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Download Galaxy Bros

Download: (2.11 MB)

Start the game by clicking on "Play.exe" in the folder (after extracting the zipped folder)



Connect a GAMEPAD with analog stick to your PC Then click "Gamepad" in Options menu to detect it. The stick makes it easier to run around planets. - Arrow keys make it harder to run around planets.

Xbox 360 controller:
Left Stick is used to RUN around planets, SWIM or FLY
A-button is used to JUMP
X-button is used to ATTACK
Y-button is used to TALK (when "Ctrl" blinks on screen)
PC keyboard:
Arrow keys are used to RUN, SWIM or FLY
Z-key is used to JUMP
X-key is used to ATTACK
Ctrl is used to TALK (when "Ctrl" blinks on screen)
Esc-key PAUSES the game.
Mouse click to open OPTIONS menu.
Keyboard is used to write your name in HIGHSCORES, Enter to save it.

PC requirements

Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7 or 8 can start the game.
DirectX 7.0 must be supported in Windows.
256 MB of RAM or more is recommended.
933 MHz in CPU or faster is recommended.
24-bit or 32-bit color screen is required.
8 KHz sound is used.


Programming, graphics and sounds made by Dim_Yimma_H
Originally released for April fools 2009, and remade to July 2015
Inspired by Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Bros.

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