Sudeten-German Inferno: the little-known tragedy of the
Sudeten Germans

The hushed-up tragedy of the ethnic Germans in Czechoslovakia

Ingomar Pust

Original edition:
Schreie aus der Hölle ungehört. Das totgeschwiegene Drama der Sudetendeutschen.
Sersheim: Hartmann-Verlag, 1998.
Translated by Victor Diodon.
Permission for publication here kindly granted by the copyright owner.
Translation © 2000 by The Scriptorium.

1. Foreword
2. Prologue
3. Preface
4. Conspiracy of Silence
5. Self-Determination Drowned in Blood
6. The Dead of March 4, 1919
7. The Karlsbad Program
8. Munich Agreement - Protectorate
9. No Czechs were expelled in 1938
10. Establishment of the Protectorate
11. Lidice
12. Wenzel Jaksch's Appeal to Benes
13. The Czech Victims of Resistance
14. Because They Were German!
15. Stigma "N" Even for Anti-Fascists
16. Expulsion From the South Moravian Homeland
17. The Mass Crimes Against the Sudeten Germans Took Place in Public
18. The Holocaust of Prague
19. The Death March of Brünn
20. The Expulsion From Brünn
21. Acts of Violence During the 1945 Expulsion
22. Murder Gang Kokoff
23. Hounded to Death!
24. If You Make Yourself a Lamb,
Don't Be Surprised When The Wolves Eat You

25. Concentration Camp Inmate Sandor Kovac, Hungarian, on the Czechs in 1945
26. Czech Clergymen Forget Their Christian Brotherly Love
27. The Conduct of Czech and German Clergy
During the Expulsion of the Sudeten Germans in 1945/46

28. Wounded as Living Torches
29. The Danse Macabre Began in Prague
30. Russians Came in German Uniforms
31. The "Crusaders" as Mass Murderers
32. A Million Men Sent Into Hell
33. Prague: Sea of Inhumanity
34. We Kissed the Rotting Corpses
35. Mass Murder By Women With Submachine Guns
36. 50,000 Watched the Executions
37. First Tortured, Then Shot in the Grave
38. Gruesome "Czech Cocktail"
39. The Mass Dying in the Elbe River
40. The Baby's Head in the Latrine
41. Crucified on the Barn Door
42. "Cesarean Section", Czech-Style
43. Father lay in the Pile of Corpses
44. The Russians as Life-Savers
45. Toddlers Buried Alive
46. Theresienstadt: Living Corpses
47. "Murder Factory" Theresienstadt
48. Cucumber Salad With Glass Shards
49. Line Up to be Shot
50. Hydrochloric Acid on Sore Bodies
51. Ears Cut Off, Tongue Torn Out
52. Dismembered Alive
53. Shot in the Neck - Survived Thanks to Urine Cure
54. Amnesty For All Crimes
55. The Cruel Order Came at Night
56. The Flood of Degeneracy
57. The Ominous "Yes" to Genocide
58. Sudetenland: A Region of Decay
59. The Crime of Potsdam
60. Our Nameless Dead Call Out To Us
61. Appendix: Comments on Contemporary History
62. Appendix: Conventions on International Law
63. Appendix: God Lives: His Day Will Come!
64. Epilogue: Human Blood Dripped From the Knife of Hate

Sudeten German Inferno
The hushed-up tragedy of the ethnic Germans in Czechoslovakia