Thatís one of the best death metal bands from Midwest. When they released debut album in 1994 it seemed that they would conquer death metal world. Unfortunately, lack of good promotion and line-up changes caused that they had to wait many year to record new material. And again, because of lack of promotion, Demo 2000 was underrated or rather unknown material. Now Experiment Fear prepare new EP and hopefully it would be a turning point for their career.


METAL SIDE: When did you start thinking to form Experiment Fear? What inspired you to have such brutal band?

EXPERIMENT FEAR: We formed back in 1989 originally. There have been numerous line-up changes since then. Our inspiration came mostly from some of the first death/thrash bands out at the time like Pestilence, Kreator, and Morbid Saint.Besides music, the scene in this area was starting to heat up so that brought in some motivation.


METAL SIDE: Tell us please how you started cooperating with Massacre Records, a label that released your debut CD "Assuming the God Form"?

EXPERIMENT FEAR: We first dealt with Eric Cerda from DCA (Death Chamber Audio) with the Assuming recording.Massacre then licensed the material from DCA and began marketing it after some shopping around.


METAL SIDE: "Assuming." was produced by Brian Griffin. What can you tell us about the work with him?

EXPERIMENT FEAR:Brian was an old high school friend of a couple of members so the whole recording process was pretty easy and laid back.


METAL SIDE: Although "Assuming." was very good album, it was truly underrated material. At least I think that with such good album recorded, you should have become much better known band than you were in the mid 90's. Do you have the same feeling that the promotion of the album could've been stronger?

EXPERIMENT FEAR:Absolutely, the album was licensed from DCA to Massacre so we were not signed up with them.Also, almost immediately after the album was released, the American branch of Massacre closed up.This hurt the distribution and advertising for the album ultimately.This was also a point at which the band was experiencing a lot of line-up changes so there was a lot of down time.Most of the members were pretty set with jobs and such so touring and playing out was kind of limited.


METAL SIDE: In my opinion, another reason why so good band wasn't very popular here in Europe (I can't talk about States), was the end of death metal era. In early 90's death metal dominated European scene, but in the mid 90's black and doom metal overshadowed it. Did you observe the same phenomenon in the USA?

EXPERIMENT FEAR:Overall in the states we saw all metal taking a downward turn in the mid 90ís.Black and doom metal were more prevalent, but there were really no live shows in the Wisconsin area due to a lack of interest and lack of bands.Occasionally a larger Black/death band like Dimmu Borgir or Cradle would come through, but only in some of our larger cities.


METAL SIDE: Why did you disappear after "Assuming."? Maybe I'm wrong but according to my knowledge your next material was recorded only in 1999, five years after "Assuming.". What were you doing in the late 90's?

EXPERIMENT FEAR: Again, there were many line-up changes, break-ups, and general problems.The motivation was just not there without a scene in the area.


METAL SIDE: Another surprise for me is that your Demo 2000 didn't have many reviews in the underground, at least not so many as such good demo should have. Didn't you pay enough attention to promote or simply metal press ignored it?

EXPERIMENT FEAR:There were a lot of breakups that occurred in the time around the demo.Some mixed feeling, etc.The demo was just forgotten during all of this, so there was no promotional copies sent out, or attempts at review/zines.In fact, you are the second person to receive a copy for the purposes just mentioned.


METAL SIDE: Tell us when we can expect your new album? How many tracks have you already composed?

EXPERIMENT FEAR:We are going into the studio in mid-June to record a four song EP (w/ one live track off the 2000 demo).The title of this release will be ďEngender the HatredĒ.We have many new songs either composed or in the works beyond what will go on the EP.We have completed 3 songs that will not be on the EP.We are thinking that we will head back into the studio in the fall of this year to do a full length.By that time we will have enough new material to set up a great track list.We do want to put only one or two songs on the full length from previously released stuff. Depending on the success of the these releases, we are thinking of putting all of the demos (Choir Invisible (1990), Judgment of the Dead (1992), and the 2000 Demo) on one release with a couple rerecorded versions of some of that stuff.That would not be until mid to late 2005 if it does happen.


METAL SIDE: Are your new compositions in the same vein like the tracks from Demo 2000?

EXPERIMENT FEAR:Some are and some are not.We really have tried to mix up the styles in the music so an EP or LP has a lot more variety.It makes listening to it more fun, and you attract a diverse following.You will hear some really brutal stuff, some really trash/grindy, and some technical and melodic.There are now two vocalists also.Tom Ales was added to the

line-up on bass and vocals about a year and a half ago.His vocals have a wide range but the majority is in a mid range.Both Tom and Phil take the leads on different songs, but either way we have worked in some really cool backups to bring up the aggression.


METAL SIDE: Could you compare death metal scene from the mid 90's with the current one? Which of them seems stronger?

EXPERIMENT FEAR:Currently, we are seeing a strong following developing in our area.A lot of the real young kids that were brought up on mainstream metal like Limp Bizkit and Linkin Park are now starting to realize how much better and more aggressive the death/grind scene is.I think there is also a draw to it for them because of how underground it is.In all I would have to say the scene back in the day was much stronger due to how new death metal was at the time.Now, some of the classic bands are still around, but the scene and style has been pretty raked over as far as originality.But much of the older stuff sounds dated to newer listeners so most of the current bands still catch some ears.There is also the fact that my perception of the scene back in the early 90ís is probably skewed a bit.I was like 15 years old, so if you got a couple hundred people in a local venue it seemed like a really big turn out.Recently we played a show with Dying Fetus, one of our co-scene bands (Eternal Silence) managed to book them in our area.The turn out for that show was around 500-600 people. That is when I knew that there is definitely a metal storm brewing the states and our area again.


METAL SIDE: What bands from your state could you recommend us?

EXPERIMENT FEAR:As mentioned Eternal Silence is an old school band from this area that really is into promoting the scene and putting on great shows.Their info/merch can be found at <www.eternaldeath.com>.Another band of younger guys that are up and coming are Earth Dies Screaming.They currently donít have a website or releases.They are straight up grind/brutal metal.We also have a very melodic band with a female vocalist that is up and coming in this area.They are called A Dawn Within.They are brand-spanking new so there will be some time before they have any releases.


METAL SIDE: Are Experiment Fear's members involved in other projects? Could you introduce us your current line-up?

EXPERIMENT FEAR:Currently, only Tom Ales (vocalist/bass) is in a pop punk project band called the Leptons.The rest of the Experiment Fear line-upís primary focus is this band.Many of the members are the same as the Assuming line-up.Scott Ebbens is on Guitars/Lead.He is one of the original members from back in the real early days.Joe Schermitzler is now on drums, as you might have noticed from the 2000 demo.He switched his place from bass to drums in between Assuming and the Demo.And Phil DesLauriers is still on Vocals/Guitar/Lead.


METAL SIDE: How often do you play the gigs? Where can the fans know when and where you play?

EXPERIMENT FEAR:We just had our first show in seven years back in March; that was the one with Dying Fetus I mentioned earlier.We are trying for some other local shows in June and July.What we donít want to do is saturate our immediate area with us so no one comes out to see us so we only want to play locally every few months.Once we get this EP out, and get to know some bands from other Midwest (or further) areas, we will definitely be playing out of state shows.I wish I had a better answer for you, but we just revived everything not too long ago so it is going to take us a little bit to get back on our feet.Also, Jim from Eternal Silence is working on a website for us.It is planned to be up and live in late June early July. We will post all show and release information on the site for fans to view @ www.experimentfear.com.


METAL SIDE: Experiment Fear is a band with long history. I wonder how much you have changed during all these years as musicians taking into consideration your strongest influences, what most important for you is when you compose your music.

EXPERIMENT FEAR:I think it still boils down to the simple fact that we need to listen to what we play and enjoy it.Look at it form the outside and say, ďThis is a band that I would listen to and that we really get into.ĒWhen we compose, everyone has input and everyone has diverse tastes so it keeps things interesting.The ordering of our parts in songs is never traditional and rarely ever used twice (as far as newer compositions). That really adds to the listening experience and avoids the cookie cutter songs (i.e. verse-chorus-verse-chorus-bridge-chorus).We also try to make it technical where it fits, straight forward where it sounds right, and all out aggressive as much as possible.


METAL SIDE: Thanks for the interview!

EXPERIMENT FEAR:Thank you for the interest in our band.It is people like you Damian that keep the scenes informed and energized about this genre of music.We appreciate the opportunity to participate and we especially appreciate your dedication to the underground.Keep up the good fight!


Experiment Fear:

Tom Ales

1120 Grassy Plains Dr.

Neenah, WI 54956

[email protected]



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