This is the first Decomposing Serenity full length cd. It was released by Deepsend Records (USA). It features 10 new tracks as well as tracks from 2 unreleased 7"s, and 2 previously released 7"s. Pretty much a discography cd with bonus tracks!!
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Split cd with Microphallus. Released by Lofty Storm records. The idea behind this cd was to make it really really brutal without making it too noisy or repetitive. I was also experimenting with some musical variations here.
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'Corpse Juice and Lavander kisses' 7" was released by Prolapse Records (Australia). The tracks here were originally recorded for the split cd with Microphallus but it wasnt 'brutal' enough to make the cut. It was more like a rehearsal for the recording.
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'Atlast the dolls are broken...all incisions welcome' 7" was released by Prolapse Records (Australia). This is the first Decomposing Serenity release recorded on computer. It was recorded through a small Marshall Amplifier but has a really 'loud' sound in it. One of the best recordings to date!!
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This is the first Decomposing Serenity cd. I was fortunate enough for Lofty Storm Records (Brazil) to release it. 'Give the children her severed head' is a split cd with Vomito. The recordings here are raw and brutal. Definitely not for trendy ears. It is the first recording where I utilized the 4 track 'properly'! The tracks were arranged on a computer but recorded on a cheap Tascam 4 track.
'Butterflies in your wound' 7" was recorded in my bedroom on my wooden chest as a table. It was financed by myself and Jayde and released through Prolapse Records (Australia). I used a cheap microphone for this and somehow it worked out GREAT!! This is the first Decomposing Serenity recording with a bass guitar!
'Repulsive Bacterial Waste' is by far the worst and RAREST Decomposing Serenity 7" ever!! It is a collection of unreleased material recorded over 2 years. Limited to 300 copies!!
'Rectify the Anal Bombshell' was released by Gulli Records (Germany). It is the re-released version of the first demo tape on 7" with a much thicker remastered sound!!! I had no idea how to work a 4 track during this recording. The drum machine was operated by my toes simultaneously while playing the guitar and screaming. A surprisingly successful 7"!!!
This is the first official Decomposing Serenity release. I had about 5 demo tapes before this one but they were deathy black metal. I think there are about 500 of these tapes circulating around. Obliteration Records (Japan) picked up this demo tape and re-released it with 2 different color covers.