Bengali Cooking Recipes, Indian and Bangladesh Deshi Foods

Welcome to the world of Bengali cooking. Yes, this page is dedicated entirely to a particular regional cuisine of India, namely Bengali cuisine. Here you will find a vast collection of recipes for delicious Bengali dishes. I hope to keep adding to this list so come back once in a while to check out the new additions to this page. Please e-mail me any other Bengali recipes you know and love that we can add to this page.

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An Introduction to Bengali Cuisine and Cooking

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Common Bengali Cooking Styles

Eating and Serving Bengali Food

A History of Bengali Cuisine and Cookery

How Bengali Cuisine Differs from other Indian Cuisines

Translation table for Ingredients

Nutrition facts about the Bengali Diet!


Some information About Bangladesh:

Travel to Coxs Bazar Bangladesh for Sea Food.

Dhaka the Capital City of Bangladesh 

Sylhet the nort eastern region of Bangladesh

Khulna the south western port city

Bogra Cumilla Dinajpur Kushtia Nator Patuakhali Rajshahi Rangamati


1) Bengali Cooking Recipes for Bangladesh Style Deshi Cooking - In Bangla Image
Kashmiri Polao Rice
Tetul Juice, Sour Drink
Green Mango Squash Drink
Lentil Rice Pilao
Vegetable Pilao Rice

Fresh Vegetable Salad
Yogurt Cucumber Salad
Winter Vegetable Curry, Niramish
Mint, Dhonepata Soup
Winter Vegetable Soup
Leaver Curry
Brain Kebab
Pineapple Chicken Dish
Tetul Chutney, Sauce
Gur Sondesh, Sweets
Sweets in Milky Syrup
Kacchi Birani Rice
Chicken Polao Rice
Lebanese Salad
Goat Meat Curry
Tikka Kebab
Chicken Murag Mosallam
Jira Tetul Chutney
Pumkin Milk Sweet Dessert
Pineapple Rice Sweet
Fruit Custard
Chicken Pineapple Salad
Shahi Rezala, Meat Curry
Subdeg, Chicken Curry
Milk Shemai / Noodle Sweets
Egg Shemai Jarda, Sweet Rice
Caramel Pudding

2) Calcutta Indian Style Deshi Cooking - In Bangla Image

Ilish Fish
Shal Fish
Lemon flavored Fish
Sweet Bread
Chana Curry
Motor Paneer Pea Cheese
Tasty Cauliflower
Hot Fish with Mustard
Shrimp Curry
Cully or Vapa Pitha Rice Cake
Doodh Pooly Rice Cake in Milk
Potato Cake
Mug daal Pitha Pulse Cake
Koraishuti fried Pitha
Gakul Pitha

3) Chicken Biriyani Fish Corma Curry, Kochu Shak, Ghonto, Meat Chap, Beef Steak, Chicken Curry Sweet Yougart - In Bangla Image

Chicken Biriyani
Fish Corma Curry
Kochu Shak Ghonto
Meat Chap, Beef Steak
Chicken Curry

4) Fish Meat Curry and Rice Dishes - In Bangla Image

Koi Maser Paturi Koi Fish
Ilish Maser Paturi Ilsa fish
Rui Maser Kalia Rui Fish Kalia Curry
Mansher Dopeaja Meat in Fried Onions
Kichuru Yello Rice with Lentil
Dhokar Dalna
Muglai Parata Fried Egg Bread
Mangsher Polao Meat Pilao Rice
Ilish Macer Tele Jhol Oily Ilsha Fish Curry
Ucchey Kerala Sukto
Muger Daal Muri Ghonto Lentil Pulse with Fish Head
Rui Macher Jhol Rui Fish Curry
Chanar Pilao Rice
Mangsher Cutlet Meat Chops
Mangsher Jhol Meat Cury
Kosha Mangsho Meat
Murgir Stoo Meat Stoo
Chicken or Mutton Fried Rice
Kacha Kolar Kopta Raw Banana Balls
Mangsher Korma Meat Curry Sweet

5) West Bengal style Indian curry, dal, eggplant, fish, sweet yougart etc.

Sweet and Sour Chana Dal
Alu Curry (Potato)
Khatta Baigun (Sweet and Sour Egg Plant)
Vegetable Fried in Batter (Vegetable Fried in Batter)
Machchi Ki Sarsori (Fish Curry)
Teekha Machcher Jhal (Fish Curry)
Kankrar Jhal (Crab Curry)
Doi Mach (Fish in Yoghurt)
Prawn Curry and Cashew Rice (Prawn Curry and Cashew Rice)
Mishti Doi (Sweet Curd, Yogurt)
Mishti Doi 2 (Sweet Curd, Yogurt)

6) MPotol Bhaja Khichuri Musur Daal Macher Fish Misti Doi Yogurt and Microwave Cooking Potol

Potol bhaja
Musur daal (a variety)
Microwave maachher paaturi (Fish)
Mochar ghanta (Bikrampuri style)
Kaalojire-kNaachalankaa diye maachher jhol
Maachher tel-jhaal
Mishti Doi
Dimer jhaal tomato diye
A Recipe for Lau-moong
Varieties of Laau-moog

7) Fish and Begun curry, egg plants.

Bengali Curp Curry
Macher Tela Jhol (Oily Fish Curry)
Doi Begun

8) Begun Pora Narkel Sorsa Badhacopir Dalna Rice Bhaat

Begun Pora (Rich Roasted Eggplant)
Narkel Shorsher Chingri (Shrimp in Coconut Mustard Sauce)
Bandhakopir Dalna (Bengali Cabbage Curry)
Robibarer Murgi (Bengali Savoury Sunday Chicken)
Lebur Bhat (Lemon Laced Rice)
Plain Boiled Rice
Rice With Coconut

9) Recipe 9

Alur khosha bhaja
Begun pora
Begun posto
Bengali garam marsala
Bengali panch phoron
Bengali red lentil dal
Bengali spinach
Bengali zucchini curry
Bengali-style oven-fried potatoes
Bhaja muger dal
Chholar dal
Chholar ghughni
Fiery chile mustard relish (bengali kasundi)
Fragrant vegetable stew
Garam masala (bengali style)
Geela kitchuri (vegetables with rice & lentil)
Jhal alu , Hot Potatoes
Matar dal shorshe diyea
Pyajklir chochuri
Robibarer murgi (bengali savoury sunday chicken)
Tarkari diyea arhar dal
Biriani/pullao rice
Chicken biriani
Bengal canapes
Bengal chutney
Bengal curry of lamb
Bengal lancers shrimp curry (jhinka masala)
Bengal red lentils with spices
Bengal spiced chicken
Doodhi dal
Bangladeshi Shrimp curry (jhinka masala)
Vegetable bajji
Thengai chaadam (Coconut rice)
Paruppu vadai (mixed pulse fried snack)
Glossary of indian cooking terms

10) Lassie , Sweet yogurt Drinks

Fruit lassi One
Fruit lassi Two
Lassi One
Lassi Two
Lassi Three
Lassi Four
Lassi Five
Lassi patiala
Lassy tart
Mango lassi
Mango lassi yogurt drink
Mithi lassi
Papita lassi papaya lassi
Pista lassi
Rose lassi
Salted lassi One
Salty lassi Two
Sweet lassi
Sweet lassi One
Sweet lassi Two
Sweet lassi Three
Sweet lassi Four
Sweet saffron lassi

11) Chat Masala, Raita, Snaks

Chat masala
Onion & tomato raita
Spiced potato chat
Channa daal khichiri - lentils & rice with
Basic daal

12) Kosha Mangsho 12

Kosha Mangsho
Paturi Machh
Sona Moong Dal
Chingri Malai Curry
Kichuri Khichuri
Bhog Kichuri
Narkoler Nadu Narikel Naru (Coconut balls)
Murir Moa
Roshogolla (Sweets)

13) Shutki Spinatch Sakh Daal Fish

Shukto Shutki Fish
Masoor Daal (Lentil)
Bengali Fish Curry
Bengali Chicken Curry
Pineapple Chutney

14) Bhapa Ilish Patey Dab Chingri Malai Curry Macher Tela Jhol Phulko Luchi Aloor Dum Kosha Mangsho

Bhapa Ilish Patey
Dab Chingri Malai Curry
Macher Tela Jhol
Phulko Luchi
Aloor Dum
Kosha Mangsho

15) Fish Barfi Daal Spinatch Prawn Badam Nuts

Poromadrito Pabda Delicious Pabda Fish
Kaju Barfi
Daal with spinatch wonder
Shahi Paneer Cheese
Prawn Balls With Spinach Curry
Badam Barfi
Sweet Paratha wonder

16) Recipes for West Bengali Cooking, Indian Calcutta style desi cooking.
Dimer Jhol (Egg Curry)
Bangali Salad
Maacher Kalia
Saag Kumro
Microwave Ilish
Shak Begoon
Shorshe Mushroom
Sobji (Bengali vegetable stir-fry)
Kancha maacher Jhal (Poached Salmon Curry)
Chutney (with tomato and dried fruit)
Suji (Bengali sweet semolina)
Bitter Melon
Korola Bhate (Mashed Bitter Melon)
Korola Bhaja (Fried Bitter Melon)
Thetor Dal (Bitter Melon with Lentils)
Thito (Bitter Melon curry)
Uchhe Aloo Bhaja (Bitter melon stir fry)
Shukto (Bitter Mixed Vegetable Curry)
Korola Shorshe (Bitter melon curried in mustard sauce)
Mishti Chorchori (sweet stir fried vegetables)
Macher Matha diye Bandhakopi (cabbage with fish head)
Macher Jhal (fish in hot mustard sauce)
Neemer Rokomari (neem recipes)

17) West Bengal style Bangla kichuri, luchi, puri, cholar daal, payesh, malai curry.
Luchi (Puri)
Chholaar Dal (Chana dal/Bengal Gram)
Payesh (A sweet dish)
Khichuri (Yello Pilao Rice)
Prawn Malai Curry

18) Recipes 18 Rosogolla Narkel Payesh Raso Malai

Rassogolla Cheese Balls in Syrup
Narkeler Payesh Coconut Scented Rice Pudding
Cham Cham Pleasure Boats
Jelebi Deep Fried Batter Sweets

19) Chicken Curry Chana Daal Prawn and Rice

Chicken Curry
Chana Daal
Prawn with onions
Bengali Pilau Rice

20) Boiled Rice Corolla Dal Begun Bhaji Cholar Daal ChutneySaucei

Boiled Rice
Cholar Dal
Begun Bhaja(Brinjal fry)
Enchorer Dalna (Curried Green Jackfruit)
Tomato Chutney
Misti Doi or sweetened yogurt

21) Chilly Mustard Chingri Eggs Aubergines Curry

Fiery Chilly Mustard Relish Kasundi
Labra Vegetables in a mingling mood
Kamala Phoolkopi
Bengali Crab Curry
Maachher Jhol Bengali Fish Curry
Chingri Vaja Fried Shrimps
Aloo Calcutta Indian style potatoes
Bengal Curry Of Lamb
Simple Chana Dal
Curried Eggs, Bengal Fashion.
Pullao Pilau Rice
Vegetable Curry
Aubergines Curry
Fish Head Jamboree Chyanchra
Chingri Dish
Fish in Bengali Sauce ( Machher Jhol)

22) Illish begun Curry Pabda Fish Head Chitol

Vapa Illish
Illish Begun
Illish Mathar Tortori Head Curry
Pabda Maser Jhol Curry
Chitol Maser Muitha

23) Chicken Tomato Potol Vegetables Grill Bhapa Dolma

Chicken with Diced Tomato
Prawn-flavoured Pulao
Mouri Mangsho (Mutton with aniseed)
Keema Coconut
Potoler Dolma
Palak Cream
Green Vegetables with Potatoes
Mixed Vegetables
Barbati A-ha
Grilled Vegetables with Paneer
Cream Chicken Tikka
Egg in mustard sauce
Baked chicken in pineapple broth
Brinjal delight
Saffron yoghurt chicken
All time potato
White chicken
Cabbage and Potato Cakes
Prawn with Saffron and Coconut Cream
Kesari Phirni
Butter Soyabean Curry
Bhapa Ruhi
Stuffed Brinjal (Tel Begun)

24) Recipe 24 Cauliflower Posto Doi Potol Jhal Fish Polau

Doi Patol or patol in yoghurt sauce
Chicken with Posto
Borar Jhal Lentil Balls in Mustard Sauce
Maachher Polau Fish Polau
Monoranjan Pitha Little cakes of Semolina and Coconut in Thickened Milk
Phulcopi Bhapa Steamed Spicy Cauliflower
Kabiraji Cutlet Herbal Doctors Burger
Narkeler Naru Festival Rounds
Shorshe Dharos Okra with Mustard Seeds
Chingri Maachher Jhal Prawns or Shrimp with Mustards Seeds
Tomator Chutney
Chhanar Kalia Curried Cottage Cheese Panir

25) Recipe 25 Fish Curry Chicken Masala Tomato Chutney

Fish with Mustard Sauce
Bengali Fish Kebabs
Bengali Fish Curry with Yogurt Dahi Mach
Calcutta Lobster in Spinach and Yogurt Sauce
Paneer Barfi
Chicken Tikka Masala
Alu Dam
Kosha Mangsho
Kanthal Kofta
Bengali Tomato Chutney
Catfish Curry
Masala Crab Curry

26) Recipe 26 Meat in Rich Onion Sauce

Meat in Rich Onion Sauce
Maachher Jhal Bengali Fish Recipe
Coconut Shrimp
Cashew Rice
Shrimps with Mustard
Potatoes With Black Pepper (Bengali aloo)
Pumpkin blossoms dipped in batter and deep fried
Bengali mango lassi
Country Captain
Bengal Curry of Lamb
Alur Khosha Bhaja Potato Skin Fry
Shingara or Bengali Samosa stuffing recipe
Laoo Dhal
Alu Piajer Chorchori dry curried potato and onion
Bati Chorchori dry mixed vegetables
Sajney Dantar Chorchori drumsticks with vegetables
Bhutta Corn on the Cob
Bengali Chickpea Curry
Fried Fish
Egg Chops
Bengali Moong Dhal

27) Snack Fushca Pakora Dalpuri Ghugni Singara Samusa  - Bangla Image

Mangsher Singara Meat Fried Bread
Pathar Gughni Lamb
Alur Bora Potato Balls
Dalpuri Fried Lentil Bread
Chingri Kebab Shrimp
Mangsher Hari Kebab Meat Kebab
Fish Roll
Chicken Pakora

28) Daal, Pulse, Lentil - Bangla Image

Tetor Daal
Toker Daal Lime Lentil
Mocha Dia Kolaier Daal
Torkari Dia Kacha Muger Daal

29) Bread and Rice - Bangla Image

Alur Porata
Biriani Rice
Chirer pilau Rice
Chanar Pilao Rice

30) Vegetable Dishes - Bangla Image

Mochar Ghonto
Fulkopir Chehki
Fulkopir Paturi
Fulcopir Korma Cauliflower
Doi Potol

31) Fish Maach Cooking - Bangla Image

Macher Ghonto Fish Curry
Lau Maach Pumpkin with Fish
Macher Dimer Dhoka
Kakrar Jhaal Crab
Chingri Fulkopi Kalia Shrimps Curry
Narkel Chingri Coconut Shrimp
Fish Potol
Begun Muro Fish Head
Illish Maach Vaapey
Doi Maach Yogurt Fish

32) Meat, Beef, Lamb, Goat, Chicken and Poultry Cooking - Bangla Image

Murgir Malai Curry Chicken Currey
Dooi Mangsho Yogurt Meat
Korai Chicken
Shorshey Murgi Chicken
Thai Begun
Potoler Dolma

33) Desert Jeelapi Kulfi Pitha Sweet RosoGolla - Bangla Image

Kulfi Kulfee Ice Cream
Gocul Pitha cake
Chanar Jeelapi
Rosogolla Sweets in Syrup

34) Variety of Indian Recipes

Macher Tak Sour Fish
Cabbage Milagootal Cabbage and Pulses in Coconut Gravy
Coconut Rice
Prawn Malai Curry
Potato Stew
Paneer Cake
Samosas Calcutta Style
Subz Bhaja Vegetable Fritters
Sondesh Sweets
Palak in Muger Dal Spinach in Moong Dal
Bengali Khichidi KhiChuri

35) Recipe 35 Lamb with Posto

Lamb with Posto
Spring Onions with Shrimps and Coconut
Fish with Yoghurt
Simple Khichuri
Pulao Rice
Doi Ilish Yogurt Fish
Luchi Fried Bread
Bhetki Paturi

36) Recipe 36 Bangladeshi Vegeterian Recipes

Sobji Bhaji Fried Mixed Vegetables
Borta Chopped Mashed Vegetables
Okra Bhaji
Bhuna Niramish
Fried Vegetable with Egg
Alur Dom Potato Curry
Vegetable Fried in Batter
Shukta Vegetable with Lentil
Kanchkolar Dom Green Banana Curry
Lubra Mixed Vegetables Niramnish
Doi Begun Eggplant in Yogurt
Khatta Begun Sweet and Sour Eggplant

37) Recipe 37 Bangladeshi Style Cooking

Meat Bhuna
Meat Rezala
Chicken Curry
Fish Curry
Mustard Elish
Malay Fish Curry
Roast Chicken
Mach Bhaja Fried Fish
Misti Doi Sweet Yogurt
Mango lassi
Caramel Custard egg pudding
Tusha Halwa
Lemon Curd
Recipe for shutki with vegetables
Simple loitta shutki recipe

38) Recipes 38 Carrot Haluwa Kofi Panta Vat8

Carrot Halwa
Chal Kofi Lentil Cauliflower
Chicken Curry
Dimer Payesh
Panta Baath Cold Rice in Water
Mishti Doi
Fish Fry
Dhania Mutton
Snack Breakfast Recipe wtih Bread Egg
Meat Pasta
Nugget Chicken
Bengali Goat Meat Curry
Egg Roll
Panchmeseli Tarakari Mixed Vegetable Curry
Baked Fish
Kheema Balls
Palak Panneer
Green Pepper Chicken
Baked Cauliflower
Chili Chicken
Spinach with Non veg

39) Recipe 39

Ghugni Peas
Chicken Do Pyaza
Sweets Prepared in a Microwave Oven Mithai
Poor Mans Pilau
Chingrir Malaikari
Enchorer Dalna
Enchorer Chop
Aloo Chat
Nirjhonjhat Chicken
Kawliflower Shrimp
Recipe for Masala Dosa and Sambhar
Potato Masala
Sambhar Dhaal Tomatoes
Vegetable Charchari Recipe
Lau Moong
Kumror paat bhaaja Pumpkin Fried
Tuna Machher Chop
Sorshe Diye Chingri Kumro
Zucchini with Coconut

40) Recipe 40

Achar Diye Kumror Chhakka Squash with Pickle
Stuffed Chinese eggplants Indian Style
Mung dal with Squash and Peas
Salmon maacher Jhol Fish Curry
Green Beans with Peanut Butter
Bhaja Fried Eggplant
Bengali Recipe for Thor Banana Pith
Moong Salad Lentil Salad
Borhani Masala Yogurt Drink
Bandhakopi with Ground Turkey
Peper daalnaa Papaya Recipes
Peper chechki Papaya Recipes
Pepe diye mangshor jhol
Kumror Chhokka and its variations
Home made ghee
Tetuler achaar Bengali Tamarind Pickle

41) Recipe 41

Kochur loti diye ilish macher matha
Carrot Raita and Saucy Eggs
Saucy Eggs
Microwave doi maach
Mango Dessert
Flounder macherer sorse jhal
Cauliflower Roast
Bagda Chingri Kosha & Bengali Keema
Bengali Beef Keema
Tehari Pilao Rice With Meat
Phulkopi diye Moong dal Cauliflower Lentil
Doi Shutki Yogurt with Dried Fish
Spiced Salmon or Trout
Mutton Biriyani
Chilli Chicken Calcutt Style
Rui Katlar Maachranga Fish Curry
Recipe for Rui Maach Fish
Moorighanta Fish Head Curry With Lentil
Kacha Kolar Khosha Bata
Potole Sutki Macher Pur
Papaya fry
Chatpata aam chutney
Quick and Easy Papaya
Fish Salmon Baked
Baked Salmon
Murgir Jhol Chicken Curry
Murgir Rezala
Chicken Rezala
Fruit Chaat
Pui Sakh Chingri Chorchori
Chicken rezala recipe
A recipe for Chicken Rezala
Hariyali Machhi Fish Curry
Tele Koi Fish

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    Any liquid suitable for drinking

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    Soup is usually a savoury liquid food that is made by combining ingredients, such as meat, vegetables and beans in stock or hot water, until the flavor is extracted, forming a broth

    A food item that is served before the main course

    A light informal meal

    Salad is a light meal, or part of a larger meal - consisting of mixed vegetables or fruit, often with a dressing or sauce
    Main Course - Vegetables

    Main Course - Vegetables
    Gravies and Sauces

    Gravies and sauces are liquid or sometimes semi-solid food served on or used in preparing other foods. Gravies and sauces are not consumed by themselves; they add flavor, moisture, and visual appeal t
    Main Course - Sea Food

    Main Course - Sea Food
    Main Course - Chicken

    Main Course - Chicken
    Main Course - Mutton

    Main Course - Mutton
    Main Course - Egg

    Main Course - Egg

    A dish which has rice or noodles or any other pasta as the main ingredient.

    Rice Recipes
    Dals and Kadhis

    Served as accompaniments with rice.
    Pickles, Jams and Chutneys

    A pickle is a food that has been preserved in vinegar or a seasoned brine.Jam is a type of sweet spread or condiment made with fruits or vegetables and sugar to produce a thick product. Chutney is a s

    A powdered blend of many spices and herbs.

    A yogurt-based condiment usually containing vegetables

    Dessert is a course that comes at the end of a meal, consisting of sweet food

    Mithai is an Indian sweet that is generally made with milk, sugar, dry fruits and a variety of flours.



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