Saileyn's Fiction

Caught in the Web
With the aid of the latest technology and a certain Witch,
Spike's ready to take on the Slayer once and for all.

Willow takes up a hobby. Spike gets roped in along the way. 
Prequel to Let's Begin Now...

Let's Begin Now
After being tricked into reading a spell, Willow and Spike 
find themselves 'not in Sunnydale anymore'
Sequal to Show

A Scooby Birthday Bash!
Rachel wanted a fic written for her 18th birthday...
(W/S and A/Rachel)

Turbulent Skies
Willow reflects to Mya, after another heartbreak.

Twice the Fun
Vamp Will and Vamp Xander make an appearance, 
and as usual, it's Spike's fault

Shadows in the West Wing
The Scooby gang in a completely different universe, 
where Spike meets Willow in the 1700's

Luana Lysha
Willow embraces the darkness within...

Cyndy & Sara's Fiction

I Put a Vampire Love Spell on You
Willow/Spike and Willow/Angel
Spike kidnaps Willow...again!

Spike is staying the night with Willow

Iceberg's Fiction

Love Isn't Brains

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