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This is my old home at Geocities and thanks to Yahoo for keeping my pages intact :)
My new home is at http://www.debashish.com, do visit later.
Lots of good stuff here that you can still read, like the articles & interviews. See you!

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I was born on 12th September in the Indian city situated on the banks of the holy Ganges, called Varanasi (or Benares). But, in all practical sense I have been a Bhopali, for I was brought up here, in the capital city of India's erstwhile largest state-M.P. I did my schooling from Raman Higher Secondary School Bhopal, part of the education society schools of Public sector giant Bharat Heavy Electrical Limited and named after the renowned Indian Nobel laureate. I was considered a bright student at school :), first position throughout, but the pinnacle was perhaps when I stood 4th in MP (and 1st in Bhopal division) in the High School certificate exam (10th)-1987 with 88%.

I did Bachelors in Electrical engineering from Awadhesh Pratap Singh University (of the land of white tigers), Rewa. Apart from this, I have been awarded PG diploma in Operations Managemnet and PG Diploma in Marketing Management (IGNOU, Delhi) and PG Diploma in Advanced Computing (from CDAC). I got my Bachelors Degree in 1993 (..and lost it on 18th January,1999 when I was married to my wife Mitali).

My work experience:

If you peruse through my Resume you would note that I have almost 6 years of experience in Technical Sales. I have had rich experience working with M/s Vema Metals & Conductors Limited, Bhopal for 1 year as Production engineer and later for about 2 years as Marketing engineer. The Company started as an ancillary to BHEL Bhopal manufacturing Non-Ferrous forgings, Copper items, commutator segments but grew in stature slowly. I had great time working with this company both in terms of the invaluable experience that I gained and the friendships that I earned.

My second stint was with the market leader in the field of Electrical Safety Devices (switchgears-such as Miniature Circuit Breakers, Residual Current Circuit Breakers, Distribution boards etc.) MDS Switchgear Ltd., Mumbai. Operating at Indore I handled their accounts of Rs.1 cr for the MP territory. Working with this thoroughly professional company was real fun (the part I hated was boozing since I don't drink). I still remember the trips to Alibaugh and my first air travel to Kathmandu to attend the dealer summit. But my craving for Bhopal overpowered the admiration for this company (not mentioning the jump) to opt for my job with S&S Power Switchgear Limited, Chennai a close competitor to MDS in LT switchgears but a formidable name in the field of HT Circuit breakers. Work was more fun here because of the freedom it gave me but at the cost that stationed at Bhopal I was managing the whole of MP (yes, Chattisgarh was not born then).

I am currently Sr. Software Consultant based at Pune. For latest updates please visit my Englisg blog Null Pointer and Hindi Blog Nuktachini. My latest profile is at my homepage. For enqueries about Indibloggies, Nirantar or Podbharti please use this form or send an email to debashish at gmail dot com.

My Family- The very reason for my existence:

The most Important thing in my life is my Family.

My mother Joba is the best mother in the world. I love her the most in this world. Today whatever I am, I owe it to her and my Father. She has been the most tolerant mother who cared so much for my studies and progress. My Father S.P.Chakrabarty (known as Sotu to his friends) is a retired BHEL employee. He has been a very fun-loving, excellent father who never let difficulties cast shadow on us. He cares a lot about careers of me and my younger brother and our lives.

My younger brother Neelashish or Monu as we call him, is a Commerce Post Graduate, he has also earned GNIIT from NIIT. Though he's 8 years younger to me but still we had our childhood as great friends fighting, having fun :) Click here to visit the homepage of Neelashish. You can also have a glimpse of his Flash-work, his resume and his excellent website on Aishwarya Rai.

I was married to Mitali on 18 Jan 1999 at Bhopal. My wife, is the most beautiful girl I have ever met. She is very sweet, understanding and very intelligent. I can perhaps write essays on her. She is A BSc (Computer science), BEd with a PG diploma in Computer applications from TULEC. She's a teacher and a writer too (Click here to read few of her poems). My wife has been my inspiration to do the CDAC course and enter the arena of IT when I was so fed up with my marketing job. In her I have found 'the' friend who constantly guides and supports me through the ups and downs of life. Indeed she has made more sacrifices for my career than me - being away from me for so long, without ever complaining about it. And she has given the best gift of my life, our son Tanmay, the apple of my eyes. Tanmay has given a new meaning to our lives.

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