TF5000 Display TAP

Current version: TF5000Display 1.43

The TF5000Display TAP enhances the information displayed in the 7-segment display of the PVR while the receiver is on. The TAP can be configured to provide the following information: Furthermore, the TAP provides a variety of modes for the green and the amber LEDs: For more information please refer to readme.txt included in the zip archive.

Currently supported Topfield PVR models: Changes since 1.40d:
Für weitere Details siehe README.TXT im ZIP-Archiv.

Stable versions:
TF5000Display 1.40d
TF5000Display 1.39
TF5000Display 1.34
TF5000Display 1.33
TF5000Display 1.31
TF5000Display 1.29

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