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Famous Indian Scientists

The abilities of Indian scientists and inventors have been well-established in a variety of fields, including physics, medicine, mathematics, chemistry, and biology, from C. V. Raman to Salim Ali. Some of them have also made significant contributions to the development of scientific research in many different parts of the world. This article will cover the outstanding contributions made by prominent Indian scientists and inventors throughout history.

India's connection with science and scientific research has been a deep-rooted one. India has the richest and highest number of research scholars along with a few premier research institutions that nurture scientists of top grade.

There have been various scientists that have done path-baking research and got worldwide recognition for their work. India has gifted the science of Ayurveda, the language of Sanskrit, grammar, hypnotism, chess, the decimal system, and more.

The space below has the list of the most renowned scientists and top scientists form Indian known worldwide.

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