Dead Ants vs. J/Ville Cripples
22nd of May
Result: 19-6 loss (5-3 half-time behind)
Venue: 1:15pm Newlands Park
Referee: Another 'truly competent ref

Injuries: Nil - update on Erin 'Ernie' Palmer: Knee Ligaments-remainder season)

Non-contesting scrum made for a open game of skilled footie. This was the Dead Ants best performance for season to date, also the enjoyment factor with smiles and camaraderie developing. The opposition comprising of a collective of ex 90's senior and won the Reserve 3 Competition consecutively in late 199o's had not lost the winning spirit. It looked ominous having conceded that we had now props to lean on theirs...generously they allowed game to compete, and play for full competition points. Fair spirited call, we didn't let that sentimentality begrudge our earnest to show our potential 'attacking flair'.

First half was percentage football played between respective 22's, ascendancy of lineout and touch finders, allowing set plays to be established. Defensive lines we solid, turn-overs in tackles average to both teams, but difference of first 40min of game (2 x 30min halves) was Mazza, Matt O, and Joshua + 'acting-prop' Tommy turning their inside backs past our attacking advantage line. Opportunities out wide from 3-4th phase ball will produce points.

Tex, at half back with cover and size was passing clear and further to allow Matt C to produce a player-of-the-match performance....sure our scarifies lads will celebrate in earnest over the week.

Standout solo defence from Phil 'Frodo', at fullback showing some Kokatahi (east of Hokitika) flair with 50/50 kicking volleys that effortlessly turned to gem yardage.....Swede Caroline if ever goes out in the full.

Extended welcome to Steve 'Scoobie' Cutfield playing first game in 7 years on wing, tentative at first but tall enough to see through the fog to tackle and clean up opposite in second half. New stealth looking lock - Ray Kearns, shaded colouring and swift moves to compliment college Jeremy 'J-Man'.

Sideline support resembled a A.E infirmary.....injuries in recovery to Shane 'Dog', Graham 'Shady', Hamish 'Mr T', Greg 'Dansky', and season-ended effort to Erin 'Ernie' Palmer. Knee reconstruction surgery hopefully before new team jerseys arrive!!

Matt C $40, Joshua $20, Harry $50, Pete $50, D.M $50, Tommy $100, Frodo $100, Jamie $100, Johnno B, Ray, Scoobie yah. yah please.

Dead Ants vs. OBU Yardies

15th of May
Result: Lost 17-8 (3-5 half-time behind)
Venue: 3pm McAllister Park, firm footing and strong and gusty southerly, cool temp.


Player-of-the-Day: Tommy Karaitana (again!)
Scorers: Luke Harrison (1 x try), Shane Wahl (40m penalty)
Injuries: Erin Palmer (wrenched knee), Shane Wahl (shoulder tissue), Matt Oliver (calf strain), Mark 'DM' Sutherland (back)

Not best structured first quarter with playing injuries to front row to Ernie and D.M. Consequently the shuffling of 'non-playing reserves' Matt O and Danksy, was added reliance to continue for 60min, this they managed amicable given their injuries and the Flu respectively. Only to see a shoulder injury to pivotal player Shane 'Dog' Wahl at 1st 5 at the 30min first half mark.

The pattern of play settled with neither team showing ascendancy till the establishment of new players on the field + reshuffling of Matt Carter. Matt C playing his best game of season, and displayed his lateral an attacking skills at this position. Combinations with Tex running the blind gaining processional yardage well into the second half. Turning their inside backs and loosie, exposing the Yardies lack of training to defend going backwards. This was reward to a good Dead Ant forward pack with 'pick-n-run' by Zeus, Tommy and Danksy!!

Dead Ants playing with the strong wind to their backs, did not take the opportunity for field position (nor affirmed discussed game plan). Resulting first half score of 5-3, set for a well poised second half.

Variation with passing game by Matt C, straightened the Yardies backline giving width for outside backs. Stu 'Little' and Luke getting at least half a dozen run down the flanks with cover defence the difference to not scoring those much needed points (bonus points apply in this grade). Frodo safe under the bomb and covered the wipers kicks setting counter attack with the reliable cardio/stamina fitness of the Dead Ant 'scarfie patrollers' - Luke, Zeus, Cater, Danksy and Tex (need to have these lads tucked away before 12am one Friday soon?).

The concession of penalties for infringements by 'yours-truly' stopped the temple, that allowed the Yardies to consolidate and regroup their limited 2nd half possession. Lessons learnt from futile hunting 'high' expedition is a bloody sore body and pride factor for not quick enough up on defence and inability to provide variation of a pass to inside/outside Ant loosies and backs....will enjoy being to back up as a reserve, welcome Aidan and Harry from injuries soon. Damn good to get that weeks aggression out though:)

Sweet to see Supporters braving the cold and offering words of welcome wisdom. Ray 'Waterboy' Tidy, recent dad to Cullen and Brooke - looking fit and for a donor kidney! (offers?). Clint 'Coach' - Sheryl and himself to be parents in December. Graham 'Shady' Bundle - acquired a second crutch to hobble around corners safely? Adrian Bathgate, Larry 'Team Chaplain' Greco - offering discount lords prayers to any believers that the Chiefs would make to finals (oh yeah does a deal for funerals - group booking need only apply).

Other Events:
Dead Ants 'Casino Evening' - 120 + guests, 3 x tables, live music, late in June (Saturday evening preference), $50/head (6 x tickets per player). food, wine and beer. venue: upstairs 'The Brewery'. Organisers - Jeremy Gardiner, Aidan Shattock, Nick Moodog - assistance by 'Oscar'/Dennis Rodgers.
Subs, subs, subs, please, please, please..will be naming individuals unless with reason from next week!!
Dead Ants vs. Wests
8th of May 2004, 1:15pm
@ Ian Galloway #3, 3pm
Weather: Perfect fine and dry field

Result: 24 - 0 loss (5-0 halftime)

Player-of-the-Day: Luke Harrison
Injuries: Fat Pete (soreness around neck..prop with neck?), Dave Prentice (Hamstring - after 5min and 1 missed tackle), Luke Harrison (dislocated Thumb).

Dead Ant Best team line-up, best first-40 minutes of rugby by ANTS. Opposition were youthful and yet another well drilled (trained) team.

First Half
Led onto Mazza, spirited from sidelines by ole ANTS, mates and miss/mrs etc the sideline support no.s in excess of 30 - green/black/ RURU fever!
The forward pack, dominated scrum, secured 'next-phase' ball, lineout cleaner, saw the delivery of Tex's best passing & running half to date. Yardage gained from back of the scrum and rucks by Mazza delivered the backs with plenty of time to compose and structure (recycle) for next phase of play. West got only twice into our 22, for which they scored the only points of this half. Pleasant to outside backs Jamie, Luke and Ben Gardiner return the ball back to the advantage line and linking with loosie Tim, Mazza and Zeus to set next controlled phase plays!

Second Half
Half time chat was in how to continue the forward dominance and converting to points. Deliberate to keep 'TEAM STRUCTURE' with same first half play on the The direction offered was to tie up on fringe with use of maul, and selective kicking using the by now strong cross field northerly. This was not implemented by any player. Ensuing player changes (fatigue and ALL players to get playing time..sorry Dave!) meant our half-time strategy was never to be executed as a team. There seems a theme to this season, that we can defend extremely well, but lack confidence 'want' to score points. Our backs have the majority of physical attributes i.e speed, stamina, strength and proportion (size a concern?!), but lack the mental attitudes of scoring point, and seem focussed on defensive abilities (current strength). Rather score points than defend a game at 24-0, or 31-3.....we shall focus on OUR attacking game over the next month. With linkages to our hard working forward pack!!

Dead Ants vs. Pare Plim
1st of May 2004, 3pm
@ Ngatitoa Domain #1, 3pm
Weather: not soo good

Result: 31-3 loss (13-3 halftime)

Dead Ants vs. Para-Plim
Result: 31 - 3 loss (13-3 half time)
Scorer: Jamie Brundell (penalty)
Player-dejour: Hamish Turner
Swede Caroline: Matt Oliver for tea trolley efforts with fluids to players
Injuries: Aidan Shattock (Dislocated Finger)

The result was disappointing. This was shown on the players faces after the game in the changing rooms. Should have been 13-10 at half time but a dubious mis-allowed call from a ref 30m from the kick and chase. However the fact we had for 2/3rds of the game in the oppositions half and 1/4 in their 22 the Para-Plim defensive line was solid. Also their clearing kicks finding touch, and really the final score flattering with 3 late try to a tiring ANTs pack whom had tackled to a stand still for 70min.

Chins up as the support from sideline and reserves is echoed in the post-match discussion to keenness and enjoyment, hence a successful start to season 1 win, 1 loss.

First half
A full to many lads late home that morning. Carter, Potaka, Palmer and Kamo. It showed on the field the fragile 'heads' from set plays (previous weeks strength). The back line did not allow any line breaks from second phase. But a miss communication between flanker and half back allowed there no.8-half back to score first from set scrum on 22. Reply was near immediate with line breaks from re-hydrated Matt Carter and Jamie Brundell. Penalty for offside play that continued relentlessly by Plim backs. Late in half try from bollicking No.8/flanker burst to tryline with conversion from sideline. Well chased down by ANT loosies (Zeus, Tommy and Johno Browne) and locks (Mazza & Turner).

Second Half
With the wind behind our backs, intention was to force positional plays from kicks to corners, and set plays. this was effected with long periods in opposition half's. The Para-Plim lineout was resolute. Their scrum fallible with 4 tight heads and a 1-1 over-the-mark scrumage. But a well sized backline with fresh reserve legs soon paid to the attack. The 3 tries were from defensive lapses from errand kicks still in the field of play. Final result 31-3.

We have yet to deliver on out potential with individual skills, we will have the depth of players. Welcome return of Johno Browne (Lock) Erin Palmer(Prop), Jeremy Gardiner(Loosie) and Phil Lucy (1st-5). Recruited a sizeable 2nd-5 in Harry Mete and winger Luke (Potaka and Carter efforts).

NOTE: Working Bee is 9am on Sat (3 hours) and Sun 10am on 8-9th May at 92 Mortimer Tce. Gardening gear required for approx 5 guys for 8hours max. RSVP myself for reduction in subs. Hope to earn $600 or so for efforts. Anyone with a Chainsaw 14-17inch suffice? 2 x small trees (3-4m height).

Subs to be paid prior to 15th May. $100 each in cash to 'Dead Ants Rugby Team' to Oscar or Ben Potaka. Pays for subs, after match beers, discounts socials, medical kit etc.

Dead Ants vs. OBU Righteous Bros
24th April 2004, 3pm
@ Prince of Wales Park, Mt Cook
Weather: suberb!! 18 degrees

Result: 22 - 17 win (17 - 0 halftime)

Player of the Day: Shane Wahl
Swede Caroline: Joshua 'Zeus' Cairns (going next week for a three-peat)

Good to get a first up victory against the new OBU social team of 'Christians'?. Should have been the Ants in the role as the lions feeding on the church-goers, bugger me they had a 16th man on the field and it wasn't the pedantic pr*** of a was team structure change. The Bro's came back from 17-0, to within winning at 17-17 and the Ant lacking puff. But as the team had shown all first half. The potential and belief in winning remained, with Jamie Brundell pushing off two defenders after a brilliant backline move from set piece line out.

Nervous moments with a restart and counter attack resulting in a defensive scrum on our 5m try-line. Danksy and D.M's comments was that there obese props game them the best two scrum 'knocks' at the final whistle. Rugby, a 80 min (90 min on the field) game.

The combinations are going well, sideline support from Ants encouraging with past-timers enquiring to the new fella's and how recruited? Thanks to Disco Stu (Flag Man), Graham 'Shag' Bundle, Taki, Ming, Scotland,Wilbur (Harry), Lisa & Jessie (Dog), Olivia K and others. They were treated to some real entertaining football.

Shane Wahl on the openside from 4 phases from half way (5min into game), Dubious two flag say conversion successful, ref over ruled?
Aidan ' Raggs' Shattock ran onto backline counter attack started by Phil 'Frodo' Patterson in our 22 (15 min) - Virg-ANT try No.1.
Stuart 'All Guts' (72kg?) Meikle-John ran the line from attacking 22 to score virg-ANT try No.2 (25 min).
Conversion by Jamie 'Boogie Nights' Brundell from sideline.
Half-time (17-0), points to note was the defensive line was only broken twice. Special mention to Tommy and Matt O defensive tackling...resolute!!
Succession of rolling mauls from inside Bro's half saw forwards and back committed to the fringes, gaps exposed out wide resulting in great team try to the God Squad.
The last quarter, saw the ANT's use their hearts rather than individual heads. A line take, with succession of pace of the pass, created space for Stu M, to offload to Jamie who shrugged one and fend the other to win the game.

Second half notes, Tight-five fitness superior than opposition gave the ideal platform for explosive backline. Zeus got a fair 10 mins for killing the tackled ball, but unfairly singled out with inconsistent 'judicator's by ref. Mazza captains effort with clarity of decisions and upfront yardage. Tex passing game, and zico overhead kicking bodes well for harder teams to come.

A note, training is NOT compulsory. It is however for fitness, team comms, and fun (touch mixed with drills). Wed, 6-7pm at Nairnville Park. All welcome to sweat it out.

Dead Ants vs. Poneke Hammers
17th April 2004, 3pm
@ Cobham Park, Kilbirnie
Weather: windy & overcast, 12 degrees

Result: 39 - 12 loss (27 - 0 halftime)

A grading game, that was deservedly (strategically?) lost? The first 20min as a period of first-game nerves, with over-enthusiastic plays to pass at may and means. This period resulted in 4 tight-head scrums lost, and only 2 lineout takes out of 6. This put pressure on our defensive line which held each time up to 4-5 phases. The end result saw the Hammers score 3 tries (conversions also successful). The game plan was based on our team structure i.e. playing in your position, playing in a forwards and backs with phase ball. This plan was well adhered to by the 'forwards'. But our 'backs' whom where either new, out of position, or too slow feet was exposed early given the amount of possession and time in position inside our 22 for that 20min period.

Second half saw the wind to our back. A positive and focussed attitude to playing cohesive and patient rugby. Both tries were established by the tight-five mauling and rucking quick ball for inside backs to bust through the advantage line and rest the next phase. Passing was to had and ran onto by respective player. Can confirm the recruit of 2 'hardened' backs available this week. Also the return of absent (holidays) of Ernie, Mazza, and Jeremy. Good support on side lines from the Retire-ANTS - Taki and Crossy. Also partners and friends of players. Virg-ANTs included Tim Stevens, Tommy Karaitaina, Stu Meikle-John, Joshua Cairn and Harry.
Those that witnessed the Jug Stacking ANT-ics at the Cambridge on Saturday night, now also get to view there state of appearance? We've got a Player Profile set up on our web page (cheers to Simon and Matt Carter). Please email to me your Height, weight, suburb origin, position, fav quote etc. We'll be taken other player/supporter photos as when available...and sober I hope?

Cheers Oscar


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