Decomposing Serenity's History
This is the picture inside the booklet for the split 7" with Viscera. I wanted each page to be individually splattered with blood (like the one above) but I ran out of blood so I mixed most of it with strawberry juice. YUMMY!!!!
This 4 way split cd was supposed to come out this year but it didnt go as planned. I wasnt happy with my recording, lack of contact with the lable,....etc. It's a split with Plasma, Rompeprop and Urine Festival.
This is where I got the cover for the 'atlast the dolls are broken..' 7" on Prolapse Records. It's a medical magazine I found lying around somewhere. The picture is of a little girl holding a doll without eyeballs. Perfect Opportunity!!
This is the original doll I used for the 'let us show you how to draw blood' cd. I gouged the eyeballs out, split the head in 2 areas, sliced up the mouth, body, and stitched it up really messy. The holes in the body were burned in with a soldering iron. The tube you see petruding out of the doll's jaw actually comes with it. It enables the doll to pee when you pour water through it's mouth.
This is the 'rough' cd cover I designed for the Rotting Flesh split. Unfortunately it was never released. As you can see, the DxSx logo was printed on a transparency paper and then taped on the background picture. I was unfamiliar with photoshop back then.
Here is another classic picture. The artwork for the Decomposing Serenity/Vomito split cd was done by Fernando Camacho. He runs Black Hole Zine, one of the most popular underground magazine in Brazil. These are the dolls he mutilated and used for the cover. I asked him if I could buy the dolls from him.....
This is the original flyer for the 'rectify the anal bombshell' demo tape. I must've sent out millions of these worldwide. I think this was in '95. Some of the first bands I traded tapes with were Viscera, Lividity, Catasexual Urge Motication, Dahmer, C.S.S.O., Dismembered Fetus, Gore Beyond Necropsy,.....etc.
After Gulli Records wrote back and agreed to press the first 7", I rushed to finish the cover artwork. I didnt have time so I drew the logo straight onto the paper and laser copied it. Yep, this is the first DxSx logo!! The picture you see on the left is the original one.