Fernan - Pedroza Family Tree

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If you would like to add to this site, contact: Diday Fernan-Ramilo

This record of the Fernan Family Tree starts with Maximo Fernan and Trinidad Pedroza, and their sixteen (16) children: Severino, Tomasa, Arcadia, Juana, Antonia, Pedro, Bernabela, Oding, Teofilo, Simon, Maria, Roman, Justino, Demetrio, Toribio, and Francisco.

This record of the family tree is under construction. Please forward any information you have on our family so we can build the record completely. As information becomes available, it will be put on the site.

Additional information (as at February 1999) was taken from the 1994 Family Fernan reunion organised by then Supreme Court Chief Justice Marcelo B. Fernan in Lahug, Cebu City. Special thanks to Bayani Fernan Abelardo whose research on the Fernan Clan has provided this comprehensive overview of the clan.

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Maximo Fernan and Trinidad Pedroza

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