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Rugby Review: MANAGERS Report (RURU 'CHALLENGE' - Saturday, 7th of September 2002).
vs. DT's

Not the result I had prepared myself all season for a 33-25 loss to the 'Premadonners' of OBU social rugby grade. Merits on winning the second half of catch up football, even against some 'ole hands' whom predictably 'killed' the ball (pun intended!#%)...condolences to Jeremy Gardiner for being sent off for finally sorting these continuous discretion out. Congrats to the team on behalf of the Managem-ANT and again the many supporters Singe, Bossy, B-Eyes, Blue, Coops, Pukeko Legs, Ben P and Ben G, and Mrs Bossy, Robyn, Karen, Julie, Tracey Locke, Giselle, Anna-McK'   (cheers to Homer, Bundy and co.)....all!
 Satisfying feeling over a $2 pint at the Fat Ladies (Turf-Root Rugby again) with 30+ devi-ANTs, all that we had in speed, strength, size, and 'smarts' was on displayed by our was simply mistakes that cost us the RURU, missed chances both on attack and defence in the 30 min spell each side of half-time (similar traits to the Tall Blacks?). Given that the DT's played 2 senior 2002 players, and a dozen wankers with lips. They now appreciate the meaning even more after our tussle of this special grade of NZ rugby. 
Player-of-the-Day - Chris Comber, 1 try 5 line-out takes against the throw, and a 'bloodied' mouth...original pride, and well deserved. There were 8 debut-ANTs on the starting line-up, and I will endeavour to 'educate' the significance of the RURU Shield and its mana. A special note to F.M, Matt O, Matt Mahi, Nathan Searle, and Chip whom have played each over 5 years of RURU ruggers, the passion and effort well demonstrated to their newer Colleges.
 Time now to plant the bulbs, plan 'Jason Blockhead's Stag-do', feed the pets (oh, and the Kids). Management request that you save 1 months of 'brownie points for the Ant Dinner and Suburb-of-Origin (details to come) prior to Workers-day in October...(not acknowledged by Matt O or myself!). Appreciate some email feedback on your rugger season and suggestions..last years effort for 'beer flavoured' birth control tablets for the Ant-ettes was a huge flop, awesome efforts to Coopers, Chip-pers, Singers, Soft-ettes, Q-Tahau's, Cross-es, Stocks, and Jones (huge effort!), Simms, and the Khellerers(Jackal). Thanks assistance on the sidelines to Ray Tidy (Waterboy-2002), Ben Potaka (Analyst), Clint, and Singe. Individual players performances will be merited at the Ant dinner. Speedy recoveries to Stealth, Dennis, Ben, and Rob F.
 Otherwise train well, sleep peaceful on your palms, and relax....Dead Ants team trip is not in Karori!!

Dead Ants depth of talent and abilities was ever evident against the Teddy Bears on Sat, 24th August.

Of the 17 ANT's to grace the paddock, 8 Ant's endured their first experience of RURU rugby. In winning our 5th straight game secured 2nd in Reserve 3 3rd Division.
The Bears pair of Bag-pipers ushered them onto the paddock for their 4th loss of the season. As with any end of season rugby fixture both teams benefited from the presence of a top level referee whom allowed a free-flow (frozen conditions?) game with few infringements or necessary technical interpretations.....a true 80-minute code again!!
Result: 27 -17 to Dead Ants. A hat-trick of tries to Pere Rodgers from the base of either scrum or ruck. Also a push-over try to Chris Comber. Kicking duties in the absence of Chip were aptly replaced by Frazer. The shoreline was 20-17 with 7 minutes left to play, when Matt Carter snatched a intercept pass, then ran 20 metres to be tackled, forming a ruck assisted by our now dominant forwards to push Pere over for his 3rd decisive try.
The post-match celebrations that were planned by the Bears were dampened (southerly rain) further after the whistle when their BBQ ran out of gas? did there sausage-feasting forwards at half-time.
Injuries on the field (not including Dennis Rodgers 'spit' in the car-park - just returned with Hamish and Erin from Taupo conference) are bruised knee joint to Simon Samu (hopefully fit for RURU final?),'black' eyes to Erin, Matt Mahi and Kyle (in order of least severity...and factored for ugliness in the individual).
Next weekend - Sat, at Kelburn at 1.15pm is the Reserve 3, Division one Ruru challenge between holders the DT's and the 69-ers. I propose we to meet at Kelburn for a game of touch/tackle between ourselves and them watch the RURU opposition....then 9th Sept, game on!
Well done team Oscar

Ants v Pink Ginners: Ants win 28 -13!

On a brilliant day in the capital the Dead Ants turned up with the hope of making it past the elusive 60th minute mark. They would prove later that when given the chance to actually play rugby they are pretty bloody good. History was not in the Ants favour with the last encounter with the Ginners ending in a loss. (It must also be noted that during this encounter a great wingers season was cut short in the most dire of circumstances) So with revenge on their minds the Ants took to Kelburn Park.
Straight from the kick-off the Ants drove up field with dogged determination. They looked to move wide early but incumbent Matthew Carter on debut showed some early nerves knocking the ball on the first three times he touched the ball. With the Ants pressuring the line and the call of 'get it wide' Matt shook off the nerves and crashed over the line for a try on debut. Continued pressure and good back play saw Sean and Si score to put the Ants 15 - 3. Then came try the try of the match and arguably of the season when a one-two-dummy cut saw Simon go in and out and dart 40m downfield, the Ants went out to a 17 point lead [note that no conversions have been kicked]
The second half saw a resurgence from the Ginners, early on Matthew Carter was bounced off in a one on one tackle with the Ginner winger [also note that if you are a friend of the reviewer every mistake you make is going to be pounced on] The Ginners dotted down soon after when the ball popped out of the side of the scrum to reduce the lead to 7. Then History repeated itself in a brutal fashion establishing that the Ginners are our bogey team in relation to injuries, Dennis in a desperation tackle popped his shoulder out and had to be taken to the hospital.
Now the Ants had an incentive to win. Putting on another debutant on in the centres saw Petone premier hooker Eugene Smith take the field. Although his arms were a little too short to catch the ball at times Euge showed good defence and fine execution of M2. A nice penalty nudge from Chip and then a solid sneak from him at the fringes saw the Ants move out to a 15-point buffer. The conversion attempt by Matt Carter was quite possibly the worst kick ever witnessed by man and deservedly earned him 'dick of the day' Nonetheless it was a great win and the Ants will look forward to the upcoming matches. I would also like to wish Dennis a quick and full recovery.
Ants vs. Wainui 25-18 (Game called off due to ‘biffo’)
 In what is becoming a tradition for the Ants saw the second game in two weeks called off because off what can only be described as “savagery”. Many, including myself were sceptical about making the journey over the hill into the valley. Parking the car in a small cul-de-sac and walking through an alley with all valuables secure this mild-mannered reporter began to ponder whether this memo was worth the risk.
 A reasonable turnout for the Ants was soon diminished as Ben Gardiner managed to injure himself before the game had started. It became apparent that being called Ben and playing on the wing for the Ants comes with certain injury. (note to self: on return either change name or position) The Ants started off strongly and looked to dominate early. A back line move with an injection from Hamish saw Dennis dot down and an explosive run from Pere secured a strong lead build for Ants. Defensive lapses late in the second and early in the first saw Wainui edge closer.
 While Wainui did come close they never looked like snatching victory, so adopting the traditional villager attitude ‘if you can’t beat em fight em’ the game, like milk on a hot day turned sour fast. Not being on the field I cannot tell what the exact cause of the entire disturbance was, but I could certainly tell that the Wainui boys enjoyed their fighting. I can understand taking offence to vigorous rucking once…but four occasions? I think the power of self-control has not crept over the hill as yet. Lets hope next week I can write about an 80 minute game of rugby. 
On a more positive note it was good to see the Ants out at the Premier final on Sunday, and even more enjoyable to see them indulging in a few at the Cambridge before and after. I must say that I took full effect of the free champagne breakfast. As a student hearing the words “free”, “champagne” and “breakfast” in the same sentence was a pretty solid reason to get there early to support the Lads. Needless to say I was feeling worse for wear come Monday morning and the lectures were subbed out for well-earned rest. It was a pity about the loss for the Prems, but shows that OBU is a club on the rise!
 Ben Potaka

Ants vs. Poneke

Victory yet again!!! 17-0. 
Game abandoned at half-time due a Poneke forward's continuous verbal abuse of the official referee both on/off the paddock.
For the 30 minutes of game time on the paddock a fine display of counter attacking rugby was shown by the Ants, mainly due to a committed defensive line from our forwards. Our ball skills being 'fine tuned' for the pending RURU 'Challengers' game on the 24th Aug. Keep up the gym fitness, and cot sprints.
Players efforts of note against Poneke. Rodgers trio each showing individual skills Pere (strength in tackling and stripping opposition forwards of their ball), Chip kicking game all season standout for our grade, Dennis speed both on his feet and pass of the ball in unleashing our outside backs. Si, Ben and Kyle benefiting from these skills to score with their own strength in speed to bust the one-on-one tackle. Si scored a further two tries out wide. Best-for-last! Forwards leadership from FM, as we have very few reserves in the front row, but determination of Greg Dank, Erin, Al Hill, and Matt O enough to nullify and contest in every game this season (NO! to golden oldie scrums). Mention to 'Gerry' Maguire's standard game at blindside with several runs behind the oppositions defensive line and linkages to Dennis to result in the first of our outside back tries. The 'Neal' factor spurring Will (senior) to his strongest season to date.
DISCIPLINARY HEARING (Poneke Player) Dead Ant Rugby Social Club has forwarded an official 'Letter of Complaint' to the WRFU for the abusive behaviour demonstrated by the individual Poneke player towards the referee. FM and myself are to attend a disciplinary hearing this Thursday. No one individual is bigger than our hallowed game!

Ants vs. JVille Cripples

What looked to be a promising game and a possible victory soon evaporated as the JVille Cripples backline took it to the Ants. The only thing really going for the Ants on this particular day was the great weather and the great turnout of supporters at Kelburn Park.
To give credit where credit is due the Cripples played, if not somewhat a bit dirty, good running rugby which eventuated in them scoring several tries.
This is not too say that the Ants did not play well themselves, we had moments of brillance & three tries were scored, player of day going to Andy!!
Numbers again were a minor issue, it would be great to see more players at the games!!!

Bring on the Super 6s and lets see if we can turn things around as only Ants can do!!

Ants vs. Cloacas

Great start to second round with a resounding 36-12 victory over fellow OBU social team - Cloacas (West, J-ville, Eastbourne and Onslow mercenaries). Also a pleasant victory on our newly selected social grade club ground of Nairnville Park.
Given the absence of rugby to our social calendars over the last 5 weeks (2 games only), enthusiasm to play was evident....or was it the need to keep warm in sub 10 degree temps? Good numbers allowed 4 reserves to shelter from the rain and wind (prelude to Bledisloe Cup hours later!).
Chip as 'Skip', electing for the wind behind our backs in first half, deservedly resulted in a 17-5 lead at half time. But strong loose forward runners from our pack nulls their obvious game plan to pin us deep into the wind assisted RHS corner. Then the fleetness of 'feet' for the Rodger Bro's (>75kgs each) on a muddy and sticky ground...unselfishly unleased our three-quarter back to score initially out wide, then up the 'Wayne Jones' track and under the posts. All tries scored by the backs, due to strength and mobility of our the forwards.
Player of the Day - Hamish Stallworthy (Debut-ANT), closely by MAZZA. Swede-Caroline - Dennis Rodgers (Conversion missed from in front after ball fell of tee...excuse?)

Ants vs. DirtTrackers

A romping victory at 43-0 (14-0 at half time).
Tries Scorers (Total 7): Will Neal Jnr (2), Dennis Rodgers (2), Jeremy Gardiner, Si Samu, Ben Gardiner. Conversions: Dennis Rodgers (4) .
Proud moment in ANT rugby history, the playing of first Father-Son combination. Both team and Dad proud of 17 year old Will Neal (Jnr) debut game, celebrated with his debut two tries in the 25 minutes on the paddock. Whilst father, Will Neal (Snr) a little short of breath managed a wry smile and recaptured his shortening breath. Congrats to the Neal family...pedigree ANT stock!
After a belated start due to ground transfer from Kelburn Park to a pristine (un played) Ian Galloway No.5 the two 35min half's provided the forwards lead by F.M to gallop the simple lanes, and scrummage as Ole faithfuls would relish....mud and all!!no whinging on-behalf about ball-grip (held tight like a 7oz vessel). Tackles all made at the advantage line...excell-ANT rugger!!
Also mention of on-field efforts by all, especially Nathan Searle (walks on mud), Jeremy Gardiner (pace of a lock), Wayne Jones & Al Hill (bullocking runs), Rodger Bro's (more passes to hand without bro Steve)....everyone showing good fitness for pending Ruru Shield...and more difficult to starting player selections!
Tues, 25th June - Magill's @ 6.30pm
Planning for Social Events (Club Ball, Ant Ball, Others....kiddies Xmas Picnic)
Ruru Shield Challenge
Finances (Subs and Sponsorship)

Dead Ants vs. West's

Incomplete comms from W.R.F.U provided 10 'weathered' ANTS the opportunity to gather at Ian Galloway Park to sip a few team brews prior to embarking to Magill's. Good commitment. The process if unsure if a game is on/off or transferred please contact myself on (025) 915 754 or 479 1822 to clarification. As we experienced the 0800 FORRUG was not updated, and the radio cancellation services were informed by W.R.F.U that grades 3 & 4 non-championship games were cancelled?......what is a non-championship game
in social grade?

Other OBU Results: 15/6/2002
69ers 0 vs. Avalon Sinners 21

Old Boys Dead Ants v Old Boys Teddybears: courteous of Ben Poteki

Ever since I broke my leg in the fateful game against the Ginners a month ago, I have had nothing on my hands but time and Vaseline. As Oscar’s time management skills are lacking and the manager’s memo has become non-existent over the past few weeks it was only practical to let the token cripple take over the duties.
Playing a team that was inferior on paper to the mighty Ants proved to be a challenge to the lads on a fine Wellington day. In the spirit of upsets being experienced at the Soccer World Cup in Japan/Korea, the Ants felt it only sporting to “encompass soccer fever” and allow an upset in the gruelling reserve grade 3 championship.
Starting off with some good forward movement by Al Hill and the ever-present Matt Oliver the Ants looked to dominate possession early in the game. The tables were turned and the Teddybears camped on the Ants try line for what seemed like the entire first half. However due to some good defence the Ants got out of trouble and moved up the field with some good continuity. At the end of the half the try of the game was scored through the natural flair of Brother Rodgers in the much-loved move of Double D. The move was finished of by Simon Samu and converted leaving the Ants 7 – 0 up at the end of the half.
They say that rugby is a game of two halves, but what happened next can only be described as a debacle. I don’t know what Oscar said at the break but I know that it sure as hell didn’t work. While the move of Double D paid off in the first half, ironically the two D’s proved to be the Ants downfall in the second – Defence and Discipline. With the Ants giving away a host of penalties and falling off a number of tackles the Teddybears found gaps and capitalised scoring 36 unanswered points. There were however some highlights for the lads with Matt O’s bustling runs earning him player of the game, and Ben’s knack of retrieving the ball at most of the Ants kick-offs. Not a good result but as Mick Jagger so finely put it “You can’t always get what you want”
Final Score: Dead Ants 7 Teddybears 29
Other OBU Social Teams:
Dirt Trackers WBD vs. Wgtn
Hammers 15 vs. UH J8s 19
DTs 31 vs. HOBM Rams 29
Cloacas 0 vs. Ories 24
69ers 8 vs. Petone 15

Ants vs. HOBM Hisspeads

Versus a team yet to be beaten in our grade, and having conceded less than 4 tries prior to Saturdays efforts....a hard game was to be expected. With the Dead Ants somewhat diminished in ranks on the field from injuries the warm and sunny weather helped adorned the sidelines, and delayed the arrival of 0800, Simo, Kurt, and Soft (usually punctual and regular starters?).

We had conceded 2 easy tries, and had two efforts ourselves 'held-up over the line' at the half time break, also Captain off injured signs, a few bickers by reserves by Hisspeads...signs were ominous to a possible Ant victory? (down 12-5 at Halftime).

Turning point to the game came at non-call by non-linesman to a obvious lineout resulting in a try under the posts, this then brought upon the 'sportsman spirit' of substitutions' to the DA's line-up (5 subs initially). This seemed to upset the defensive lines and continuity of play between backs/forwards. Resulting in a flattering 39-12 loss.

Tries scored by Archie and Soft, 'Player-of-the-Day' Quentin. Superb effort from forwards again (tight-heads, rolling mauls, secured and won line-outs).  Need to tackle the ball carrier before the advantage line, thereby allowing second phase defence or attack by our vs.. mobile loose forwards (locks included). We look elusive when attacking with the ball in the hands of Frazier and Simon Samu.

Enjoyed the 30+ mates & mate-ess at Magill's, I have finished 50% of necessary documentation to securing Pub Charity sponsorship.

Social drinks (committee meeting) at Magill's next Thursday (30th May)..mixed with billiards or a prior quick gallop (TBC)

Final Score: Ants 12 vs. Hisspeads 39

Other Grade Results:
Ories J8s 16 vs. Ginners 7
Norfs 0 vs. Cripples 55
Pare vs. Bears - no result published

Other OBU Social Teams:
DTs 29 vs. Petone 22
69ers 40 vs. Ories 21
Cloacas 57 vs. Poneke 19
Hammers 87 vs. Pare 7

Ants vs. Pink Ginners

A hard tussle between two good rivals, which resulted in a loss to Dead Ant's both in score and two players with serious injuries (score 19-5).
Thank you to our amateur Paramedic/Coach Clint for able assistance from a busy sideline. To follow up with news to injuries to Stealth and Ben Potaka (Erin and Will aok). Stealth will sit-out the rest of the season with a strain to recently reconstructed knee. Ben Potaka (broken ankle) will be 'bailed' from Hutt Hospital on Wednesday. I'd appreciate emails (directly) of support to Ben's recovery and rehabilitation. I've promised I'll train him with the art of 'Waterboy' activities.
Attended the Old Boys Varsity AGM on Thursday. Comments and summary to this meeting is the whole clubs and 16 teams reliance to Pub Charity for financial support. Social Teams (8 of) apportion highly in the $63K secured last year, but since 'Internal Affairs' administering the distribution it will be come as rare as a Dave Prentice try.....therefore can we ensure we make tracks to Magill's on Saturdays... reimbursement of Shirts rely on this. OBV have no immediate objection to social teams frequenting their nominated Hoteliers. 
Finally, no monies will be paid out to any of the four OBV social teams who attended to last February's 10's tournament (underwrite the initial success of tournament). Thereby we still have $97 in our kitty...any ideas to bolster team fund much appreciated!

Ants 5 vs. Pink Ginners 19

Ants vs. Norths da Norf

Sweet is victory, 37-0 (correction to previous media released 39-0) against North's. The team mix is near right, with fitness, technique, knowledge, and leadership being demonstrated in this comprehensive result. 
The 21 players who took to the paddock with 'flair' and 'passion' made a spectators delight from both teams.
Special mention to:
Soft, Simon S, Scotland, and Frazier (outside backs) for their honest tackling, result less than 2 breaks past the advantage line. Mobility is a key to our success in this level and grade, with lighter and fitter loose forwards Mazza, Comb, Sean Mck, and Big All. These fella's are well linked with the leaner looking tight 5 of F.M, Ray, Wilbur, Sim-o, Erin, Danksy and Matt O. Line-out are being contested and our ball secured, setting for backs set-plays, hence possession stats favouring Dead Ants to date...well done to Stealth, Archie, and Shane. Then the dynamic-duo (soon treble), the Rodger bro's....Pere and Steve has produced a back-line/loose forwards domination not seen since the Invincible Ants of early 90's. The youthful stride and side-steps of Ben (Tex) and Kyle keeping the ole hands honest for starting XV positions.
PPM (Player Performance Meter) rating for Sat, 4th May = 9.5/10.
Enjoy this weekends game against the Pink Ginners (to whom we lost embarrassingly to the last time we met in 2000). Clint shall manage the side-lines. Please assist with water distribution and flag duties.
Received only 5 subs, and 3 jersey orders...appreciate your financial endeavours for full-payment within the next fortnight. Refer to web page for mail addresses for Combs and myself.
Lets get down to Magill's, bring the family down...I'll catch up the following Saturday with Andy (Manager) and get feedback to our 'Hotelier' support and clinch the deal for a future tab ($$ & food)
Lastly congrats to newly weds Giselle and Dennis Rodgers. Married in Raratonga last week.

Final score: Ants 37 vs. Da Norfs 0

Other Grade Results:
Cripples 20 vs. Bears 12
Hisspeads 19 vs. Ginners 13
Ories J8s 23 vs. Pare-Plim 0

Other Club Social Teams:
69ers 12 vs. HOBM Rams 21
DT's 26 vs. Avalon Sinners 14
Onslow Cloacas 8 vs. Petone 29
Hammers 7 vs. Wests 43

April 27th - vs. Pare-Plim.

The following is my best recollection
It turned out to be a great day to play rugby, dry weather & not too much wind. (mind you based on missed kicks from in front of the posts you would have thought that there was a crosswind) The only major concern for the Ants was the lack of front rowers before the game.
It was apparent from the outset that the Ants had to be on their game, size/ weight wise we were the smaller team with the bigger ticker.
After a few hard grafts and some titanic battles up front the Ants discovered the boot, which in the end was the downfall of Pare-Plim.
First try was scored by Fraser. After some great forward play down the field and then some quality ball which swiftly went out the backline, enable to Fraser to crash over close to the line for the first try of the day.
The next 2 tries scored by Stu (Aussie) & Pere involved some fancy footwork and perhaps a bit luck with the bounce, both great scores to the Ants. Ray you deserve a mention for your foresight and soccer skill. 
No points were scored in the second half by the Ants as Pare-Plim brought on some young fresh legs to play catch up football which they did well but not constantly enough to topple the Ants.
Special mention goes to Stealth for his all inspiring half time speech, Fraser for putting his body on the line (literaturely) to stop the mini Jonah Lomu & to player of the day Chip who produced some great runs and a great kicking game. 
Ants celebrate a hard & well deserved win.
Ants 20 vs. Pare-Plim 14
Other Grade Results:
HOBM Hisspeads 26 vs. J/Ville Cripples 16
Teddy Bears 10 vs. Ories J8's 12
Pink Ginners 27 vs. Norths Da Norf 0
Other Social Team results:
Division 2
Stokes Valley 19 vs. 69ers 13
Petone 25 vs. Ories 20
Dt's 53 vs. Upper Hutt 24
Poneke Super 6s 6 vs. HOBM Rams 24

Division 4
Hammers 8 vs. Tawa 43
Dirt Trackers 31 vs. Pare-Plim Red 7
Wests 37 vs. U Hutt J8s 0
Wellington 22 vs. Wainui 24

Manager's Memo (Sat, 20th April - 3pm @ McAllister 1 vs. 'Hammers')

Obviously the fine weather brings the best out of the ANT's. Though we had the minimum compliment of 15 players at 3.05pm....and given that 30 players feature on the team card...Manager, will adopt first there, first to play over the ensuing weeks.
This was our last grading game, the numbers on the side line testament to a successful recruitment drive. Methods proven were:
1) Simon Samu and Web page (Ben and Greg secured) 2) Stealth for offers of 'white-mans-fire-water '(Archie and 'fullback)...though he sabotaged their efforts by getting both themselves and himself 'wrecked' on Friday night, hence unavailable.
With 8 confirmed V.O.B social grade teams in reserve-3 this season the RURU will be as ever cherished event (and team goal to secure!). With 3 games now played there is good optimism for a 'fun' season both on and off the field. Great to See Robyn, Claire, Janie and partners both at the grounds and other ANT-ettes later at Magill's....(will confirm team social facilities soon).
To the game played. Hammers (ex-Canterbury Varsity students) provide fair and a rewarding 'skills' game...spoilt only by inability of the Hammers to field a fit front row to push in the second half (golden oldies rule will not be as agreeable next time - non grading games).
A game of two half's (ANT 7-3 lead...40min half's this season fella's). An experienced ANTs team swooped onto the paddock, lead by Chip. Andy Marriott securing any loose ball in the mid-back lineout, tight five bound well to take two tight heads, also outside backs busting (3 x without securing the pass first) to breaking the advantage line at speed...eventually this produce a worthy try to Simon Samu (good tackle game also).
With the belated arrival of the Clint 'Coach', and ability of grading games to make team changes rather than tactical position changes, brought new blood to all but 4 positions. Golden Oldies scrum enabled the youthful Hammers to compose themselves with better combinations in defence. However what could be said to be 'vintage' forward play by ANTs saw 3 scintillating runs from Andy Sims (Player-of-the-Day) and assisted by F.M, Andy Marriott and Matt O. Try resulting from quick tap penalty by Al Hill (Ant-the-Year 2001). Two closely matched was to then only our own mistakes (1 tackle, 1 misdirected pass) which provided a final resultant 12-15 loss.
Note: Appreciate Dale -'Waterboy' for ample on-field refreshments on a warm enjoyable day out.
Final Score: Ants 12 - Hammers 15
Other Social Team Scores
DTs 52 vs. Dirt Trackers 17
69ers 27 vs. Wests 20
Clocas 15 vs. Wellington 12
Pink ginners 18 vs. Poneke Super 6s 14
Teddybears 5 vs. Ories J8's 48

6/4/2002 vs. Ories J8's

Great turn out by the boys on a fairly miserable Wellington day for the Ants first grading game. Great to see all the new & old faces.
Unfortunately for the Ants it was not our day, not even having all 3 Rodgers on the field was able to help the team. 
There were patches of great forward play and the odd run by the backs.
Score: Ories 20 Ants 0
Other Social Team Scores
TeddyBears 0 Stokes Valley 40
Cloacas 23 HOBM Rams 22
DirtTrackers 0 Wests 35
DT's 19 Wainui 8
69ers 7 HOBM Moahunters 5
Pink Ginners 5 J/Ville Cripplers 17

13/4/2002 - vs. HOBM Rams

A superb day for rugby it was!! Unfortunately for the Ants we were pipped at the post in this encounter. Trailed for most of the game, were able to finally claw our way back into it only to have the Rams find one last gasp of energy to take it away from us.
Great debuts made by the new recruitmANTS!!, special mention to Fraser scoring 2 brilliant Ant tries!!!
Chip love the way you ensured with those kicks that we stared clear of the 1st division.......hahaha
Score: Ants 17 Rams 22
Other Social Team Scores:
Hammers 33 vs. Tawa 25
Bears 12 vs. Pare.Plim 12
Clocas 21 vs. Ories 30
DTs 64 vs. Pare.Plim Red 7
Ginners 0 vs. West 7
Trackers 12 vs. J/Ville Cripples 24
69ers 50 vs. Norths Da Norfs 5

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