mommyís bare, sweaty, raunchy feet in your face, huh? Do you mind if Mommy uses your nose to scratch between her itchy toes? I think I have athletesí foot from waitressing all day, and Iím gonna use your nose to remedy that. You donít have a problem with that, do you? You had better not, you loser. Do you like the way Mommyís feet smell? Do you enjoy sniffing the dirt and crud between Mommyís toes, and under her toenails? You deserve this, son. You deserve it for being a boy. You deserve it for all of the atrocities committed by men against women. Youíre just Mommyís little loser. I win and you lose, every single time. So smell my stinky feet, boy. Smell them good." With the duct tape always over my mouth, I can do nothing but smell her feet, and groan miserably. When I am not smelling Momís feet, I am smelling my sistersí feet. Their feet stink horribly. My three older sisters exercise religiously, so their feet are always in the most disgusting condition. And they show me as little mercy (that is, none) as does Mom. They take turns torturing my nose with their stinky feet. They especially enjoy forcing me to thoroughly smell between their toes, after theyíve been to the gym. 2) Foot Kisser/Cleaner: When Iím not smelling their feet, I am either kissing them or licking them spotless. They like for me to kiss their feet every day. And I eat so much foot sweat, toe sweat, foot dirt, toe dirt, toe jam, toe crud, toenail dirt, and between-toe gunk every day, that I am usually too full to eat any real food. If ever I am unable to fully clean under Momís toenails, she finishes cleaning under them with a scraper, then makes me eat whatever she scraped out from underneath them. 3) Sneaker Smeller: Frequently, Mom and the others tape my mouth shut and attach their rotting sneakers to my face. After work, or hitting the gym, they remove their sneakers (none of the women ever wears socks) and shove my helpless nose right into them. They tape my mouth and stuff my nose as far up into their RAUNCHY, SWEATY, PUTRID sneakers, as it can possibly go. Then, they securely tie the sneaker in place, and make me suffer. Mom (or one of the others) usually makes me smell the inside of her sneaker forever. My nose spends the entire time trapped in the toe section, and I suffer horribly. "Smell my sneaker", Mom says. "Smell Momís foot odor, boy. Youíd better smell it. Thatís all your gonna smell from now on. You know, I have been wearing those sneakers to work for so long now, there are probably things growing inside them. The odor that has developed inside of them is absolutely atrocious. And you deserve to smell up every single bit of it. Iíll show you whoís boss around here (as if there were any doubt about that), you obnoxious little brat. Iíll teach you to respect women. All females are far superior to youóremember that. Just keep smelling Mommyís nasty foot odor, boy. Just smell my foot odor." 4) Armpit Service: After work or the gym, my nose spends much time buried in sweaty, stinky armpits. My mouth is taped over, and my nose is used as an armpit scratcher and massager. My mother and sisters make me thoroughly smell their stinky armpits. I hate it, but they love it. My mother holds her arm up, with her hand behind her head, while one of my cruel sisters controls my movements. My sister steers my head, like one would steer an automobile. She makes sure that I smell every millimeter of Momís armpits. She keeps my nose buried, and rubs it all around. She rubs my nose up and down, side to side, and in circles. "Smell Momís armpit, loser.", says my sister. "Smell my stinky, sweaty armpit, son.", says Mom. "You had damned well better smell it thoroughly, you little loser." After this, I am forced to lick every armpit spotless. "Tongue-bathe my sweaty armpits, you jerk", says Mom. "Lick those pits, loser", say my sisters. Mom also tells me that I deserve to eat womenís armpits. She says, "Men are pigs. They are monstrosities. So you need to be severely punished for that. Just keep your ugly face in my sweaty armpit, you total loser." 5) Mouth Soaping: Mom and my sisters know just how much I hate the taste of soap. I cannot stand even a drop of it in my mouth. Consequently, Mom and the others thoroughly wash my mouth out with soap, constantly. Not a day goes by, without having my mouth filled with soap. They wash everywhere in my mouth, and then make me suck on the bar of soap, as well. Then they wash my mouth out again. "This ought to teach you a lesson", Mom says. "You had better watch your foul language around here, boy. If you donít, Iíll wash your stupid mouth with soap, until bubbles come out of your ears. Do you understand me? Now taste soap, you loser. Just keep eating soap." 6) Butt Service: Mom and my sisters enjoy sitting on my face. They reverse face-sit me every day. They tape my mouth shut, and force me to smell their rear ends. Mom rubs my helpless nose up and down her butt crack. Then she stuffs my nose right up her butt, and leaves it there. She makes me smell up her butt for as long as she pleases. "Smell my shitty rectum", Mom says. "Just sniff up my butt, you loser. How do you like it, huh? Iíll put you right in your proper place. Just keep smelling my shit, boy." Mom likes to slide my nose in and out of her butt. She also likes to rotate her hips, and bounce up and down. She keeps her hands on her hips, smiles, and shows me whoí boss. Then, itís time to clean their butts. They make me lick the entire length of their butt cracks, their buttholes, and right up their butts. They rarely use toilet paper; my tongue serves that purpose. "Taste good, does it?", Mom taunts. "Does Mommyís manure taste good to you? Youíd better get that tongue of yours where it belongs, boy. Eat Mommyís rear end. Just eat shit, loser." My sisters totally humiliate me in the same manner. They use my nose to scratch their butt cracks every day. They make me smell up their stinky butts regularly. "Weíll use your stupid nose to massage our butt cracks whenever we want, boy. How do you like that? How do ya like it? Smell up my ass, you worm. Smell my s--- and die. And get that worthless tongue of yours up my ass. Massage my butthole with it. Lick up my butt, loser. Our brother, the shiteater. Just keep eating my shit." 7) As if that isnít humiliating enough, sometimes I serve as a Human Toilet to them. They say, "Youíre nothing but a lowly piece of shit, boy. And thatís just what youíre gonna get: a nice, big pile of s--- right in your mouth, and all over your ugly face. What do you think of that, loser?" Then, they all do exactly that to me. My mouth quickly becomes a clogged toilet, and my face totally piles up with their manure. I can only lie there, and take it. "Eat shit, you loser!", say my sisters. "You shit-eating loser. Just eat our shit." They laugh cruelly at me the entire time. "Woof it all down, boy", Mom says. 8) Finally, when the women arenít degrading me in any of the other ways, they use me as a Human Spitoon. Mom and my sisters spit all over my face, and in my mouth. They just bully the hell out of me. They fill my mouth with their spit, and cover my ugly face with it, as well. "Take that, loser", says Mom, as she spits in my face. "Have that right in your face, boy", say my sisters, as they cover my face and fill my mouth with mucus-laden loogies. Thatís my life. Mom and my sisters have convinced me that I donít deserve any better.

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