Website Idea - Desert Basin Construction. D00209001 - Deanna Garrett

Summary - information about a nwe local General Contractor

Content - experience, licensing, photo's, recommendations, contact info

Competition - "IFC-Interior Finish Carpentry" - pro - nature inspired colors and graphics. Con -Too busy. Outdated fonts. "A&L finish carpenty" - pro's - more streamlined look. Cons - cold colors, busy design. Outdated fonts and outdated menu designs. "Kelch Construction" pro's - more streamlined and simple design. Bio area and engaging person section that promotes a sense of "person" not "corporate". Cons - outdated logo. Outdated menu tabs and outdated fonts.

Purpose - to give prospective customers baseline information about their contractor options

Desired Results - find and gain long term customers

Target Audience - RSouth West Utah home builders. Adults about 30-70 years old who are building new homes