Decomposing Serenity 'We'll stop when you're dead (maybe)' mcd. Here it is folks!! The latest offering from DxSx. This is your chance to listen to the last two 7"s on cd with a juicy remastered sound. Also includes a BONUS mpeg footage showing how the doll for the cover was made. Comes with a front cover on both sides. That was you can display whichever suits your mood.
Decomposing Serenity/Mortuary Hacking Session split mcd. Here it is folks. These tracks were originally recorded for the split cd with Prosthetic Cunt. It has been remastered with a warmer sound. This one's more catchier than the flu. Funky bass melodies with blasting grind fusion. On Last House on the Right and Vomit Noise Productions. Watch out for the limited edition version (100 copies) out later this this year.
Decomposing Serenity/Sugar Plum Fairy split MCD. This one is brutally funny. The dancin' riffs keeps you busy while the blistering blast finishes you off.  Recorded on a new software and guitar. Expect a monstrous blast and riffs thicker than Ron Jeremy's.........
The NEW album 'please dont die yet...I'm not done' is finally done!! Thriteen new songs, an unreleased 7", bonus cover songs by Suicidal Tendencies, Anthrax, Megadeth, Black Sabbath, L7, SOD,.....and 1 extra bonus classical song to help you sleep after the aural abuse. Released by Black Hole Productions from Brazil. You can get copies from leading distros worldwide. Hurry!! Supplies running low!!
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