Website Idea - Desert Mountain Digital

Summary - Desert Mountain Digital provides Billings Montana businesses with the critical online marketing services needed to compete in the marketplace. Our total suite of digital solutions give you complete control over your brand in the online space, and our local staff support you every step of the way.

Content - This site will contain all of our services in a visually appealing format with examples of our work asnd detailed information. I want to have a client gallary to showcase all of our clients. This will help us show our talent but also help the other business in our community. I will work with the team to come up with information on the site and have our photographer take some photos of our team and city.

Competition - I really like I love the clean and modern layout of their website. I love their our work tab that showcases their work abd businesses theve helped. I love the black and white and how their site is interactive and moves accross the screen. I dont like the way they have structured their service page. I really like the layout of I love that it is bold and has a lot of information but doesnt look busy.I want to have more pictures of our community and team on our website to make ure people know we are local.

Purpose - The purpose of this website is to give our community information and give us more leads. Right now the website is busy and doesnt have a local feel at all. I want people to go to our website for information about our services and get sold based off of what they have read/seen on our site. Right now our social media is the only place people can see our work and get good info. I want people to choose us over competitors because they can tell we care, see our work, and learn about our team.

Desired Results - The results I am looking for is to make it more functional for our clients, give potential clients more information, and to buikd trust with out community through it. I want it to be more visually appealing with black, white and orange accents. It needs to have a local feel so pictures of our team and our community. We need to have a whole section that showcases our social media and website builds. We need an appoitment scheduler so that people can meet with our team. We need buttons to all of our social medias. We need a sign up for our email list and want it to send out welcome emails. W nees this site to be more funtion for our team as well

Target Audience - Our target audience is business owners looking for marketing help. Our typical client is very busy but knows they need to be doing all of our services. We want to target bigger local companies, but we do work with any business in town. We typically work with local business not so much nationwide companies.