Flutists' Family Tree
The Flutists' Family Tree traces the lineage of transverse flute playing, from student to teacher, through the past 300 years.  It links about 9000 flutists "genealogically" with their ancestors -- tracing generations of players of various nationalities.  Its aim is to provide connections between musicians, renew relationships between students and teachers, and increase awareness of our common history.
Help identify the "Orphans"
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All flutists are welcome to become part of this exciting project which will bring us closer to understanding characteristics of performance associated with various national "schools" of flute playing.  By first identifying who is associated with these schools and which are the most influential teachers, we can take the next step in understanding the what, where, when, and whys.
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Help identify the "Orphans"
Another way you can assist the Flutists' Family Tree is by helping to identify the teachers of flutists not yet known to the study.  As submissions come in from flutists across the world, sometimes they have studied with flutists whose ancestry is unavailable in the database.  Your help in making the data more comprehensive allows an exponentially greater number of flutists to discover the lineage of flute playing and teaching that has brought them love for their instrument and the world of music.
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