Website Idea - Derek's Contributions, Accomplishments, and Other Related Works.

Summary - A mix of both a portfolio and a resume.

Content - A host of images, artistic pieces (music, literature, drawings), as well as some descriptions and informative text sections.

Competition - 1: BradPikeMusic: The use of colors helped bring a little life to the text, but it did feel a bit like an excel spreadsheet with how the website was presented and designed. I did like that all the main information was introduced on one page and there wasn't a huge amount of links to get overviews of each different topic. There is some repitition that I want to avoid when creating my own project. 2: JeffreyOlsen: The website feels very 'full' and complete, with images and colors blending well, as well as little white-space emptiness. Edges on text boxes are rounded, and nothing feels sharp to look at. There is a navigation bar at the top with aptly-named tabs, and a sidebar on the right has useful links to specific time-frames of information a user might be searching for on the website. This will likely be my reference for what I want, rather than what to avoid.

Purpose - This website is designed to be a display of accolades and projects that I have completed. This will be refered to as a showcase for possible interested employers or someone similar.

Desired Results - The user (presumably an employer or other interested party) would be able to find out information on myself, browsing through specific projects I have completed that apply to what they're looking for.

Target Audience - The target audience is an adult who is interested in either hiring, creating a partnership, discovering, or otherwise researching my accomplishments and contributions. This is expected to be in fields I'm already interested and have contributions too, such as Computer Science and Music.