China: The People's Oppressor

by Jeff Lindsay

China's Ties to the Taliban

An article in the International Herald Tribune reports that Red China signed a major economic deal with the pro-terrorist leaders of Afghanistan. On Sept. 13, 2000, John Pomfret in "China Strengthens Ties With Taleban by Signing Economic Deal," available online at, reported that:

In a sign of Beijing's increasingly close ties with the Taleban regime in Afghanistan, China has signed a memorandum of understanding for economic and technical cooperation with Kabul, press reports from Afghanistan and Pakistan said. .The agreement was reported Tuesday, the same day terrorists hijacked four planes in the United States and drove them into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. A Chinese delegation signed the deal in Kabul with the Taleban's minister of mining, Mullah Mohammed Ishaq, the news reports said.

China's agreement with the Taleban is the most substantial part of a series of contacts that Beijing has had with Afghanistan over the last two years. Of all non-Muslim countries, Beijing now has the best relationship with the isolated regime in Kabul in the world, a senior Western diplomat said.

If we are serious and sincere about punishing those nations that support terrorism, then we should see some rapid action against a nation that repeatedly has been shown to be a major threat to the United States: Red China. But of course, we will continue treating them as an ally, providing them the full benefits of "normal trade" relationships, international credit, and, of course, the Olympics.

Why do we continue supporting tyranny?

How is it that one of the world's most brutal and tyrannical dictatorships is given so much support by the U.S.? We continue to give China Most Favored Nation status in spite of evidence that: How was it that such a corrupt and totalitarian empire had been given direct access to the White House (especially under President Clinton)? (For abundant details, see the Chinagate issue of The New American magazine.) With the security of the United States and the free world at risk by this brutal and well-armed dictatorship, how dare we grant China full trade privileges, international credit, international recognition, and access to the highest offices of the United States?

As one of many examples of China's brutality and disregard for human rights, consider it's role as the world leader in executions and organ harvesting, two gruesomely related operations. The New York Times, in its March 11, 2001 report on the execution of Qiu Xuanming, briefly revealed some of the well-known police-state tactics of China:

"Mr. Qiu's head, which had been shot in the back at close range; the pants were undone, and the striped shirt was open and the shirt he was wearing inside was pushed up," his brother said in a long cathartic interview at a nearly empty Irish pub in one of Shanghai's new office towers, chosen for the privacy it affords.

"There was blood on his shirt and when I saw the blood I realized what had happened and pulled it open. His belly was cut open, the intestines were spilling out. Mr. Qiu, executed for tax evasion, had become one of hundreds, or even thousands, of condemned people in China whose organs have been 'harvested' minutes after their death by gunshot to the back of the head."

China leads the world in executions. The number is a state secret, but Amnesty International counted 18,194 executions reported in the state-run press in the 1990s. The true number may be much higher since many executions - probably most - are never reported publicly. And many of these executed prisoners become "organ donors." Corpses may be dissected immediately at the execution site to keep the goods fresh. It's a lucrative cash crop for the Chinese empire.

Sadly, the West is eager to overlook the crimes of the Chinese dictatorship, too concerned with potentially lucrative markets for those who cooperate. Such cooperation goes far beyond the importation of cheap goods. For example, under the Clinton Administration, the banking industry worked to provide the Chinese government with access to secret meetings of the Federal Reserve Bank, providing inside information that could be worth billions of dollars - information that is not made available to honest American citizens are excluded. This outrage was reported with very little fanfare in an Associated Press release from Washington, printed on May 6, 1997 in my local newspaper, the Post-Crescent of Appleton, Wisconsin:

While keeping its deliberations secret from the public, the Federal Reserve has allowed guests including foreign bankers to observe closed-door meetings on interest rates at its regional banks, officials disclosed Monday.

Bankers from China and Russia as well as university professors and outside economists in the United States have attended the meetings, the central bank told a member of Congress.

The meetings, in which bankers discuss and vote on whether to recommend that the Fed governors nudge interest rates higher or lower, are closed to the public. They are kept confidential because the policy influences financial markets and can cause fluctuations in stock and bond prices.

"If you know what the Fed is going to do a day ahead of time, you could retire," said Bob Craven, president of Fixed Income Management Group, a company that provides advice to corporations.

Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan said outsiders haven't gained any "exploitable inside information" from the meetings and that attendance by non-Fed officials is "tightly controlled." . . . Bankers from Bulgaria, China, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania, and Russia attended the meetings, including the discussion and vote on the so-called "discount rate."

China and other Communist or "former Communist" nations have access to some of the most valuable information in the U.S. And when they are caught red-handed, so to speak, stealing military secrets, our Administration downplays it. "Sure, they had the dope - but they didn't really inhale." What's going on? Unfortunately, such preferential treatment of China is nothing new. It occurs with both Republican and Democratic administrations.

In the early 1970s, the Nixon administration worked hard to get Taiwan expelled from the U.N. so that the dictatorship of China could be seated. We have continued to shun Taiwan and to grovel for the favor of Beijing. We have also remained supportive of the betrayal of free Hong Kong by Britain, allowing an entire free and prosperous nation to be turned over to dictators. Taiwan is the next target for Chinese conquest. Our talk of "unification" is most troubling. Do we not recall that Taiwan's leaders are democratically elected and do not make it a practice to oppress other nations, execute political prisoners for organ harvesting, or force abortions upon their nation's women? Taiwan's government does not have missiles aimed at us, nor do they provide aid to the Taliban while supplying drugs and weapons to American gangs. Taiwan should be one of our closest friends, yet we shun them. A news story from Aug. 15, 2000 ("US 'Reminds' Taiwan Leader about Visiting," Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, p. 4A), reported that our ultra-left State Department made public objections to a planned visit of Taiwan's President with US officials. The State Department would only allow him to make brief stops in the US and "only if his visits are totally private." Rep. Dana Rohrabacher of California said "It's a pretty sad day when we have a democratically elected president in town, even if only in transit, who has been cut off from talking to elected officials here in order to prevent gangsters in a dictatorship from getting mad at us."

The current leaders of China are the ideological successors of Mao Tse Tung, who was responsible for the butchering of over 40 million people during the early days of Chinese Communism. "Gangster" is too polite a term. Mao Tse Tung makes Hitler look like an amateur, yet the Western press hailed the "agrarian reformer" for years, and Nixon and others heaped respect on him. How foolish - or diabolical - can we be?

The American hero, Harry Wu, who risked his life to provide documentation of some of the grotesque human rights abuses in China, has now been returned to the U.S. as a small token by the Chinese government to ensure that they received international favor and support during the UN Women's Conference in Beijing. I am grateful for Harry Wu's release, but it is scandalous that the country which most epitomizes oppression of women will be hailed by the U.N. and by the American Left for its enlightened policies. Forced abortion and sterilization is a fact in China, making China a terrible example of a State oppressing its women.

Here we have a totalitarian, abusive nation that now threatens our true ally, Taiwan. What is our posture? To abandon Taiwan in favor of the brute, opening the road for China's eventual takeover. Here is a news item from Infobeat, July 19, 1999:

Clinton: U.S. committed to '1 China'

WASHINGTON (AP) - President Clinton assured Chinese President Jiang Zemin in a telephone call Sunday the U.S. is committed to its "one China" policy despite Taiwan's moves toward independence. Clinton spoke with Jiang for a half-hour from the presidential retreat at Camp David in Maryland, said White House spokesman David Leavy. He said the two leaders discussed an array of U.S.-Chinese issues, and Clinton reiterated U.S. policy with regard to China and Taiwan. China has promised to crush any attempt by Taiwan to break away, after Taiwanese President Lee Teng-hui stated July 9 that relations with China should be conducted on a state-to-state basis.

But Taiwan is not the only nation at risk. Chinese leaders, while holding out there hand for trade and aid from America, are not only committed to an ideological war against the United States, but definitely contemplate actual warfare against. I'm not just talking about the symbolism of nuclear missiles they have aimed at us, thanks to illegal transfer of US technology with the support of Bill Clinton. I'm talking about their openly stated views, as expressed General Chi Haotian, Defense Minister of China during a Dec. 1999 speech quoted in the Hong Kong newspaper, Cheng Ming, in Jan. 2000. This general stated that war between China and the United States was "inevitable" and that they "cannot avoid it." Of such a future war, he said, "The issue is that the Chinese armed forces must control the initiative in this war.... We must be prepared to fight for one year, two years, three years or even longer." (See The New American, Feb. 14, 2000, p. 7.) General Chi killed American troops in Korea and ordered out the tanks to fight students in Tiananmen Square. In spite of his brutal past and the threat he poses or represents to the United States, he was greeted warmly by President Clinton at the White House, received a 19-gun salute at the Pentagon, and was called "my colleague" by then Secretary of Defense William Perry. And with China continually increasing their armaments, taking control of the Panama Canal, and gaining access to a port in California, all with Clinton's help, the American people are lulled into a sense of "partnership" and "bridge building" with tyrannical leaders who must laugh at our stupidity. It is not the oppressed Chinese people that we must fear - they are anxious for peace and for the freedom we enjoy. It is the tyrants who we must fear and oppose, and those in our own country who help our enemies.

I have been to China and love that land and its people. I have studied Mandarin Chinese and love the power of that beautiful language. I am no Sinophobe, but yearn for the rise of its great people out of the cesspool of Communist tyranny. Perhaps they could throw off their own shackles - if the U.S. weren't so quick to lend respect and money to the tyrants that oppress and slaughter. We used isolation of South Africa in a most aggressive manner to influence the government there - why not apply the same standard to China? But I think such aggressive policies are not needed - let's just quit going out of our way to support the Chinese tyrants. China has an illegitimate government that should be shunned, not favored with international respect and credit. And if we were concerned enough to send 400,000 troops to kick Saddam Hussein out of Kuwait (restoring the "rightful" dictator to this throne!), how can we sit back and virtually encourage China to seize Taiwan? Could the influence that Red China has purchased play a role here?

Preparing for War:
Do friends aim missiles at you?

We are often told that we must trade with China and treat them well to increase our friendship, build bridges of trust, etc. But just as trade with the imperial Japanese before World War II only strengthened their attack on Pearl Harbor, so, too, trade with China must be viewed as strengthening our self-proclaimed enemy. As mentioned above, they have openly stated that war with the US in inevitable. They have nuclear weapons aimed at us. They are rapidly building their military might. And yet for the US, it's business as usual, importing as many slave-labor goods as possible and sending as much cash and technology as we can to our "friend."

How powerful is China's nuclear capability? There is a huge amount of non-classified information on this most relevant and most dangerous threat that has been compiled over a period of years by retired Los Alamos scientist Dan Stillman. He has prepared a 500-page book on China's nuclear weapons program, Inside China's Nuclear Weapons Program, a book that we ought to read and understand. Unfortunately, you can't read it. The book is being censored by the US government. The federal government , beginning under the paid-by-China Clinton Administration and continuing under the Bush administration, has classified the book at a very high classification level, even though all the information was obtained through non-classified channels, such as simply going to China and asking questions openly (Associated Press, May 29, 2001). WHy is our own government going to such lengths to aid China and to suppress information that embarrasses China or shows China for what it is?

Treason: The Real Reason to Convict Clinton

While waiting in the Chicago airport in 1998, I watched a TV broadcast of President Clinton and his wife kindly greeting the President of China, Jiang Zemin, at the White House. I shook my head in sorrow. As President of China, Jiang Zemin is head of the same ruthless machine that dared to kill thousands of young students in Tiananmen Square in spite of close international scrutiny. He stands shoulder to shoulder with China's defense minister, General Chi Haotian, also known as the Butcher of Beijing, the man who ordered in the tanks to massacre the defenseless students. Though General Chi was not with President Jiang in Washington this November, I am appalled to learn that the Clinton Administration already welcomed the Butcher of Beijing on December 9, 1996. He was greeted near the Pentagon with a 19-gun salute and then at the White House with a 20-minute interview with President Clinton. Both President Jiang and General Chi represent a government that not only tortures and kills many of its own people and many Tibetans, but also has shipped arms and drugs to terrorists and gangsters around the world. Chinese weapons are in the hands of California gangs. Chinese drugs are brought into the United States. Chinese missiles are sold to rogue nations that threaten the security of the United States and its citizens. And Chinese money has flowed into the White House, contrary to US law. How dare we honor its leaders? How dare we grant Most Favored Nation status to such a nation? How dare we allow ourselves to be led by a man who has illegally received large amounts of money from that nation?

But President Clinton assures us that China and the US can create a "strategic partnership" and that we can have a healthy relationship with that nation. But in June of 1993, just after General Chi became defense minister, the High Command of the Chinese army issued a book called Can the Chinese Army Win the Next War? In this book, the United States is not listed as a "strategic partner," but as "the principal adversary" (William Norman Grigg, "Honoring the Butcher of Beijing," The New American, Jan. 20, 1997, pp. 4-9; copies of the article can be ordered for $2.50 by calling 920-749-3783). Is it any surprise that a violent, hard-line Communist nation views the United States as an enemy - but also as a nation to be deceived and exploited?

If an officer of the United States has received bribes from an enemy of the United States, it's more than just another "mistake" - it's treason. I think it's time that we look into the evidence using the mechanism provided by the Constitution: impeachment proceedings.

Chinagate is only one of many scandals showing that should make true Americans rise up and ask how on earth the United Stands tolerates such corruption.

Turning the Panama Canal over to the Chinese

The "treaty" to turn the Panama Canal over back over to Panama was never legally ratified. The dictator of Panama signed a different version than was ratified in the United States, with three paragraphs of text that we would not agree to - text that would nullify our right to keep the canal open. The differences were never resolved. The clear and convincing evidence for this simple fact - that the Carter-Torrijos treaties are null void - is presented at The Federal Government has ignored and trivialized this massive problem in their efforts to abandon one of our most strategically important military resources, a vital canal that allows our fleets to protect both of our coasts.

The situation is much worse than just turning over operation of the canal to Panama. It's going into the hands of the Red Chinese, who are genuine enemies of the United States. Turning over that military asset is one of many acts that can only be called treason.

The Clinton Administration has insisted over and over that the canal will be safe and in the hands of our friends in Panama. Critics have pointed out that the Chinese are the ones who will actually be controlling the canal. The Clinton Administration has denied this. But in a rare moment of candor, Clinton lost track of what he was supposed to lie about and admitted in public that the Chinese were going to run the canal. This occurred on Nov. 30, 1999, as reported by Reuters' news agency on Dec. 1, when a reported asked Clinton if he was "worried about the Chinese controlling the [Panama] canal." The President said: "I think the Chinese will, in fact, be bending over backwards to make sure they run it in a competent and able and fair manner. This is like them, like China coming into the WTO. I think they'll want to demonstrate to a distant part of the world that they can be a responsible partner, and I would be very surprised if any adverse consequences flowed from the Chinese running the canal." There you have it - the Red Chinese will be operating the Panama canal. Our navy can essentially be cut in half by shutting down the canal, thanks to an illegal, invalid treaty that benefits a Communist power.

Clinton Allows Missile Technology to Go to China

June 1998: There is strong evidence now that the 13 nuclear warheads that China has aimed at the United States would not have been possible without the help of Bill Clinton. Clinton deliberately ignored the advice of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and many others who warned of the security risk in allowing a US company to sell missile technology to the Chinese. The company and the foreign dictatorship involved had both given money to help President Clinton, so now he was going to help them - never mind the threat to 250 million Americans that this would pose. Can this be called anything but treason? For the chilling details, see the article, "Treasonous Tradeoff" by William Norman Grigg. Treason is just about the worst crime that can be committed by the President of the United States. Immediate impeachment is needed for his betrayal of trust, but if Clinton is indeed guilty of treason, criminal punishment of the highest order should be considered by our courts of law. Americans, it's time to speak out and demand that the Constitution be followed!

The World Bank Funds Tibetan Oppression

The World Bank has offered China $160 million to support its campaign of resettling Han peasants from China to Tibet. This program is intended to dilute Tibetan culture and strengthen Chinese power in that captive nation. Instead of merely looking away as the bully nation of China crushes Tibet (indeed, it's genocide), the West is actively supporting the bully with money - much of which derives from U.S. taxpayers.

Oppressing a billion people isn't easy. It requires huge amounts of money to build an intimidating military machine and to establish the networks of power to trample personal liberty. Armies, missiles, squads of secret police, prison camps, bribery campaigns overseas, giant bureaucracies - these things take money, and many times only hard currency will do. Defectors from positions of power in Communist nations have said that the best thing the West could do to promote the collapse of Communist oppression is NOTHING. Give no money, no credit, no special trade privileges, no military equipment, nothing - and the failed Communist systems will collapse under their own weight. But instead, we provide massive aid and trade that props up the dictatorships and allows the machinery of tyranny to grow. If we would treat China the same way we treated South Africa during the era of apartheid, with sanctions and genuine condemnation, it wouldn't last a year, in my opinion.

The "nice" thing about all the loans China gets from the World Bank is that the money is "fungible" - meaning that they can spend it on whatever they want. On May 31, 1991, the Beijing Reds announced that they were going to spend another $10 billion to improve their nuclear weaponry. American taxpayers, who are the potential targets of such weapons, should be outraged that they are helping to fund this threat. Write your Congressmen and demand that we cease supporting the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund as long loans of any kind are being made (best yet - cease support altogether), and demand that we quit giving China preferential trade status. While you're at it, demand that we recognize Taiwan as a free, legitimate country and retreat from Clinton's terrible position of supporting the "legitimacy" of Red China's intention to govern Taiwan.

Will Things Change with George W. Bush?

No - it's business as usual. Never mind that China is a leading exported of drugs and illegal weapons that ravage the streets of the US, never mind that China has shot down a US airplane and said that war with the US is inevitable, never mind that they are strengthening their military machine (something that requires lots of trade and credit from the West), never mind that they have nuclear weapons targeted at the US, and never mind that they are an abusive empire using slave labor for the production of some of the goods they ship to the US. George W. Bush does not seem terribly bothered by the implications of strengthening the power of China's tyrants by affording them respect and wealth from US trade. Here is a recent news summary on President Bush's position, from Infobeat, June 1, 2001:

BEIJING (AP) - China welcomed the U.S. administration's decision to ask Congress to extend normal trade relations for another year but called for an end to the contentious annual approval process. "Normal trade relations and a reciprocal trade serve the interests of both sides," Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhu Bangzao said Thursday. "It is a reciprocal trading relationship; it is not a favor granted by one to the other." President Bush said Wednesday that he will ask Congress this week to extend the normal trading terms, which set tariffs on Chinese products at the same low levels granted to virtually every other U.S. trading partner. Bush said healthy trade with China promotes reform, aids stability in Asia and helps the U.S. economy.

The economic pressures to maintain trade with China, regardless of the threat they pose to us and the world, must be enormous. Whether it comes from the companies profiting from Chinese labor, or from political donations (as was clearly the case in the Clinton Administration), or from illicit drug money, or from the banking industry's commitment to internationalism, Bush must be under enormous pressure to maintain the deadly status quo with China. The best hope is to apply pressure to Congress to oppose lucrative trade benefits for China.

Past News

"Taxpayers Forced to Help Chinese Shipping Company"

A Wall Street Journal article on April 1, 1997 (p. A15) reported that the United States was backing a loan of $138 million to the China Ocean Shipping Company (COSCO) to help them build a shipyard in Alabama. This action will only strengthen the ability of China to export its low-cost goods into America - goods that may be produced by forced labor.

China Continues Supporting Terrorist Activities

Gary Milhollin of the Wisconsin Project on Nuclear Arms Control wrote an editorial in the New York Times of April 24, 1997 (p. A23) noting that US satellite photos confirm that China diverted machine tools imported from the US for use in a missile factory. We believed they were to be used for civilian purposes only. Surprise: China lied. The equipment from Columbus, Ohio had been used to make our B-1 bomber and included high-tech milling and measurement devices and a giant press for bending metal. Pentagon officials warned that the tools would be used for military purposes, but the Clinton Administration seems set on supporting China in spite of security risks. When the proof came in that the high-tech equipment had been sent to a missile factory, Commerce Department officials in late 1995 demanded trade sanctions. But the Clinton Administration stood behind the myth that we need "engagement" and trade to influence China. As Mr. Milhollin puts it,

"Where has our engagement policy actually gotten us? Since 1994, China has refused to even talk to us seriously about its exports of weapons of mass destruction. Despite its promises . . ., American satellites and intelligence agents have observed regular travel by Chinese missile technicians to Pakistan and have documented steady transfer of missile-related equipment. A Pakistani factory for the production of missiles capable of carrying nuclear warheads is expected to be ready for operation within the year. It was built with Chinese help.

"In addition, China has been outfitting Iran with poison gas ingredients and equipment for at least five years, something that the United States has done little to stop.

"Our policy toward China is essentially the same one that we followed toward Iraq before the Persian Gulf war. By selling Saddam Hussein what he wanted, the State Department said, we would persuade him to stop being a rogue. Haven't we learned our lesson?"

"Clinton Administration to Deport Chinese Women"

from Rutherford magazine (published by the The Rutherford Institute), Vol. 4, No. 8, Aug. 1995, p. 22:

"The Clinton administration plans to deport 13 women who sought political asylum in the U.S. to avoid forced abortions in China. The women have been detained in the U.S. since arriving on the Golden Venture, a refugee boat which ran aground off New York in 1993."

The article notes that Clinton is reversing a Bush administration policy that provided asylum to women facing forced abortion or forced sterilization. The Clinton administration claims that to accept such claims would lead to mass immigration, although only 200 such claims were granted in the last year of the Bush administration.

Also noteworthy is $50 million that the Clinton administration is giving this year to the United Nations Population Fund, which is heavily involved in China's forced abortion programs."

UPDATE from Nov. 18, 1995: Family News in Focus reports that Chinese women held in US jails for refusing to go back to China (seeking asylum here out of fear of one-child policy violations) are on hunger strike to protest Clinton's refusal to grant asylum. As one thoughtful e-mail correspondent put it, "Seems to me that Clinton is acting pretty ANTI-choice here. What's the difference between being pro-choice and pro-abortion? Bill is demonstrating it here."

Beijing forces one-child policy and 'Birth Control teams' onto Tibet

The following was sent to my by e-mail from the InfoNet Pro-Life List ([email protected]):
The People's Republic of China has decided to enforce its one-child policy in Tibet, according to a report filed by the Tibetan Woman's Assn, a UN recognized Non-Governmental Organization working inside Tibet.

"Birth control policy is forced ... repressively on the population of Kham and Amdo," the report said. "Mobile birth control teams comb the countryside and pastoral areas where they round up women for abortion and sterilization. Even women well advanced in their pregnancy are forced to undergo abortion, followed by sterilization."

"Although China officially claims that its one child birth control policy does not apply to 'China's minorities,' evidence shows that the policy implemented in China is applied on Tibet as well. Young women with one or no children are routinely sterilized. Vasectomies are forced on Tibetan men. No women under 22 years are allowed to have children. Thereafter, they can have a child only with a birth permit from the authorities. Then there are various subtle birth-control policies such as restrictions on who may give birth, at what age and where, and fines up to 2000 yuan (US $400) for 'illegal' children and incentives for one-child families, etc."

According to one Tibetan doctor who has since escaped to India, Chinese 'birth control teams' operate all over the country. "The Teams have a monetary incentive to do abortions and sterilizations on as many women as possible. The more names the Chinese doctors collect, the more money they get from their government, as well as from the unwilling victims."

This was excerpted from the November-December 1995 issue of PRI Review, published by the Population Research Institute. Anyone who wants to subscribe or order a sample copy is encouraged to call (301) 670-1864.

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