Website Idea - Website for new St George Carpet Cleaning company: Sandtown Carpet Cleaning

Summary - This webpage will be for a new carpet and upholstery cleaning business in the St. George area (Sandtown Carpet Cleaning), based out of Ivins.

Content- This site will contain information about the company and the services it offers, methods to contact and set a consultation/cleaning appointment with the business, information on its founder Kelly, images of before and after cleanings, images of founder and other employees. It will also include some testimonials and reviews.

Competition - Heaven's Best Carpet Cleaning: (I enjoy the quick links to their different services at the top of their page, as well as their logo. I like the phone number and free estimate buttons being so noticable at the top of their page.I like that they establish what makes them different near the top of the page, but their text is a little lacking in flow. I also do not like how blurry and sloppy their photos look.) Fresh'n'Dri: (I like the consistent color pattern used on this main page, as well as the reviews from notable companies and individuals at the bottom. I think there is a lack of photos and an excess of text, which may turn people away.) Prestige Carpet Cleaning: (Looks like they used the same photo as Fresh'n'Dri, which I don't like. However, their before/after photos are higher quality than the other sites, so I do like that. They have a blurry chart on their page which is a turn off, as well as a confusing map at the bottom of the page) Big West Carpet Cleaning: (I like the pictures of the owner and employees, that makes this company feel more personal. I really like the layout of this site, but the language of the text is poor and sloppy, so that takes the site quality down a lot for me. I like the message box being so easy to see as soon as you open the page.)

Purpose - The purpose of this site is to put St. Georgians and the surrounding area in contact with high quality carpet cleaning from experts with years of experience. A locally founded and operated company founded by a locally grown carpet expert is something that many residents down here will appreciate and want to do business with.

Desired Results - The desired results of this page are to get userrs looking for Carpet Cleaning to call Sandtown! The images, summaries, testimonials, and other information on the page is intended to set Sandtown apart as the carpet cleaning company that you want to hire. Users will be able to see the information and easily get in contact with Sandtown in order to set up their estimates and cleanings.

Target Audience- Geographically, the main audience will be those located in St. George and the surrounding area (Mesquite to Cedar City typically). The residential section site will be geared towards adults, specifically homeowners or renters who may have carpet needs (like kids, pets, dirty jobs, old houses, etc). The commerecial section will obviously target businesses, specifically those looking for local connectionsAdults of all genders and ages will be targeted, so the language will remain relatively neutral, but may target people in families and businesses more heavily, as they will often have more pressing carpet needs.