Managers Memo

Result: Dead Ants vs. OBU Yardies lost 54 - 24

Scorers: Simon Samu (2 trys), Matt Strik(1 try), Ben Potaka (1 try), Brent Maguire (1 conversion), Shane Wahl (1 conversion)
Player of the Day: Matt Strik
Swede Caroline: James O'Brien (feeding the pitch with Friday's dinner @ half-time)
Injuries: John Brown (chipped knuckle bone on index finger - 2-3 weeks, James O'Brien - wrenched knee)

It was the third game this season for which we have conceded over 50pts in a game. This game however produced a flattering result given we have been severely restricted to player numbers due to serious injuries, and thankful for the successes of recruiting and securing 35 players at the commencement of competition games. This dilemma has provided a few 'positives' with abundance of forwards being rewarded(?) with the opportunity to play in the backs...hence now converted a prop to 2nd-five to 'crash-it-up'. We shall soon see the return of Jamie, Dennis, Chip, Soft, Matt O, Danksy, Graham, Moo-dog, All Hill and co from these injuries the next round will surprise the opposition. Keep up the mid week exercise, and continue to enjoy the game on the Saturday.

A mention to the efforts of last Saturdays team. Of which players rotated on/off even with contact injuries 'brave' and committed. Given we were leading 12 - 0 in the first 10 minutes. Our game broke down with succession of injuries disrupting the scoring momentum and dropping off the defensive tackles in our 'temp backs. Possession was equal, we were also dominant in being in the oppositions 22 for greater periods, however quick turnovers and charging running at our mid-field defences results in their speed on the wings to score out wide.

NOTE: Dennis will take-over Managem-AMNT in my absence (mid year holiday - Melbourne) over the next fortnight. Expect tough competition against Orries and Johnsonville.However I expect wins the return of several players from injury, flu,holidays & other commitments to provide a better all-round performing ANT Team!!
Result: Dead Ants lose toe Pink Ginners 58 - 0
Scorers: nil
Player-of-the Day: Matt Carter - busting middle field breaks
Swede Caroline: Oscar (mis-diagnosis of two dislocated fingers)
Injuries: Stu Turnball - crucial/medial ligaments 4 -6 weeks, Simon Samu - dislocated finger 3 weeks)

Managers Memo
Beaten by a training team! Mercy shown by the ref to end the match in the 63rd minute.

Praise again to our forward pack, including the adaptable Greg Danks playing fullback! Graham Bundle on the wing. Jeremy played a committed game displaying a high work rate, and superior level of fitness to any other player from both teams. Simon & Greg covering tackles when out numbered on defence. Gerry aptly slotting in at 1st five on short notice...standout individual performers.

Obviously a busy weekend for others and apologies received and accepted, but will require more than 16 fit players each week to beat the Ginners next time!

Managers Memo - Sat, 24th May 2003
Result: North's Surfie defaulted to Dead Ants

Bloody shame that we were defaulted (informed late Saturday morning) to by a team who has successful thrashed every other team at their Onepoto Domain...but such is their fear for travelling onto the home of OBU Social Grade Rugby - Kelburn Park. Note: the unfortunate few who decided to turn up for a 'trot' would agree at the perfect conditions on Saturday to extend the ANT's current good form (max. points from first competition game).

Again a gathering after the game(?) at the Cambridge to watch the ALL Black trials. Congrats to the sole Dorklander in the ANTS - Nick' Moodog' Moody for displaying the new found loyalty in his Team. For those present that evening it was even harder later to digest the result that the Crusaders had lost by also attempting to 'gullet' with Mark, Danksy & Nick a KFC 'Mega-feed'.

Still awaiting subs for the resistant few!! Return email to myself if you wish to confess and with reason....I'll then re-send our bank account details.


Result: Dead Ants victorious 31 - 27 vs. Para-Plim

Scorers: Kyle Arnold (2 Tries) Matt Archibald (1 try) Dennis Rodgers (1 try) Jamie Brundell (1 try, and 3 conversions).
Player of the Day: Andy Marriot
Swede-Caroline: Kyle Arnold (broke early at attempted charge down of a whole 22yards!)
Injuries: Chip ('twinged' hamstring - 1-2 weeks), Kyle (concussion - 3 weeks standown), Comb (Head/neck - ? weeks).

...even the after-match beer (warm 'Lion Brown') tasted sweet of victory.

Great spirited effort by both teams, in which both teams played fair and enjoyable 'social' grade football. A game to which the benefits to the team are greater than the result, but the way in which we played as a team to win on the whistle with a 80 metre try to Kyle!! The return of Soft gave direction/and decisiveness to Dennis to then provide attacking opportunities for Simon, Kyle, Jamie and Ben.

Combinations are coming together with the loose-forwards with adaptability of new players being acceptable(?) to new positions (out-of-position). Honest work-rate from debut-ANTS Ian Riley and Johno Brown whom responded from the encouragement of the sideline supporters. Encouraged by the size/speed of Shane, Nick Moody and Andy Marriot both in cover defence and support play at attacking rucks zone. Special praise for brave tackle efforts by Greg Danks and Simon Samu.

Our recruitment campaign has been successful, and encourage ALL Players to keep up your mid week training/recovery (rehab).

Again to re-iterate my thanks expressed on Saturday for the prompt payment of Players subs and jerseys. We can now concentrate on establishing game-plans for possible RURU Shield challenge at the conclusion of this season?
Managers Memo (vs North's Surfies)

Dead Ants vs. North's Surfies, 3pm - Sat, 10th May @ Onepoto Domain.
Result: loss 55* - 7


Scorers: Jamie Brundell (1 try), Chip (1 Conversion)
Player-of-the-Day: Greg Danks
Injuries Reported: Shane Wahl (suspected Broken Rib) & team of 'humbled egos'

We were well beaten by a bloody well 'practiced' team. Pretzyl (OBU Club Captain) almost 'hit-the-roof' when we told him that our game was called off 20 minutes early?.....he was somewhat jaded after a week of meetings/documentation with efforts to ensure our current (prior) complaints of social grade conduct was TRULY heeded by the WRFU!.....but a wry-smile emerged from Pretzyl, that the referee had accepted our submission prior to the scoreline became farcical..realistically heading towards the 'ton'!.

Good aspects from the game was we won the last-half of the first half (or is that middle third of 60 minutes total?) with our only assertive period of attack, resulting in a seething run from Jamie from a set play. Chip continued a golden period with the boot converting out wide. Also the spirit of the Players & Supporters encourage each-other to enjoy the game. Dennis and myself, have discussed the impact to the frequent Player changes throughout the game, and this shall continue as we firmly establish the team numbers for the season. I hope Shane's 'Dog' rib injury will recover, as with Ben's (Collar Bone), Jeremy (Fractured Jaw) Pere's & Kyle's (Carpal Bones), Murray & Manly-Jack (Knee's).....and putting to 'rest' the season opening grading (hunting) games behind us. Ray & our fellow Supporters say we have a makings of real great bunch-of-guys for the rest of the 2003 season.

To those who went down to the Cambridge on Saturday evening, cheers for the hangover....and awoken f***** early for Mothers day by the kids!! All I can remember was that we put the 69-ers to shame with our own consumption efforts!! YES, we doubled the previous record of stacking the jugs to the ceiling, previously held by the '1997 Ruru Team' This power session was anchored by Matt O, Muzza, Jamie, John, Julia, Stu, Graham, Kurt, Ben, Ben and co.

Other News: GREAT NEWS - Dennis and Giselle announce they are due their first baby in November. I know there are a few lads who will also be observing the breast feeding activities. Congratulation to you both!
JERSEYS - Please confirm by email to myself no later than Friday, this week!! your jersey size, Number, and nickname (reasons to be explained also?). Remember the initial cost is $125 with the personal assurance that you will be refunded up to $60 once we receive our OBU contribution. This will be our
current style top, log, black lace-up, green with black padded shoulders.
REALITY TV - Tonight, Monday 8.35pm, TV1, Dave & Ruth Prentice (Dead Ant - Centre) displays parental skill worthy of the nationwide TV....'an the award for best behaved millennium son (plus older sister?'...Ben Prentice.

Managers Memo dated 05 May 2003
Dead Ants vs. Stokes Valley, 3rd May @ Nairnville Park.
Result: Loss 22 -23 (half time 5 - 3)

Points: Steve Rodgers (1 try, 1 penalty, 1 conversion), Dennis Rodgers 1 x penalty Player of the Day: Steve 'Chip' Rodgers. Injuries: Ben Rapson (Broken Collar-bone 6 wks) & Kurt Gross (teeth-thru Lip 1 -2 weeks). Officials Pere Linesman & Ray 'Reliable' Waterboy
Given that we fairly lead 13-10 with 10min till the last round 'corner-bell' rung...the final result was a an overstatement. We were is summary 'battered' off the ball and cumulatively this left our back defensive line 'fragile'....we certainly muscled-up in the forwards.
Thanks to the guys for the display of respect for Dennis to resolve with the 'vulnerable (weak) referee and Scroats Valley captain of matters which resulted in only 2 of their players in the bin!! Also the solidarity when then on-the-ball scuffles ensued. Endorse Nick Moody comments after the match that the only loss today was the gene pool. We move on from this game comforted that that leaves only Poneke and Ories to front-up and sustain composure in what should be (and previously was) a Social weekend game-of-code!
To the virgin ANTS (Matt - No.8, Mark & James - Flankers, Nick & Rob - Locks) ...much appreciated your enthusiasm and commitment to enjoying both on/off the field ANT-ics. No doubt you sense the ability and potential of fellow Players (both the ole-guard, and recent-ANTS) to play 'speights-like' code. The ole-guard welcomed the ability to substitute or observe from the side-line (Hamish Stallworthy, Singe, Crossy, Steve Joll & Quintin) or the player veterans (Matt O, Will, Comb, Matt Mahi)...been a while since we've had 10 reserves eager to be thrown in the Stokes Valley 'Slam Competition'. Lets not fall away and continue with necessary recruitm-ANT for players and Supporters (great to see and hear from Saturdays sidelines Mel, Erica, Giselle and our team 'Photographer' Debs.
Other News Dead Ant Committee Meeting - all welcome, 6pm 'Cambridge Hotel, Cambridge Tce Tues 6th May. Simon 'Stealth' Winstanley off to A%#&-land (shame cos he's a Naki boy too!) by the end of May. Special thanks for body-n-all efforts on the paddock and heaps of free after-match beverages over the last 3 years...and mostly speights! ...yawl be back mate & take care..
cheers Oscar

Managers Memo dated 29th April 2003

Hi Guys,
Welcome to (Recruit-ANTS) Nick Moody, Robbie Fryer, Craig Howard, Stu Jacob, Ben Rapson, Jamie Brundell, Stu Turnball & mates (Phil Lucy & Seam Mck).
COMPETITION GAMES The WRFU has arranged for 3 divisions of 7 social grade teams over the 2003 season. Dutifully we have a BYE for Sat, 3rd May arranged?...NOT!
I have arranged a non-competition game of 35min each between Hammers & 69-ers this Saturday (I shall confirm grounds and time later this week), so please disinfect the mouthguard after your 3-week break.
I want a full-team turn-out this Saturday (apologies can be sent via email to myself). I can confirm that we have a squad of 32 players (of which 5 are unavailable due to injury). Given that there has been a change-in-guard of retire-ANTS, important that we take this playing opportunity to re-acquaint/induct the player-mixes youth-size-abilities....cos by the start June, we the Managem-ANT will be in a position to confirm suitability for the challenge for the RURU Shield (held by the DT's still!).
OTHER NEWS Subs now due - $100 (bring this Saturday). Cheques to 'Dead Ants Rugby' these can be mailed (please confirm by email) to No.59 Waikowhai St, Ngaio or received by Chip, Comb or myself. For the new players commerce act applies?...1-months free trial? I can also collect at the Cambridge that evening..ATM outside! New Jerseys - no progress to report. Status still being processed by lotteries commission, then await distribution of funds from OBU (Steve Robertson). Expect funds <$1800 prior to 14th May. Singe to arrange 'design' and purchase. I got engaged to Tracey just prior to the 'last-post'...irony? 
cheers Oscar Home - 977 1828

Dead Ants vs. Johnsonville Cripples (Sat, 12th 3pm @ Alex Moore Park)
Lost 40+ vs.10

Halftime 18 - 0 Fulltime 40+ - 15 Scorers: Tries Simon Samu (1), Ben 'Tex' Poteki (1) Injury: Pere Rodgers (broken 3 & 4 Carpal bone - poss. rest of season as a 'Supporter'?). Player-of-the-Day - Jamie Brundell (Debut-ANT) Swede Caroline - Steve Joll (prior weeks recipi-ANT)
The conclusion of our two grading games, will justify our placement in the proposed Reserve Grade - Division two with 10 other social grade clubs (probably including Teddy Queers, Yardies, and Hammers - to be confirmed prior to Anzac Day). A significant improvement in application to skill and enjoyment in this game in comparison to previous HOBM match. Commitment to play out the final quarter with only 13 men was testament to character on the Dead Ants....and the 'Cripples' could not capitalise on shortage of numbers out wide. Our forward pack was able to contest at scrums/lineout & 'penalty' set plays. The Cripples have one Reserve 3 - Division 2/3 for the last 2 years (mostly youth/ex-Prems & they train up to twice-a-week). A 9/10 for commitment to effort, and a 6/10 for skills and 'variety'.
Notes of interest. Ben Poteki's 40 metre dash!...this only Bens second game back after breaking his ankle early last year, bloody good effort in your rehab! Will Neal playing in his 40th year as a 'Openside Flanker' could and should! Steve Jolls recruitment of Ben and Jamie...welcomed humour and jibes both on/off the paddock (damn good skills displayed too). Shane Wahl, playing lock and running down the winger twice for try-saving tackles...justified Rookie-of-the-Year 2002. Tight-five of Andy Simms, Johnny Cable, Matty O, Comb and Shane were equal in attack + defence (no soft tries through the fatmans track, which is different than Wayne Jones). Adaptability to new positions (virgins!) and willingness to try and performed by Murray (First-five), Gerry (First-five, Lock, & Flanker). Graham Bundle played-on with a corked thigh still able to run to the breakdowns.
Our points were scored by the backs, whom have muscled up to sizeable opposition in each of the last two weeks. Each of our seasons 5 tries have been scored out wide, which is testament of the Rodgers clan to distributing the ball to our wingers, and a running game away from the slower ruck/mauls.. will miss Pere's fitness and strength. With Chip/Kurt to return to bolster/support Dennis and his captains displayed attributes.
SUBS NOW DUE: (prior to Sat, 3rd May) - (nag..nag..nag for a weeee while) payment of $100 subs received from Kurt, Comb, Matty O, Oscar, & Jerry Maguire.
PLAYER RECRUITMENT: - We need yet more 'committed' players, given our run of injuries, we need to call up those recruited (shown interest) players...were art there.....Craig Howard, Tim Upton, Robbie Fryer, and Stu. You just don't/wouldn't want to rely on the Managers skills and size to make up 15 players...cos I'm shit and feel like shit on Sunday! (not alcohol induced either).
APPRECIATE SIDELINE SUPPORT: Nice to see your partners and mates meeting up prior and after the match. A hello to John Cables wife Julia, Tristan, Singe, Manly Jack, and 'Shieldsey' & Harrison. Also timely water from recently married Mr Ray Tidy!! (& Claire).

Managers Memo (Game No.1 - HOBM)
Dead Ants vs. HOBM, Macalister No.2 @ 3pm
Lost 38 -10

Scorers - Kyle Arnold,

A 'Welcome' to new players John Cable (Prop), Phil Lucy (Full Back), Murray Wylde (Half Back) thanks again for team loyalty from 'mature' Ants Chip, Dennis, Pere, Matty O, Sean McKenzie, Jeremy Gardiner, Comb and Kurt-ly. Also big cheers for the 'Reli-ANT' of Tex, Danksy, Graeme Bundle, Shane Wahl, Gerry Maguire, Kyle Arnold, and Ben Gardiner. Choice to see a reliable 'Water-boy in Ray Tidy, Coach - Clint, Stats-man - Erin Palmer + Ant-ettes and Supporters.......good effort for what ended up a rumble-in-the-jungle game?!

Our game plan was 1) to avoid the contact areas, by moving ball quicker than the HOBM 'taro-guts' could position themselves in defence 2) Defensive tackling that stopped the opposition at the advantage line by low tackle-body positioning 3) reaquaint and introduce each other as a team for what was only a grading game. Result our game plan was 'unsuccessful' which reflected in the LOSING margin. Reliance on our lighter inside backs/Flankers was nulled by reckless and dangerous tactics by the 'Tree-Climbers'. Chip/Pere and Dennis were obstructed off the ball, challenged late, and little room by blatant offside opposition. In the previous 4 encounters with these 'Chumps' has resulted in 2 games being abandoned due to there aggressive style of play. This time this has result in 80 minutes of code and Sean plus Jeremy sustaining 'painful' injuries (rupture shoulder ligament & multiple teeth 'dislodged' respectively). However the match result was appropriate, and irrelevant as we are already graded to play in Reserve 3. Also as we form a more structure team unit with further availability of absent players/ new players absent. The reliance to sustaining a barrage of shoulder-charges and killing-the-rucks will be less frequent to abuse by the opposition. Due our superior fitness, variety of players, open style with speed and nimbleness. Dennis as the Team Captain will ably assist Clint with developing other players rugby skills i.e the basics - passing, tackling and support play!
On a ole fashioned 'OSCAR' (pissed off) note. Old Boys University Social Team Committee had worked hard over the summer evolving a 'Code-of-Conduct' (want each Player to read and sign by end of April!!). Only to witness again weekend THUGGERY displayed by HOBM!!! Both Sean and Jeremy have injuries that will require upto 1 month (maybe more!!) recovery due to illegal tackles buy this ill discipline and 'uneducated' players (only 1 of their players sent off, penalty count and stoppages by Referee to their Captain ...too many! Witnessing this from the side-line is frustrating, I appreciate the discipline displayed by our players during the many Dead Ant injury stoppages!! We play fair and for team pride, our team goals are published in the 'OBU Code-of-Conduct'.
On a more appropriate note. Matty O was voted player of the day with a very convincing display at Tight-head prop which able supported his loose-forward defence as well!!. Manly-Jack (Mr Joll) voted 'Swede Caroline award for an effort for despite his many efforts as a winger to score...well? were available (speed, ability to positioned and passed to) other than the possessing a 5-thumbed display that even Chris Cairns would be proud..chip up dude!!
Administrative efforts well underway with sub to be payable to Comb, Chip or myself - $100 for Players, $50 Associates. Payer Registration forms collected (Vigilant as ACC indicated they will take a test-case against WRFU this forms, no reimbursement of medical expenses etc). Lisa Rodgers surveyed our new 'Hotellier-of-Choice', The Cambridge!.......marginally adequate for the little tots, but democracy rules and the 'ayes have voted'. After-match efforts included large platters of FREE food (just enough for Matty O to chew through) and jugs (YES!!) of beers. Appreciative to our near secured deal for $1500 subsidisation of team expenses i.e subs, beers, and social facilities.

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